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The Weeping Maiden

Vivian Anioke

The Weeping Maiden

This novel is dedicated to God Almighty

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The Ambitious Boy


It was a windy Saturday; the clock ticks, coupled with a quick sun set signaling an evening. All creatures, both man and animal hastily returned to their different abodes, because the sky angrily threatened a downpour. James was all alone in the house; his sports loving father had gone to the sports club. His younger brother Mike went to watch a football match between Liverpool and Chelsea in the company of his friends.

Slowly, he came out of his room in a blue T-shirt and black denim. He was in a state of despair and sober reflection; quietly sitting down on a brown sofa chair at the sitting room, with his laptop. James gazed at his Laptop for over ten minutes, without operating his computer. He was lost in thought that he did not notice when his father walked in.

“James! James! James!” His father called to re-awaken his consciousness.

“Why are you shedding tears? What is wrong with you, my son? Where is your younger brother?” His father curiously asked.

“Haa! Daddy! Are you back? You came in soon, welcome….. I didn’t hear the sound of your car.” James replied stammering as he suddenly became conscious of his dad’s presence. Mr. Jones moved towards his bedroom in his corresponding sportswear. He walked few steps away, when James interrupted him with a message from Mr. Powell.

“Yes, before I forget daddy, a man by name Powel; called the landline from Chicago. He said he was your……….”

“Wait a minute; did you say Mr. Powell called? That’s nice to hear. Powel is my very old friend from Chicago; he was one of the colonial officers that worked with my father when I was younger. I wonder how he got my new contact, because it has been quite awhile we communicated”, James father gladly replied.

“Yes, I told you but, you doubted me. I told you Chelsea would win Liverpool, up Chelsea!”

“It is a lie, that goal came through a defensive error. We still have matches to play next-week, believe me we will beat Manchester City. We are still in the game and Liverpool must win. I love Liverpool. Liverpool for Life,” Mike defended.
As they walked home, the argument made by the boys created a serious noise that drew James attention.

“Hi guys, take it easy. How was the football match?” He asked.

“Brother, you missed a lot. You should have seen the blasting goal John Terry scored. In fact, if you see this goal… in short, can someone quickly get me Terry’s bank account number; I want to credit it with some cash for that amazing goal”.

“Shut up John! You talk too much. What was even special about the goal? Haven’t Messi and other better players been scoring better goals than that? Haba! Allow us to hear word please”, Mike angrily snapped.

“It is alright guys! That should not cause quarrel between you after all, Messi, Torres, Terry or whosoever does not even know you guys, so what is the basis of your debate? What you should be working towards is, becoming celebrities like these people. If I may ask you John, What would you want to be in future?” James enquired.

“I want to be a footballer. I want to be like Messi so that my friends will watch me scoring goals for my lovely country and club too”.

“I love that word, my lovely country” James commented.

“And you Mike?”

“I would love to be a medical doctor so that when John suffers injury, I shall attend to him”.

All laughed at Mike’s vision.

“But if I may ask brother, what is your own vision?” John asked cutting short the laughing scene.

“There he goes again; your questions can be annoying at times. Why do you like asking silly questions? Tell me, who doesn’t know my brother in this estate? In fact, who doesn’t know the great emerging senator of our time? It is very clear, even the blind in the street knows what my brother will be in future; you just wanted to ask a question. However, to refresh your memory dear friend, my big brother James is a final year student of political science, as such, he will soon become a politician, and you know what? He will turn our house into central bank’s headquarters. Don’t worry; I shall remember you when the time comes, just because you are my friend”.

“What? James quickly cuts in.

“Did I hear you well? That I will become a politician? And turn our house into a Central Bank? Huh! Do you think Mr. Emefiele would agree to use our house as his new office? What gave you that idea? “No! I meant you would become like Joel’s cousin. Do you remember him? He works with the Government House; can you imagine that within three months in power, he amassed great wealth for himself and family, you won’t be an exception, would you? After all, who doesn’t know that politics in our country is the shortest route to wealth? Most people struggle to get to power not, because they want to impact positively in the lives of the poor masses rather, they intend to enrich themselves. For instance, take a look at Honourable Kennedy, a common primary six school leaver, all through his life, he lived in the village fishing, hunting and farming. He relocated to the city just last three years, when he won counsellorship position in his village’s ward. Now, he parades himself as a rich politician. Unfortunately, he earns even more than most medical doctors and some other university graduates. He is among those that would do anything to remain in power, because he has no other lucrative place to fit in expect politics. His type is those that fight during legislative meetings. They really have no regards for this country”.

“It is enough Mike; watch your tongue before you speak blasphemy against the anointed”, James cautioned, provoking serious laughter.

John couldn’t stop laughing that he headed home; still laughing.

“Extend my greetings to your siblings and do have a wonderful night rest”, he bids his friend.



The Painful Encounter


The final year examination was fast approaching, James had no reason for not making an excellent grade as such, he read more than ever.

James! James! Nothing less than first-class from you oh! One of his friends hailed, his second friend said same and both of them left, but Jack the third walked straight to where James was reading under the mango tree and said;


“Mr. Man, don’t die reading. See! If I were you, I would not bother stressing myself. Your family has influence and wealth even with a pass grade; you will still work with the highest paid company in this country so, why disturb yourself. After all, life is to be enjoyed, not the opposite. Take a look at Maxwell, his father is not richer than yours yet, he lives a classic and more relaxed life on campus. Could you believe that he has not been in school for the past three weeks? Yet, he will not fail any of his examinations. Forget it; life is not fair at all, it only favours the rich class like you and we the poor class need to grind gravels in other to meet with an average life”.


“That is enough Jack. Enough please! You know what? Your philosophy is a bad one. I thought you were an advocate of hard work and diligence, irrespective of one's social class. For your information, you need serious re-orientation, a big one at that, and as for Maxwell your mentor, nature has a way of paying such people”, James told him, angrily picked up his books and left.


Few weeks later, their graduation celebration was everywhere on campus. Parents of the graduating students could not wait to have their wards back home. James parents were not left out, as the house was also busy preparing for his return.

Mr. Jones had already gotten a visa for James summer holiday at New York City. He had also secured a fat job for him, only waiting for his arrival. The packages were much that his friends envied him dearly; James was dearly loved and respected for his good mind.

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