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The Vision Behind Unconditional Basicincome


How to be prepared for a new life quality with
Universal Unconditional Basic Income

A message to the government in ourselves and in society

To Andi R my greatest teacher in an intense relationship.

I will forever love you and you are my very best friend.

Thank you for the home and unconditional support so that I could go through this journey of research and writing for the world’s historical change with Universal Unconditional BasicIncome.

To my Dad , to my brother Oliver

You always gave your best. Sorry that you were so overwhelmed with my way of living, with my believing that dreams and imagination are energy, that feelings and love turn words and thoughts into things. Hope I can bridge generations with this book.

To all the people I met in my life. Thank you that we learned from one another, that we supported each other, that we showed ourselves to one another, that we could help each other to become our highest version in life. Still becoming.

To all Activists , for BasicIncome sharing content and love into the world. I feel the connection to most of you on Twitter, dear followers. Thank you for finding each other. It always helped me to keep on going to finally be able to give something back after these years of creating this book.

To my few but awesome Friends , Marlen and family, Dörte, Judith N., Marc, Rachel J.M., Stefani and Conni. Thank you for all the wonderful, peaceful, uplifting, energizing moments so that I always went back to work, through ups and downs, doubt and joy.

You all are part of this book! We can never reach success alone!

This book is autobiography, non-fiction, realistic utopia, written with the help of deep intensive life experience, research and future thinking.

I didn’t change names, because I connect vision with reality and want to introduce all the people who have an important message for us all about how the future can look like if we all take part in finding the solution. I want to introduce the new leading edge scientists, the activists for BasicIncome, the teachers of timeless wisdom and knowledge and the leaders who already are on a fundamental new path with creating a new society network in their countries.

You will find spirit and science. You can dive deeper into the things that resonate with links while reading or go to the links at the end of the book.

You can use it to become aware of what is going on in our lives beyond the daily life, to know what you can do in every area of your life (relationships, family, children, education…)to be a part of change, to know what BasicIncome is about and how it can change everything for us. And maybe it also is useful for your self-development.





Life experience - preparing us to be our highest version and guiding us into our purpose

The president and the holy rage about this sick society- and financial system


Synchronicity – the beginning of a sacred relationship

Tara - a new beginning

Tara and her past life

Tara - past experience and growing wisdom

Tara and Nevio – together into the unknown

Children – the greatest and magic gift in life

A vision becomes a mission

The vision – a bridge guiding into a new paradigm for a changing society system

The purpose of money – how it was in the past –how it is today

Passionate visionaries and their faith in their mission

Wild brainstorming on new realistic seeming ideas

An Earthship for the whole family

Courage to follow Utopia

The fear of change in life

Sense of life and time for being aware of evolution and growth

What disables growth and balance in our life?

How can we detach from old patterns?

Tara’s dream of change

Nevio and his part as a father for the country

The internet – a supporting friend

Healing, creative criminality

We need the eyes of a child, otherwise we are lost

Learning from past experience

Discover the gift in the reason of lying to your self

How do I become my own government?

Parents and children will teach each other

Insurance companies reformed

What would life be without friends – exchange of experience

BasicIncome – Great relief or dead end?

Do human beings always need to experience crisis to be able to evolve and leave their old path in life behind?

What do we really need to stay alive?

Nevio and his worry

Tara und Nevio – Research and drafting process for change with BasicIncome

What areas in life and society should be questioned in relation to its sense?

Nevio – self-reflection and doubt – timeout

Inner emptiness – space for a new beginning

Female wisdom and mystery

Nevio – Thoughts about life and the „I am“

Tara in office – Transition ceremony for youths

Tara’s first confrontation with war

Tara und Nevio – Mutual understanding


Living in two worlds

Can we influence war from the outside?

Tara – Deeper Insight

Around and about life and purpose

Space and time for self-reflection

The four elements and love – Basis for self-perception

What can we learn from nature for our project?

The vision behind „Unconditional Basic Income“

Debt and taxes – Why are people taking it for granted?

The paradox in parenthood

Leaders – guiding us through the process from vision to reality and into self-empowered participation

What if? - A life with Unconditional Basic Income

Why are some ready for UBI and some not?

Utopia – moving in a direction of “fundamental” change

Everything about money in life

Rules and laws in a society-system

Old generations – Missing knowledge and their most important lesson

It’s all about the quality of our relationships

What would be a reasonable amount of money to begin with monthly unconditional Basic Income?

What problems would never come up again with unconditional Basic Income?

The more general vision behind unconditional BasicIncome

Chain-reaction and domino-effect with UBI

What can help the people to be prepared for UBI?

Second part of the vision behind UBI

Offers for personal growth for free

Timeless wisdom – ancient wisdom

How do we finance UBI in a fundamental decentralized, non-governmental way next to the old centralized societys?

Is it possible to finance UBI in a fundamentally new way?

The equivalent value on the other side of UBI

The „Authority-Phobia „and its sabotaging impact on life

The core reason why external authorities and the financial system cause stress to our system

What changes do we want to see in the financial system and why?

Reconnecting the systems to the way nature and energy flow works

About money and how to pay UBI to everyone in the country and the world

The financial stability and its dependence on the trust of the people

How Blockchain, Algorithms and Cryptocurrency open a space for new trust

Why do we need robots?

How the disruption with AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and UBI transforms the „status quo“ of life

The vision of a new financial networking and how UBI could be distributed

How would you describe a leader? How would you wish her/him to think, talk and act?

