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Women! That's How Success Works

Tips for Career and Business from Two Heads of State to a Manager with Six Children: Checklists Examples Templates

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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TV Presenter Petra Gerster about women and career: Women can do just as much as men! // By Simone Janson
And female: as an educator in the field of business administration // By Simone Janson
Women's quota for role models: Can science change prejudice against women? // By Prof. Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke
[Interview] Verena Pausder on women's quota, role models and mutual support // By Simone Janson
Founder report in eCommerce: As a woman successfully self-employed on the Internet // By Sabine Linz
Young scientist in the USA: "The universities are better equipped" // By Simone Janson
Return to work after baby break: career killer parental leave? // By Maike Dietz
Compatibility of role stereotypes, work and family: outdoor mom in Canada // By Simone Janson
Women as entrepreneurs in a male domain [with checklist] // By Simone Janson
[Interview] Antje-Lezius, Member of Parliament and ex-entrepreneur: "Women believe they are not good enough yet" // By Simone Janson
To be competent: Cheerfulness vs. Leadership of managers // By Maike Dietz
Gründerreport Eco-Fashion Week in Vancouver: Improve the world in small steps // By Simone Janson
Rules of Power for Women: Beware of the top dog! // By Isabel Nitzsche
[Interview] Manager and mother Sophia von Rundstedt: "I can only laugh about the term Rabenmutter." // By Simone Janson
Success killer Hierarchy: Away with the power posturing! // By Anne M. Schüller
How women in leadership fail: Do good and talk about it // By Cristina Muderlak
[Interview] Sabine Hansen Peck, Board Member Amadeus IT-Group: Diversity and Advancement of Women // By Simone Janson
[Interview] Iceland's former head of state Vigdís Finnbogadóttir: "Women need more self-confidence!" // By Simone Janson
Teamwork and Mixed Leadership: Do Women Lead Better? // By Ulrike Stahl
Earning more money: women can change that in a concrete way! // By Simone Janson
Salary of women: 4 theses on women in leadership positions // By Simone Janson
[Interview] Professor Dr. Petra Jansen, Department of Sports Science, University of Regensburg: emotion control, career goals and women // By Simone Janson
So Mixed Leadership brings company success: more women = more money // By Johannes Schmeer, Simone Janson
8 career tips from Angela Merkel: That's how success works for women // By Simone Janson
The dress code of the Coca-Cola Director: Clothes as career boosters for women? // By Simone Janson
Teamwork Diversity and Mixed Leadership: Communicating Men and Women - 2 X 3 Tips // By Dr. Cornelia Topf
Career Strategy and Business Support for Women: 5 Tips for Leadership Women // By Fiona Elsa Dent, Vicki Holton
Women in Management Positions: Study on the Personality and Living Conditions of Female Managers // By Simone Janson
Women's power in leadership: 3 key competences for successful women // By Antje Heimsoeth
Top Manager with 6 Kids: 10 compatibility tips // By Simone Janson
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Fiona Elsa Dent
Maike Dietz
Antje Heimsoeth
Vicki Holton
Simone Janson
Sabine Linz
Cristina Muderlak
Isabel Nitzsche
Johannes Schmeer
Anne M. Schüller
Ulrike Stahl
Dr. Cornelia Topf
Professor Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke
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Women! That's how success works

1st edition, 03.01.2019

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Content of the book

Women are still underrepresented in positions of power and leadership - and slogans such as the glass ceiling, the gender pay gap and the reconciliation of work and family quickly fall into place. How it works better, numerous successful women show how German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the former Icelandic President, TV presenter Petra Gerster, a member of the German Parliament or a top manager with six children.

This book offers you compact knowledge in a quick overview of the topic as well as tried-and-tested advice. It helps you to make decisions step by step, to succeed and to include numerous overviews and checklists for easy readability.

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TV Presenter Petra Gerster about women and career: Women can do just as much as men!
// By Simone Janson

TV presenter Petra Gerster on her career and her role as sole-earner. Petra Gerster has two children with her husband Christian Nürnberger: daughter Livia and son Moritz.

The husband stays with the children

Nuremberg had stayed with the child for a year at home. At the time, her role as a moderator in "Mona Lisa" was crucial and Gerster could not just have said that she would stay home for half a year or a year. She also wanted to stay on the ball.

He, on the other hand, had no more desire for the business and technology sheet for which he worked as a text editor. He preferred to write books. "So he proposed to stay with the child and to make himself independent," remembers Gerster. And adds: "I was shocked at first because I became the sole-earner."

Family more important than career

Gerster's career choice was made at the last minute. Originally, she wanted to go to the diplomatic service, even had the examination documents for it. "Foreign correspondent in Russia would have been such a dream," she says.

But at some point she realized that a family was more important to her than her career. "But I could not imagine finding a husband who would change residence with me every three years."

You have to get together

In the marriage one must gather together, finds Petra Gerster. "Then it works much better than at the beginning, a good experience."

