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24 Nonets Written After Reading Edward Byrne’s Sonnets: Louise Labé





I have visions.


I see colours as birds do.


my sparrow gaze lifts me up.


I look. out.


I don’t need much space, but I want it.


stop the keypads.


I am interested in the labour of listening.


becoming is my extravagance.

I stroll through essays.


I harness machines.


there are no schools of containment.


my files are thick and bored from my thumbing.


my notebooks are blanks.


this is how I make my point.


assemblages that turn.


games of body that topple.

I take flight.


I study desire.


I enjoy my sex and listen to them.


I am after their language.


there is much to talk about.


my camera records their words.


their bodies saturate my lens.


their locks are in my teeth.


their voices are my philosophies.

spring and weary of walking

I resist the real

and flutter my lashes in dream

in this textured fantasy my guide is a bird exhausted by song

I sleep and wake in his claws

so clutched and with skin and rib rubbing

new spaces for my city are revealed

green boutique city

green burns in parks

green pushed into walls, roads, stones

green strangling light and machine

green grass blades curl into crevices


rain gardens spring from the rooftops

shorelines wrestle steps and oceans creep up

in smoky green air

pneumatized bird

bones slight white of tender

singing his sex out

singing his throat chuckles

seven pairs of muscles sing

syrinx speed tensions an octave lower

resonate through skin of neck and loop

hacking ten tracheal two notes sounding in keel


sixteen spreads and air parts and lifts

under lift hook

over lift proximals

shoulder girdle stretched across

jaw muscles rock hub

thrum and fly to whistle

stiffer feathers seventh feather for singed hooklets


distal end of bones snap air as claw bone presses into

shove forward barbules

caught lungs murmur



I can soak this bird’s bones for soup

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