Summarizing their journey „From vision to reality“

Implementing UBI into the country

The President‘s speech on the UBIday Marchlst 2021




About me:


„Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.“

Albert Einstein

Imagine, with May 1, 2021 starts a time where you get an unconditional basic income (UBI) for your basic life, an amount of money which covers the costs for your existence, a monthly payment your whole life long?

How would you feel? What would this feeling change in your life, your relationships, your health, your wealth, your truth? What impact would these individual changes have on the world and life?

Dear reader :)

Why should you imagine this? Because this idea of a Universal Unconditional BasicIncome has history and now it’s discussed in public. It also made its way into politics in many countries. And you are an important part of it. This idea is for you and you should know the arguments why UBI should be introduced into our life. You should be prepared so that you are able to allow UBI into your life. You should see the bigger picture, not only what can be saved with UBI in the world, but where we want to go with UBI. I hope you will enjoy your journey through this story. Maybe some situations or questions resonate with you and you find some answers. Maybe it inspires you to imagine your own story with UBI. :)JD


We often talk about other countries, other people and their bad circumstances in life and we think we have a solution to solve their problems. It seems, as if it is easier for us to have advice for others than for ourselves.

Most of the time we function and focus on the outside life, instead of looking at ourselves.

Over the time many of us forgot, how to really be fully alive and why we are here on earth.

We forgot, who our real teachers are!

We forgot, that we are here to make experience and discover ourselves and others.

I mention native teachers, because I learned everything I had to learn to be prepared for life challenge. They all are representative for every wise soul on earth. I would say that these wise people and their wisdom are the basis on which every author describes, or tries to describe the timeless truth and natural laws for mankind to live fully and in harmony with the environment.

Estcheemah teaches us, that all these things are our real teachers. If we learn from experience with all these aspects in ourselves, we gain wisdom.

There are 21 important natural teachers:

The anger, the care, the pain, the physic, the feelings, the sex, the honesty, the examination, the victory, the confrontation, the brute power, the spirit mind, the death, the fear, the setback, the loneliness, the need, the search, the love, the patience.

Love is our most important teacher.

We have forgotten how to listen and to love our body!


„Everything in life is symbiotically connected, not adversary disconnected. Illness is a presence, which is alive, because in the person’s body there is disbalance. The solution to that is, to bring everything in the body back to balance, not to kill everything, that from our point of view does not belong there.

We have lost the knowledge about our true power!


„The center of each “Self” has four essential kinds of power:

There is the mental power of our self.

There is the emotional power of our self.

There is the physical power of our self

And there is the spiritual power of our self.

We have forgotten how we can discover ourselves, teach ourselves, and guide ourselves, what means to live a self-determined life. We decide about the power in our body and our life. It is self-empowerment that lives in harmony with all that is.

We have forgotten, that we are responsible for our self and therefore also for everything in the outside world.

We have forgotten how to be in alignment with the universal laws, because these laws are natural and make the rhythm of life possible.


„We all were the destroyers and the builders. We were slaves and slaveholders. I hope that, if I will ever be the slaveholder, I will free my slaves. I hope that if I will be the destroyer, I will keep the pieces, to give them to the wise people, to put them together again. I hope that I as the builder will remember what has been destroyed in the name of politics and religion.

I also know that I was overeager, avenger, the fool and the fanatic. I was the brave who cared about those things that couldn’t be understood in these times.

I hope in this life you have the courage to be the preserver of the keepers of the medicine-wheels (the true books of universal laws).

I hope that you can outlive the big headed and indiscreet in yourself and outside of you. Can you confront yourself with the irresponsible ones and still persevere?

Always remind yourself that your greatest enemy is your ignorance against yourself and the outside world.”

“If there are less conformists and social slavery and when more of us have self- responsibility, all have an advantage. It only happens when we have free choice.”

Let’s be aware of the essence of old Indian, Egyptian, Native, Tibetan, Buddhist, and of the true Christian cultures. There are a lot more cultures with old wisdom. Let’s take over the wisdom of the Medicine-Wheels into our life again. Let’s reconnect to timeless wisdom.

We have forgotten how we feel when we receive with gratitude and amazement. Let’s renew our elemental feminine power that lives in man and woman equally. This also secures that the natural authority of men in all of us comes alive again and finds its significance in life together with our feminine aspects.

Let’s again and again let go of old patterns and believes with being aware of doubt and judge, victim and offender, which all are natural parts of ourselves. These are characters we all took over in life to learn about ourselves and some of us will carry it longer than others. But it’s evolution and inner development. Every one of us has its special time to learn.

Let’s start again, to tell the essence of the stories of our wise ancestors and wise people in our life to our children and friends. Let’s start living our life with every sense of our being.

Life experience – preparing us to be our highest version and guiding us into our purpose

"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be."

~ Rosalynn Carter

The president and the holy rage about this sick society- and financial system

We are in the year 2019

It was one of these days, when Nevio had this strange feeling inside of himself that told him to back out of the room and look at himself. He was president of one of the biggest countries, the United States of America, with powerful influence in the world and now he had to go into his office, shut the door and be alone. Since a long time there was this inner voice with him and he spoke to himself: “Something is very wrong with all our projects, suggestions of change, our yackety-yak and action. It’s all old behavior, old truth and we are caught in old structures, belief-systems and behavior. We always choose ways out of crisis which seem to be new. But we take them out of an old belief- pattern- box. Therefore we always have short term solutions. But they don`t lead us into fundamental change. They don’t open space for a totally new unknown way. Over centuries they lead us back into the same crisis. It seems as if we always in a way start from the beginning? So history shows, we kind of move within the same radius and space. How could there be more expansion?”