People who no longer even argue have "nothing more to say" in their view. They would have resigned or would muddle to themselves and would have no real relationship anymore. "In that sense, ours is extremely alive."

Healthy dispute culture

When asked if the quarrel ends with the good night kiss, Gerster replies that unfortunately this fails because of her husband, who could fall asleep even in the biggest fight, if it takes him too long.

"That annoys me insane, because then I lie awake." But the next morning he forgot everything, always. "That has its good too!"

And female: as an educator in the field of business administration
// By Simone Janson

Dr. Beatrix Palt has achieved something that is relatively rare in Germany: she was appointed professor of education and a professor at the FOM School of Economics and Management.

Exception in the university landscape

Statistically speaking, Palt is an exception: Only 17 percent of the chairs at German universities are occupied by women. The higher the career ladder, the fewer women you will find.

"I would not be where I am, if I've always listened to the people who prophesied what's wrong," says Palt. "Especially for women, there are no patent recipes on the way to leadership positions, except the courage to go your own way," says the 41 year old.

Study of educational science

As a graduate of a Catholic girls' gymnasium, she first studied educational science and wrote her doctoral thesis at the Hamburg University of the Bundeswehr.

At the same time, she worked as a consultant for a popular family magazine at Axel Springer Verlag. There she grew into the field of project management before being recruited by a management consultancy.

Consultant for corporations and medium-sized companies

Today, Palt advises corporations and medium-sized companies. "The ability to think outside the box and think outside the box is essential for organizations to successfully realize projects."

The director of 2003 is currently training 300 engineers from its established Institute for Sustainable Project Management.

Career wife and mother

Now Palt lectures on Turnaround Management, Project Management, Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance at the FOM in Hamburg.

In addition, the mother of a daughter still has enough space for her entrepreneurial activity, because the seminars and lectures take place on weekends and evenings, because at the FOM mainly professionals and trainees are studying.

Women's quota for role models: Can science change prejudice against women?
// By Prof. Dr. Niels van Quaquebeke

Apparently, many people think first of all about men. We wanted to find out whether a so-called incongruent stimulation can counteract this discriminatory implicit association pattern by submitting pictures of female and, as a comparison, of male leaders.

What are Gender Trainings?

In general, it can be assumed that it is easier to maintain a stereotype than to change it. Therefore, the modification of a stereotype, following classical approaches, always involves effort, intense self-reflection and the intention to change one's attitude.

Accordingly, so-called gender trainings try to demand equality in companies through two different approaches.

Concrete Abilities & Awarness Trainings

On the one hand, skill-building trainings provide specific skills that will enable executives to judge employees regardless of their gender.

On the other hand, in so-called awareness training, the economic importance of equal opportunities is highlighted and the participants reflect on their own stereotypes towards women and how they can influence their assessments.

Subliminal discrimination and subtle methods

Subtle working approaches use the theory of cognitive dissonance. Following this approach, it is argued that implicit stereotypes can also be modified without the need for significant deliberate reflections.

For example, implicit stereotypes can be modified by additional inconsistent information or by dealing with stereotype-consistent mental images.

How does this work?

For example, the research by Dasgupta and Greenwald shows that the preference for Caucasians (persons with European ancestors, who are usually fair-skinned) can be reduced to African Americans by the sole presentation of images of popular, prominent African Americans.

Also, Dasgupta and Asgari 2004 have shown that women faced with CVs and female executives can associate female gender with leadership skills more quickly than women in a control group who have studied flowers and their characteristics.

Do pictures help against prejudice?

Based on these results, the present study investigates the question whether the mere depiction of known female executives (without corresponding texts on their background in leadership as well as in Dasgupta and Asgari) in the sense of an inconsistent stimulation is sufficient to stimulate the perception not only of Women, but also by men with regard to the association of not only women (as in Dasgupta and Asgari), but also by men and leadership.

As a benchmark, we are interested in the pattern of association shown by people presenting images of well-known male executives (rather than presenting flowers as in Dasgupta and Asgari), as we believe that this condition corresponds to that of the majority of male leaders in organizations and thus also in the media, predominant reception behavior.

The methodology

Derived from previous studies that have shown that stereotypical stereotypes can change implicit stereotypes, we suspect that in a group that presents images of male executives, there is a reaction time pattern in which the concepts of man and leadership are traditionally faster can be associated with each other as the concepts of wife and leadership.

In contrast, in a group where well-known female executives are presented, we assume that the association pattern converges and therefore differs significantly from the other group.

The hypothesis

Although the portrayal of female leaders should facilitate the association of women and leadership, but the association between man and leadership compared to this classifies the classically anocialized viewpoint, it should be noted that we only proceed from an approximation and not a reversal of the association pattern. Specifically, we therefore assume the following hypothesis:

Individuals presenting images of male executives associate the concepts of man and leadership with one another more misleading than those who present images of well-known female executives;

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