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Ways to Career and Promotion

As a Specialist, Colleague & Employee to the New Job as a Superior. Achieve your Goals with the Right Skills for Success as a Manager, Leader & Boss

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published by Best of HR - Berufebilder.de®

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Content of the book
Structure of the book
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Individual eBooks and eCourses
Bosses between assertiveness and teamwork: darling or dork? // By Barbara Haag
With perfect CV to the goal: Can you learn the board? // By Maike Dietz
So you become the ideal boss: 4 principles for success // By Jürgen W. Goldfuß
Chef for the first time: 5 tips for a new leadership role // By Stefan Häseli
Employee loyalty - 3 tips: Motivation is a matter for the boss! // By Sven Henninge
Reverse Mentoring and Learning Organization: When the junior "coaches" the senior // By Anne M. Schüller
Career Advancement: Coaching and Training for Masters // By Sina Lehmann
Productive as a boss and entrepreneur: work trouble-free // By Martin Geiger
Accelerate promotion: 8 steps to the next career step // By Oliver Koch
Negotiate Achievement and Salary: Tips for the Chief Discussion [17 Checklists] // By Simone Janson
Career advancement: 5 New career paths in companies // By Uta Rohrschneider
Self-organization in companies: 3 essential tips how to succeed // By Anne M. Schüller
Women and Career: Tips from the head of state Google managers & football coach // By Simone Janson
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Maike Dietz
Martin Geiger
Jürgen W. Goldfuss
Barbara Haag
Stefan Häseli
Sven Hennige
Oliver Koch
Sina Lehmann
Uta Rohrschneider
Anne M. Schüller
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Ways to Career and Promotion

1st edition, 10.08.2019

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Content of the book

Ascending, making a career, getting promoted are considered by many to be highly desirable. But how do you convince superiors of their own qualities and abilities? How to communicate your career ambitions correctly? How do you lead his colleagues who have been treated as equal? And how do you deal with the competitive situation in your own team? This book shows the best ways to promote and gives many practical tips for career-ambitious.

This book offers you compact knowledge in a quick overview of the topic as well as tried-and-tested advice. It helps you to make decisions step by step, to succeed and to include numerous overviews and checklists for easy readability.

Structure of the book

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Bosses between assertiveness and teamwork: darling or dork?
// By Barbara Haag

In the daily routine of the game, the question of role and behavior patterns arises. If one is too nice, one is liked, but perhaps not respected. If one is too harsh, one can perhaps get through, but loses sympathy points. How to solve the dilemma?

Everybody's darling or dork on duty?

Whoever wants to push things can not be Everybody's Darling. Or is it? Those who value human contacts should be able to save themselves for private life. Is that so? Can one be really nice at work or have a strong social incompetence?

Which prejudices do the representatives of the two camps face each other? Is there the golden mean? And how do executives find out if their team is better served by the guy "lonely wolf" or "Mr. Nice Guy "fits; How can you assess the motivation behind the actions of your employees?

A-types and B-types - cliché or reality?

Most of us know both extremes: colleagues A, who is competent and who is asked for support, because he is not afraid to go through when things need to be done quickly. When he is playing in the coffee kitchen, he is usually not there - and is not really missed on such occasions.

Then there are Collegues B, who just clashes with everyone, who also takes time for the interpersonal, which one can at any time ask for an assessment of the film, which he last seen in the cinema and which one then, depending on how the Judgment fails, also looks or not.

Who would you rather have in a team?

Who would you prefer in your team? Are you already working with both colleagues? Which of the two is the more competent?

For example, is it possible to imply that Type B is not as interested in his career as Type A (according to experience, B-types are often ignored in favor of A-types during promotions)? And how much feeling can you afford in everyday work?

Envy - but a good feeling?

Take as an example a supposedly "bad" feeling that we are always told not to allow: envy. The PsyBlog website explains the benefits of "benign envy," that nagging feeling that we miss something that we see in others.

These little stitches may be good for us (as long as we feel the other deserves its success, otherwise we will really be seized only by an unproductive, destructive envy). Benevolent envy can motivate us, give us hope, make us more creative, and let us look at things from a different perspective.

Assertiveness does not make it more productive

PsyBlog also quotes an interesting study on the topic of enforcement and sympathy among executives. The results: In terms of productivity, the successes did not rise unrestrictedly parallel to the current performance of a manager.

A particularly high level of assertiveness is in terms of productivity, so the researchers, so no better than a moderate level; but it is definitely better to be moderately assertive than not at all. In terms of sympathy ("social outcomes") it behaved similarly:

Moderate degree of certainty

The sympathy curve did not rise infinitely in accordance with the ability to assert itself, but fell sharply. So it was definitely better to have a moderate degree of certainty than too much, the researchers concluded.

Combining the results of the two components results in a curve that is similar to an inverted U - so there must be an ideal point where social and economic outcomes meet.

Drawers do not help

Last but not least, the question arises as to the extent to which the behavior of a person allows conclusions about his feelings, his motivation. This is especially important when it comes to compiling a team or filling key positions.

If you have a little knowledge of the human being and experience in dealing with others, you know that you can not go further with the idea of ​​drawers. Anyone who has experience in human resource management or leadership knows how many employees feel themselves out of place and in their role, how great is the danger of an internal termination and service according to regulations.

Identify potential employees in time

Personal diagnostic tools can help identify potential, identify deficiencies, and provide the best possible support to companies and employees.

The potential lies in every employee, regardless of whether he always meets the ideal point on a curve or not. Recognizing and promoting is the task of every employer.

With perfect CV to the goal: Can you learn the board?
// By Maike Dietz

What do Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Dell and René Obermann have in common? They are all well-known, successful and CEOs of global companies, CEOs, visionaries - without a university degree. Does it really need it?

Too many jumps and deviations in the CV are usually harmful

Who would you hire? The applicant with an 1A CV? Graduated from a prestigious university, first job at a prestigious company, after two years as project manager, after three years as a manager.

Or the applicant, who has changed the subject three times, in order to decide for an apprenticeship and then change his job every two years?


Most HR managers and managers value a stringent CV. Why? Many successful entrepreneurs have left the university prematurely and without a degree - and yet made a career. Does it really need a perfect, stringent CV to succeed?

Still, a straightforward CV means purposefulness; It shows that the candidate can pick up topics, penetrate them and bring them to a successful conclusion in a reasonable amount of time.

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