Nevio remembered what he read in Osho’s book “Rebellion, Revolution and Religiousness”. Osho had his special life and wise man also had to learn from dark sides in their life. But his wisdom is amazing.

He read: “Priests and politicians – parasites in power, first I want to remind you of that humanity is not badly off since today. They always suffered. Suffering seems to be their second nature. For centuries we have lived in harm. We take it for granted and that’s why it is so close to us that we aren’t aware of it anymore. Otherwise it would be quite obvious.

We have to look through the eyes of a child again, to be aware of it. Our eyes are filled with centuries. Our eyes are old, our view is no longer fresh. We have accepted all as it is and we forgot that this is the reason for our disaster.”

Nevio thought: “Osho’s opinion is that all of us are a part of the reason why we went so far into this situation with the earth, our life, with money and power games. It’s time to stop looking for people who we can blame. All of us personally, in daily life, in family, in our relationships, experience things we can also watch in the outside world, such as power games, lies, manipulating in business, in privacy. Let’s look at the disaster, figure out how it happened and then learn and change.”

Nevio thought about situations he never understood. Why do people write so intelligent books, for example Michael Morris “Money rules the world. What you are not allowed to know!” and just a few of us question and protest. Morris offers us an approach to solve the situation. Where are the people who work with this approach? There also is written, that the bank will never take the first step of change. Where are the people, who say “I don’t care what they will or will not do”? I will only work with a bank, if they primarily have fun with serving me in my needs and creations.” Where are the rich people with heart, who really could live with less than they have? You all could take your money from these banks and they would have to learn! That’s no real solution, but a beginning. These institutions only have power, because we agree. We give them power.

That means we have the key to make change. How long do we want to wait, till the banks move?

They will not help us. They already know that we don’t need them with their way of working. How long are we going on to be dazzled by believing that we would have more money with funds? Money has to be in a flow! Money is energy! Depressed energy will someday explode or implode and kill itself!”

Sometimes Nevio imagined putting all people, including himself, into a washing machine and choosing spin cycle, to just clear all minds, to neutralize.

He thought about what we are doing with people who have too much pain in body and psyche. „Do we expect that they will solve their problem? No. We know that also natural health care does not solve his problem, when he pushed his envelope. If you suffer from pain, it does not help when someone advises you that you made a mistake.

We first have to ease the pain with medicine, after a while reduce medicine again and by the time we can help this man or woman with advice. With pressure of pain we are focused, sometimes used to pain and we are not aware of anything else around us. Our perspective is limited. After ease of pain people are open again to see the mistake and are willing to find a solution. Sometimes they need even more help from the outside first.

If this way has success in the physical world, it could also work for the people in daily life, in society, economically?

So Nevio came to the conclusion, that the problem with banks can easily be solved, because there are several books full of solutions. He never read all of them. In life he always was confronted with the money topic and so life taught him to question and learn everything about it. He always wrote down his solutions and after that he found literature which confirmed his own words.

Nevio wanted to shout out loud: “Hey folks, we have the power. Just kick your ass and move and use your voice. Don’t judge! Just tell your truth and your solutions to the world. Let’s support our young people with our knowledge and wisdom. Stop, hiding and thinking, we are too small to make change!”

Dalai Lama: „If you think, you are too small to make change, try to sleep in a room with a tiny mosquito.”

„We have slept enough, we did not question enough. So let’s do it now. All day long we have to think about money, how we can pay our bills, how we can pay our taxes, for our health, for our daily life, for our children and so on. It’s really depressing. Please, let’s find a way to take this challenge and find an easier way for our young generation. I want magic in life again and not that sick behavior most of us have in life today because they don’t know better how to go through life. We can change everything, because everything that’s not nature is made of human beings. Laws, rules, banknotes, every system of society, marriage, companies and education-systems are made with our mind. So if we now realize that it is not really useful anymore, let’s stop that shit. If people in the DDR, who lived behind walls for a long time, made it possible to stop and take over their power and break free, we are able to find a changed money system that leads us to a better solution so that life is not furthermore powered and ruled by money. We have to shift the power of a few people, we gave the responsibility to manage us all. We have voluntary become slaves to a government, banks and institutions.”

Nevio was so upset, angry and sad and really fumed. He expressed his anger with walking around in his office. Tara, his great love and partner and his children, Barbara and Savio were smiling, because they heard him in his office.

Savio: “Dad freaks out again. It’s so great that he doesn’t hide his emotions and become depressed because of all that ignored stuff, as many other people do.”

Sometimes he chopped wood or he made body-workout or ran out of the house and was jogging, until he couldn’t breathe anymore. But when he was home again, he was totally relaxed and then he had so many ideas and the family sat together, discussed, wrote down solutions and created new possibilities.

Nevio recognized that he was about to slip deeper into this dark collective consciousness, if he did not express his anger now and calm down. He breathed and came into a more relaxed mood. He remembered a channeling with the advice to just say loud „shut up!” if the mind takes over and creates chaos and fear. Shouting didn’t really help to solve the problem. Sometimes he really had to move his body to let go his inner emotion. He himself also had been a very unconscious human being in the past and still there were some unconscious moments in his life.


He sat down and remembered his childhood. His parents had been very kind and loving with him and with each other. However the society system pushed children in a fixed direction of living. This way of leading life with accepting and following certain rules and laws and ways of doing things was normal to his parents. They took it for granted, didn’t question, as if it was a kind of “God” in the outside world. They gave him freedom of experiencing all possibilities, but automatically he took over behaviors like “I have to be better than others and match with others” as a man does. And he really was good in everything and didn’t have to work hard at it.

