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You Are Immortal: Poems


How I wish one could amend,

T’would prove needless to repent;

All one’s deeds free from dismay,

The mind content ev’ry day.

It is not to be adored,

Only say I am unflawed;

What’s done were to bring on harm,

As well cut off mine own arm.

There, my foibles and false moves

Won’t forsake, to me they fuse;

And words, as soon as revealed

Can, not ever, be repealed.

How to make oneself at home

With oneself? It must be known!

I should duly turn recluse,

In my exile write and muse.

Not Me

He looks at her,

He speaks to her,

Goes for walks with her;

Her hand in his,

How jammy that is!

But she

Is not me.

Her sight to me is injury,

Within, indignant mutiny,

Rust I unrelentingly

Yet shut it be inside;

This plight

Is not right.

My mind entirely worn

From the smarting it has borne

And spirit unprettily stained;

In giving I strained,

All profit now be mine;

Will he, one sweet morn,


His own twine?

Only Friend

Now they’ve left you one and all

And at last you’ve reached nightfall;

If you keep me by your side,

Courage never shall be tried.

Anguish, gloom, despair make grow

My desire not to go;

No one alone an island, true:

Thus I’ll share this isle with you.

Few demands I’d surely make,

An ounce of room I’d merely take;

Boundless my devotion yet,

All my time and care you’ll get.

Whate’er good will people do?

They deceive and misconstrue!

My name is loneliness and

I am the one, your only friend.


My tread, bewildered, on this path

Attend I passing’s aftermath;

Sun that smiles, her beams fan out –

Pray what is there to smile about?

For one discovers there’s a change

In mortality that’s too strange.

Feelings, nature, gave plenty spark –

Suddenly, lights of life go dark;

When surging air once brought content –

Suddenly final breath be spent,

And how come a man full grown

Suddenly fits into an urn?

Distant age from here seemed so sure,

But suddenly you were no more.

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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