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Words of Greeting

Welcome, dear reader, in the mystical world of the Vikings who go on a journey between life and death in “Undorn”.

Dive into the exciting story of the authors Martina and Werner, who create wonderful characters and entangle them in fantastic, epic and supernatural tales.

Experience the impressive shots of photographer Sandra, who makes scenes look so lively and real as if they were stills from a movie.

Meet the over fifty actors who are not only playing their roles, but embody the characters in such an authentic way as if they were telling you about themselves.

Enjoy the combination of pictures and words which make everything what happens to Yrsa and her warriors in their fight for love and against death palpable and tangible.

I am grateful to be part of this wonderful project myself – as Estrid, as graphic artist and as friend. It’s an honor and a pleasure at the same time to see a project like this develop.


The wonderful thing about „UNDORN” is not only the story that you can read here, but also the history behind this project. Behind every single character in this book there is a real person with their own character, past and dreams. Together they dreamt about a world that existed a long time back. In a time when myths were more than just fantasy stories and Gods were tangible.

All of them made an important contribution to this project with their creativity and their hearts and souls. They created this Viking world even before the actual story was completed. They gave the characters a face and chose clothing and weapons for the individual protagonists.

They took long journeys upon themselves and brought a small village to life. Step by step, their ideas turned into reality. There were friends, enemies and families who laughed and fought together. But they were especially looking forward to discover what is all possible in this great realm.

„Undorn“ is a joint voyage of discovery into a world between reality and fiction.


The fortified village near the coast had fascinated the bearded observer for quite some time. Like a fortress, it resisted every attack by enemy tribes. Its inhabitants stood steadfastly together under the leadership of their jarl Eldor and his wife Yrsa.

On this day in autumn, the curiosity of the bearded man took over and he set out to get to know its inhabitants.

Hoewever, he could not do this in his true form - he would have been recognized immediately. With every step he took, his appearance changed and when he finally asked for entry and a bed for the night at the gates of the village, he was a young, handsome man, carrying nothing but a flute made of whale bones.

As he had expected, he was welcomed by Yrsa. The Jarl and his warriors were on a raid and had left only the old, injured and sick men with the women. And even these were not needed by the proud shieldmaidens for their protection. Before the visitor could even introduce himself, Yrsa‘s most faithful companions had surrounded him and did not let him out of their sight.

Yrsa scrutinized him from top to bottom. »Who are you? Who is to tell me you mean no harm?«

The stranger bowed slightly.

»My name is Agnar. Agnar the piper. There is no evil in my mind. On the contrary, I wish only to bring joy to mankind.«

She approached the man, registered every little thing about him. »Tell me, Agnar, how come I’ve never seen you before? And how is it that a man of such sturdy build is not on the prowl? Were you cast out by your Jarl? Have you committed crimes? Or are you even a coward?«

After these words she walked away a bit. The other inhabitants of the village had approached, closed a circle around the stranger, ready to kill him immediately if Yrsa ordered it.

Agnar smiled gently.

»I understand your suspicion.« He took a few steps towards Yrsa, who noticed his limp. »But as you can easily see, I am not fit to go into battle. As a boy I was caught under the hooves of my Jarl’s horses. Since then I am no longer fit to fight, but my other skills have been recognized. I am adept at handling any tool and play the most beautiful tunes on the flute. All I ask is shelter for the night and some food. Tomorrow morning, I shall be moving on.«

Yrsa nodded.

»Well, Agnar, you say you are a good flute player. Music makes every meal a feast. If you play for us, you can dine with us and have a bed for the night.«