He was a lucky child, was interested in everything, wanted to experience everything in detail and know all about it. His amazing potential was his humor and he always saw words in pictures. So he often made fun of seriousness of life. There was so much challenge in life and humor helped him to master all these situations. No one was astonished that he started to tell stories of life in comics. Later on he made movies, comedy and action movies. Before he really found his own way, he tried other alternatives of education, such as law and psychology. His little journey into history of art and design was most fascinating to him. But in the end he chose the movie business, lightning cameraman, stage designer. Then he became a film director. He had found his passion.

His parents always had enough money. They had food, a warm home and cloths and the most important was a kind togetherness. Both could have made a carrier, but humanity always was more important.

They both were involved in community service. His mother cared for single mothers and his father built a hospital for children with cancer, where children with all nationalities were served without paying. The hospital was financed with donations. His mother helped to gather them. So there was a phase of life when they didn’t have much time for Nevio. But he never had the feeling that something was missing.

He loved his parents and was very proud of his parents, his father.

Later on he belonged to the high society, to the rich people of his country. But then he had a crash with his bike and there was a long time of loneliness and pain. After having an inner debate with death, he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t happier with all this luxury than before.

Also he questioned his pattern that he always had to be the best. He changed his life, gave away his Villa, and lived in a nice trailorhome with some luxury. Nearby he had a trailorhome for friends who came to visit him.

He went on making movies but also worked with young people, discussed the meaning and sense of life with them to remind them to question life and have their visions, to find their truth within all their experience. For him it now became important to pass on his wisdom as an important message and share to the world. He wanted to take part in positive change of life. After his near-death experience he came closer to nature again and had this vision to get people in contact and balance with nature during daily life.

Synchronicity – the beginning of a sacred relationship

Maybe a year after his incisive experience, the secretary of his school gave him a big envelope. It came from Europe. He didn’t know the sender. The envelope was decorated with colored pictures of nature and symbols of sacred geometry. Inside he found a DVD with a movie from Dan Millman “Peaceful warrior” and a CD with the story of “The Alchemist”, written by Paolo Coelho.

Nevio was among people. He was a magnet. People loved him, his humor, his stories and his fresh authentic and sunny character.

So for a long time the envelope just waited on the board, unread.

But then he decided to take a day off and stayed at home the whole day, because he needed time for himself. So he was excited and looked inside of the envelope again and found an USBstick. When he opened the stick he watched the video of the sender.

This was the first contact with Tara. She had seen one of his movies, where he tried to connect daily life with spirituality or, let’s say the unseen things in life that happen.

She also had had a very challenging lifetime. She knew that there would be an essential shift in her life, but she didn’t know how it would show up. In her video Nevio saw Tara how she was sitting in front of the camera and told him about her vision of a bridge into a new togetherness in society, in the world. She looked very tired in this video and overworked. He was fascinated about her being so authentic without pretending, without expecting anything with her action. Sure, she asked him for a date to just talk about this vision and maybe he would have fun to work it out together. He had the networking to reach more people, who were open for their massage. But his heart told him that she just wanted to share with someone, whom she knew that he would get a glimpse of what she was talking about. He understood every single word, as if it were his own. But he still was busy with his own book and took the next few weeks to finish his work.

Suddenly he was struggling with writers block and again he thought about the envelope and took it out of the desk. He read the business plan for her vision and from then on this woman didn’t get out of his mind again. He had to contact her before he got crazy. He couldn’t concentrate on any other subject and he had so many questions and wanted to tell her so much.

He didn’t even call her, just took the first plane to Switzerland. He just was on his way. In Friedrichshafen Germany he decided to first travel through this beautiful landscape of Lake Bodensee on the German side. He rent a bicycle and went all the way to Konstanz. He just had a small backpack and so he could sleep where he wanted. Then he went through the border from Germany to Switzerland and went all the way down the Lake Bodensee in Switzerland. It was early in the evening when he arrived at Tara’s home close to the lake. He was nervous and wondered. What was the matter with him? He thought maybe she wouldn’t be at home at this time. Well maybe she would be because she worked as a therapist. He felt his excitement and danced in front of her door like crazy, leaving, coming back again, upstairs, downstairs like a freak. How would she react, because she didn’t even know, that he read her letter and it was a long time ago since he had received her envelope and now he was standing in front of her home? Then he breathed 3 times and rang the bell.

It took some time before she opened. He remembered that she spoke about her home as an aery. So he went up the stairs till he reached the roof. It was the third floor. He arrived at her open door, but no one was waiting. But her voice invited him to just enter. She had to save her work on the computer first. He went through the door, put off his shoes, closed the door behind him and when he turned around, he saw her with hands in front of her mouth, astonished, overwhelmed and tears in her eyes. He saw that she would have loved to scream because of her joy. This was an amazing welcome.

They gave each other a moment of embracing and arriving and both were very embarrassed. But at the same time there was a feeling of deep intimacy.

Because Tara was in a challenging financial situation, her refrigerator was full of nothing else but fruits. It always was enough, but now they wanted to eat in a nice place nearby the lake. So they went for a walk and then entered a nice restaurant.

It was a wonderful night with talking, full of visions and wishes, questions and answers, laughter and lightheartedness.

Nevio took timeout for 3 weeks. His new movie was completed, his young students were on vacation and so he could manage it, to stay as long as possible. He spent the first night in a hotel just across the street from her home. They met every day collecting informations, delved into her vision and connected it to his vision and worked out plans how they could go on with working together even when he was at home again. Nevio had given many interviews in the past to people who now could give them important information. They arranged that they first would collect informations from movements, whose visions were close to their own, like “Thrive movement”, “Ubuntu”, “Earthships“, Steemit, Forth Corner Exchange and more. They would work together with daily skype sessions and figure out step by step how to go on.

When it was time to leave her again to go back home, they had become real friends. After he was back home for 4 weeks, he sent her a ticket so that she could travel to his place and they could work together. After that they still said good bye as friends. With all their visualizing, working and planning, they didn’t realize how very close they had become.

After taking some time to feel comfortable again in her place, Tara suddenly felt how much she missed Nevio.

For a while she focused on writing her book, because she knew it could be her way into financial abundance. But taking time to write the book also meant to deal with less money. She had to finish this book, no matter what people around her were expecting from her. It was a strong inner call to do this. She wasn’t able to give anything to others during this time, except a hug or some motivating words. But there was no money left to invest for helping other people or into a project. She also wanted to write this book for herself, to close the chapter of her past and for all people, who wanted and needed and where ready for change in their life. At that time she thought that a book was the only possibility to earn so much money that she was able to let her projects become real for the people.

But also she realized that there was joy and happiness when she thought about leaving this country, this safe but sometimes very sad country. She had lived here now for more than 18 years. She had made peace with this place and she had learned that the only place to really feel at home was in herself.

But mostly it was nature that made her happy here. She never had had problems before to contact people and she moved to several cities before. But in this country she always was seen as exotic and utopian person. Her longing to live her free will and to do things that make sense, that make life more and more easy and worth, and her open heart to everyone, didn’t find people who really wanted to be with her. They maybe didn’t even notice her at all. There was no heart connection with these busy, functioning people around her, who didn’t even notice that they all were stressed and hard to themselves. Most of them weren’t interested in experiencing or thinking in new ways. They had everything they needed in the material world and worked hard to hold it. But they weren’t aware of that their hearts were closed and their dreams were depressed. They didn’t realize that, if they don’t go on acting, always knowing what to do next, if they would stop moving all the time, would become quiet, they would start to feel their true feelings about all this illusionary safety around them in form of materialism.

So besides her clients and her colleges at work most of the time she was alone in this country. She never found people who would work with her or support her projects. When she met some and could convince them to take part in her vision, they always wanted to discuss the safety rules and insurances and contracts that are needed, if everything would fail. She couldn’t explain them her vision of experiencing a concept in a complete new way of working it out, with learning by doing and watching the outcome. She missed passion and fire in the people to move for a new life adventure. They all lived in this amazing nature. But they didn’t really see its beauty and didn’t know, how to really connect with nature. So they had everything in the outside world to be happy and healthy, but they were sick in their hearts and their bodies. Many of them were depressed or had heart pain or arthrosis. And there was a lot more disease, no one would ever talk about, because they want to believe their picture, their illusion, that they are the happiest, richest, best educated country in the world. The most important question always seemed to be money, and how the next Porsche, or the next villa should look like. Tara even questioned that this country really belongs to the richest countries and wealthiest people. They became very high wages compared with other countries. But they also had to pay a higher price for the basic needs and everything else. So they benefit from going on vacation in other countries or buying their food from nearby countries. Tara read stories about rich people in the news. But there only were a few people she met, who really were financial rich.

More and more she had the feeling, that this country wasn’t the right place for her to really live and express her potential. She so wanted to take part in life and meet fun people, excited and open about life. For her the past had been a time of only surviving. Her gifts were nature and her few true friends. Maybe because she had lived in the wrong area of Switzerland, because she didn’t speak Italian or French. But it wasn’t her fault, nor their fault. She just didn’t fit in and she never felt at home.

Tara - a new beginning

Two days later Nevio called Tara and told her, how happy he was and that he awaits eagerly to see her again. Then he dared to ask her if she could imagine living nearby his home. He would support her with making her important work public and till then he would also financially take care of her. It was no problem for him. He had more than enough money till the end of his life. But he knew that Tara wanted to be abundant. Now she had to learn how to receive in trusting that the person who offers does not have expectations.

Nevio was honored to work with her. For him it would be the greatest gift to be with her and share their vision. He would buy a trailorhome for her next to him and he was sure that after some time she could afford it by her own. In this way they could work together in a more efficient way. Also he was confident of that she would be successful in opening a new school subject. She had always visualized this for young people and with this open a new kind of school called “Life school” or “School of conscious evolution”. She wanted to connect receiving knowledge and timeless wisdom and experiencing wisdom. It should be offered side by side in a school in the future.

Tara didn’t even have to think this through again. For her it was a clear decision that she would leave Switzerland and would go to California. She needed some weeks to arrange everything with all institutions because of her financial debt. It was really a challenge for her to quiet her mind and don’t debate with the institution for pension and for the social service, because laws were like a God in this country. They weren’t flexible or looked for possibilities. They just relayed and demanded on their rules they had to work with and they followed their goal to be sure to get their money back. The picture of a well-behaved citizen and obedience was important. For more than 10 years she had paid for her rent. In Switzerland you are bound to pay for your rent and your health insurance into an institutional account. Otherwise they took legal steps. But she stood up to it and put through that they could take her rent monthly, she was supposed to receive in some years, to amortize her financial debt of the institution of social service. She didn’t ask them if they agreed. She just wrote a contract, signed it and sent it to them. One institution agreed and also signed. The other didn’t even react. But for Tara it was done. She didn’t give power to institutions any longer. Different people were working in those institutions. Their clients were numbers for them and those who were working there mostly just wanted to get payed for their work at the end of the month. They didn’t really care about the needs of their clients.

But Tara never understood this “money thing” and to get a rent with 65 was not her truth. She always felt ageless and would create till she died. That was her truth and she lived it authentically. She also didn’t want a health insurance. Her truth was to take over all responsibility for her health of her being. She had too much knowledge about energy flow, metaphysics and quantum physic and knew that her body told her, if she was on the right or the wrong life path. She only had to listen and take care of the disbalance to heal with changing her life patterns and uplifting her frequency with positive thought that filled her up with good feelings. She knew that every cell renews itself regularly and we all are able to renew our body completely in one to seven years. It demands a certain conscious way of treatment and nutrition and awareness. And today she always could convince others because finally it is proven by science. If she really would get ill and life wanted her to die, she would. Death belonged to life for her. She more and more lived in the now moment. She didn’t accept senseless institution work and she didn’t tell a lie just for harmony. She always confronted them with their nonsense with just questioning and drove them nearly crazy with that because they were afraid to lose their control and there old believe they for so many years insisted on. No, she didn’t really care if they would agree or not. She gave them a possible realistic way so that they would get their money back. Take it or leave it.

She always wanted to show the world that life is about challenges, choices, decisions and possibilities. It’s not about control and safety because of being afraid of challenging situations with people, health, whatever. Authorities only exist in our head. But really? They were an illusion. Sometimes she thought her life task seemed to be to experience institutional way of working to then uncover their nonsense. It wasn’t always easy to go against the tide. She had to learn that it was impossible to fight against something. It was impossible to convince people to focus on a change, if they don’t want to. They just are not ready. So the only way is to leave and create something new.

Tara just wanted to do her best to clear everything before she left and suddenly she felt a kind of relief to leave this country behind her. She wasn’t angry about her past. She didn’t judge. Every country has its good and not that good ways of ruling and living. She felt deeply with these people and had experienced their way of living. But the conditions and expectations for this safety didn’t make her feel comfortable and welcomed. She had found peace inside of her. Also she let go of her old pattern that she always had to do the things on her own and always had to be a pioneer for the health of the world and the people. She had given her best to integrate. But she had to accept that it seemed to be the wrong place for her. She had given many people support and advice for their life without asking for money. It wasn’t important for her. She overreached her physical and psychic strength. These were her lessons to learn. And now she felt worth to just find and live her own life and taking care of herself for a while, until she would be strong enough again to go out there and make a difference. She wanted to be clear about her potentials. What would drive her out of bed and was so exciting that she could not stop? It wasn’t even to express herself in first place. It was more the longing of just being with all these amazing possibilities life holds for us. She wanted to have a time for playing, for experiencing things she never did before. She wanted to travel and dive deeply into unknown cultures and countries. Months ago she sat in silence asking her heart to show her if she should stay in this country or leave. And now the universe sent her a man who traveled around the world to visit her without a special intention, but with a knowing from his heart that he had to follow his intuition without knowing what would happen. The universe arranged a new beginning for her she could handle with ease in a land she always loved. She loved California, LA, and she felt very connected with this man. She was a little bit afraid to admit that she loved him as no one before.

The first time after 14 years she turned around and once again in her life left her past behind with great joy in her heart. There was a gigantic “yes” in her heart from deep down her soul. A new life had begun and she was thankful for all the experience, the development and the people who guided and helped her on her way through life in this country.

She also said goodbye to her father and brother. She loved them. But they all had their own different life and truth. She thought she had a heart connection to her brother. She would have loved to talk more with her brother, but he was not really interested in communicating. Maybe she misunderstood his reactions. But she wanted to go on. Many times of her life she waited for others to be ready and take part in her speed. But now it was this moment we all know. She had to go her own way.

Tara decided to start her new life with a new name for herself. She let go of her old family name. She didn’t hate this name. But it was a wonderful feeling to let the past be as it was and start with new energy, not being stuck into old memories.

When she arrived in California, tears ran down her face and she felt peace and ease in her heart and soul. She even felt at home. A feeling she never had in any country she had lived before. But maybe she never before had felt at home inside of herself. But the last two years she had made peace within herself. So she was prepared to also feel home in the outside, where ever this would be.

Tara and her past life

The main difference between Tara and Nevio was that Nevio had mostly gained knowledge. He didn’t travel a lot and time for life experience, feeling into situations wasn’t that much. So he enjoyed to imagine a character and show it in a movie. He never lost his inner child, this unaffected part in ourselves that does not know rules and laws. It just creates out of love and passion.

Tara lived and experienced numerous characters and felt them inside, sometimes lost herself in these characters and in these relationships to men. Her parents, achievement-oriented without any kind of active feeling, embracing, gave her the basic material needs. They didn’t know her real sensitive natural being. But they gave their best. Her parents also never received real loving care. So how could they give and feel what she needed to have the feeling of a helpful bonding.

All her visions for her own life, her real potentials neither weren’t recognized nor supported. She had to do what her parents believed was good for her. Tara forgave them everything, because she knew they didn’t do it, because they didn’t like her. They believed that it was the best for her. Her parents also had had the wish that their neighborhood should acclaim their children. So her brother and Tara always had to show their best. Brilliant behavior, the best in school, don’t disturb anyone, learn something, earn money, join a club and be important, sports, music…that’s what Tara was told to be life.

They always had enough money, but her parents always behaved as if they had to save money. So they gave Tara a very ambivalent experience with money as basis for her life. Her father was very overextended with all this life and expressed it with violent temper. He had an academic education and was good in business. But everything was top secret. Also her mother was successful in business, intelligent, and also looked after the house. Tara and her brother didn’t see her parents often. They had several Nannies and when they saw their parents, mother and father were stressed and had no time. If they had time, Tara and her brother had to do what they wanted them to do for their best. Her mother sacrificed herself for all and always suppressed her opinion. She expressed her unsatisfied mood with shouting at her children and trying to get some emotional care from them, instead of being able to give kindness to her children. Both, father and mother seemed to have the best life and seemed lucky for the outside world, never complained or spoke about their real feelings. They always seemed strong and on the right path. Tara’s mother also prevented her father from everything that could make him angry related to money. So her father lived with the illusion that he achieved all his success on his own. When her mother was ill with cancer and Tara was with her the last few months, Tara remembered that she had to hide the statements of account from her father. And if the family really needed more money, her mother’s father, Tara’s grandfather, always paid her mother an amount to go on. Tara didn’t even know, if her grandparents knew that her father didn’t know anything about what was going on with money in this family. Her mother never had allowed herself to live her own life. She always functioned in the family and in business. Sometimes Tara had the sneaking suspicion that her mother took some timeout when she travelled for business and maybe took a tiny space for things she loved to do. But Tara never heard of the truth. Family life was based on pretending an illusionary picture of being clean, handsome, and always happy. We all know that psychologically proved this behavior leads people to explode everything they had depressed for years. Emotions we don’t express transform into aggression. Something tiny that upsets is the reason for breaking out into violent behavior. So both beat their children. Her father unconsciously acted his depressed emotions out with his hands and her mother with subtle emotional power games. So this family suffered because of very difficult relationships between father and daughter, mother and son. Her father and mother weren’t really made for each other. But they really were brilliant in pretending. They in a way were financially safe, but lived in emotional poverty. Tara no longer was sad or angry for herself but for her parents. She wished they could have known it better and could have shown their feelings. But they were brought up with the praise-and-blame strategy, including much more dogmatic believe systems than she had now.

Because of her life experience Tara knew that her parents lived under permanent stress. The reason was a conflict between their inner and their outer life, a conflict between the female, the stillness and the feelings and the male, action and mind.

So her father used to eliminate his feelings and take total control over life. In her mother’s life all feelings she didn’t live in the outside, manifested in her body as cancer and she died with the age of 47. If children are suppressed in their own needs for such a long time, their visions and their joy for life die, if they are more sensitive than having strength. So they take over all these patterns of their parents and start living with that.

In Tara there were these believe systems, that she is not worth living, not worth living an own life, that she had to serve life of all other people to be accepted as successful and loved, that she always has to do everything alone, because that’s the sign of strength and power and she is not worth to be helped, that she always has to be perfect and know everything, that she always has to give and learn more than others. Because of her difficult relationship to her father she always searched for men to give her love so that she felt worth for them and was needed. So she supported every man in her life until she had nothing left. Even when she inherited money she spent it on a man she believed to be in love with. Every relationship ended with the men being up and about again and Tara being empty and exhausted and separated from these men. All these men treated her like her father with contempt, ignored her, not being present, after this first falling in love part was over. But she stayed longer then she should have been with these men, because she had the feeling of failing, if she wouldn’t manage these relationships into a miracle. A few times she met some men who were kind and really loved her. In these cases Tara felt them as boring and left them, because already someone more exciting was waiting for her. Later, after self-development, she noticed that she always felt alone, even if she had been in a relationship. Law of attraction was working, so she always attracted circumstances and people who treated her the way she felt about herself.

With the age of 13 she went to a boarding school, because she caused too much trouble to her parents and she wasn’t that good in school. Because of all these believe systems and patterns she had the feeling of displacement, because she was not worth living and disturbed the people around her. Also she felt guilty for the illness, the cancer of her mother. So she had to leave so that her mother could have a chance of healing. All these destructive, sabotaging emotions were reborn on and on in her life. Situations in her life, in business and private, with people who had behaviors as her parents, always triggered these patterns. Suddenly there was a moment in which she realized that she needed help to step out of this repeating self-destructing codependency circle of life. She took care of her mother in the last weeks before her death and after that she packed her mother’s car with only the necessary things for life and drove from Cologne to Munich and started a brand new life with a new home, a new work, out of nothing.

After a hard time of working she chose to study, worked for being able to pay the university and successfully made her diploma. All things she began to choose by herself were a struggle for her. She had to fight for it in the inside to believe that she is worth doing it so that she not only had an income, but also to be successful in the outside. She was highly intelligent. But inside of her there was this belief that she was nothing. So it was a self-fulfilling prophecy that she would fail. But she never gave in. Wherever she worked she fought for justice and freedom of the employees. With this acting she freed herself out of this narrow confines she was used to. Because she always thought she wasn’t right, she wanted to know the reason for her thinking and studied several ways of therapy. She learned that she was wonderful, was loved as she is and learned about her strength and potential, learned that being sensitive, being an empath is a gift. And she learned to set boundaries so that she has space for herself, not giving everything for others but also keeping for herself. She had studied textile and fashion design and technical process. So she learned everything about what was important to create a design, produce and sell fashion. How did a creation in mind become reality? She felt a magic development during this process and imagined combining it with the life of a human being. She wanted to know everything about this process of creating and manifesting in life. In business she loved the process. But more than that she loved to watch how people behaved in business, in a team, alone, in whatever situation. And she always investigated why they acted in that certain way. She wanted to know why life and living together often attended pain, suffering, anger, jealousy, power games, struggle, stress, control and severe restrictions. The reason of everything always was a specific kind of human fear.

Because of all her relationships she really had studied men, the masculine, and how they act, think, feel and what needs they have, what wishes and dreams. Because of her difficult relationship to her father she always wanted to be a boy, a man, and she separated herself from her feminine being, acted like a man, worked in spaces men loved, never wanted to become a mother. After leaving business, because she became very ill and was tired of living, called “burnout” in society, she rediscovered her female side. She connected with nature again, came in contact with her body again, her own needs and wishes and felt deep connection to this birthing process, we not only have with birthing a child. Every creative act, project, art, is a kind of birth we give to it.

On her way she found valuable literature with amazing information to all she experienced. She always wanted to deeply dive into it, feel everything herself. She didn’t only want to read about life in books. Tara really was the warrior of the dark side of life. If her parents would have noticed the signs in her behavior to recognize her real potential, she would have become a dancer, made art or would be a professional swimmer or tennis player. If they wouldn’t have forced her how to play the piano, she also would have discovered it as a potential and would have played with joy. Today she loved to listen to piano music and she wanted to start learning again. Maybe she would have studied psychology or design therapy. As a child she always created art or danced all the way to school or in nature, in the kitchen, in the water, in the garden.

Even if her parents never showed feelings and there was no heart connection between them, Tara always was a happy, laughing child. In times her parents were not near her she created her own world in her mind. It was her way to escape from the dark. Later in life she was stuck in the experience of darkness. She always sacrificed herself for something and someone. She lost herself in the outside world with always observing things she didn’t like.

As a child she escaped from outside reality in the inside with dreaming. She changed positions. Deep sadness, depression took over in her life. Her mother also had this behavior. But Tara was very acting and her mother was very quiet.

When Tara realized that she had to rescue herself out of this depressing dark state of being, she began to dance in a group named “5Rhythm Dance” offered by Andreas Tröndle. Dancing saved her life and transformed, freed long depressed energy inside of her body and self. During this life period she had to leave everything behind her, people, work, home. There was a higher power that guided her into what she became now in life. People call it intuition, higher self, god, universe, something magic, we cannot control or figure out with our mind.

The world of feelings and life adventure had first priority in her life. Business and money just were playground for experience for Tara. So she never earned very much money in business. If there was a time she had money it was spent in projects. Because of her lack of self-worth there was an inner tendency to sabotage the successful outcome of these projects.

But these projects were brilliant. She was a visionary and these visions mostly were too soon for the world. About two years later someone else had the same idea and made it real with earning a lot of money with it. She noticed this fact years later, after she studied “Universal Healing Energy“, “Quantum Physics” and “Metaphysic”. She learned about universal laws and physical energy flows, cause and effect, law of attraction.

She always had a brilliant beginning with her projects, gathered a team and made a clear financial plan and business plan. But there never was real success, real harvest for her. Thoughts, feelings and actions all have energy. If you feel and act positive and inside of you there are hidden negative thoughts about yourself, your worth and your meaning about yourself, it influences the outcome of your action.

Tara - past experience and growing wisdom

During her life Tara dove deeply into nearly every aspect of life, because she never was able to just be realistic and factual. She deeply felt into everything. Life led her into situations which forced her to visit several institutions of the society system, so that she knew, how they were working. She knew the field of activities of banks, healthinsurances, schools, universities, social-security-offices, employment-offices, hospitals, and how they treated their clients.

Suddenly she questioned herself. What progress could she give to the world? What had she achieved? Suddenly she felt more worthless and unsuccessful than ever before. She as so often had to leave everything behind, let go several things she really loved. Only she herself was left. During this crisis she received the greatest gift in her life. She found so many books and read about life and how we have to change so that our life can turn out worth living again for us all and so that everyone has enough to survive. But it was out of the view of scientists, philosophers and academic people. Many of them wrote new books with collecting knowledge out of other books and putting the pieces into a seemingly new version. Many of the authors used imagination. But they wrote about situations and how they could be solved without ever having experienced it by themselves.

Tara had played several characters offered in life, servant, concubine, lover, trainee, student, woman in business, leadership, unemployed, welfare recipient, surrogate mother from two children, seven and eleven years old, therapist, restaurateur, unskilled worker renovation, farm worker, ayurvedic cook, working on projects, writer, artist, personal coach.

Because of leaving home several times she had to start fresh in a new country. She loved the terminology „starting from scratch, or „back to square one“. She also noticed that even if it seems that we repeat the old life with having the same environment and maybe the same job, something still is new and different, because we changed in the inside. Society would title her an unsuccessful, unknown citizen, not being able to live. But everything in her life made her stronger than ever and with hard work on herself she recovered her self-confidence and self-worth.

Today she can say: “I just am and I am a life artist.”

Her truth was that not the quantity of experience is important, but how deeply intense you are involved in the experience. This intensity lets us feel the wisdom behind it and gives life a special kind of quality.

For her work she was always less payed than others in society. But her truth was that what you get back is many times higher than what you give.

Later on she realized that there is much more to learn about universal flow of life. Spiritual teachers often explained that we have to be aware to whom and what we are giving our power, energy and potential. We disturb the natural flow of energy and synchronicity, if we give it away to people who don’t appreciate it, who are unaware and waste it unconsciously. For some time Tara tried to believe this. But her life experience showed her other stories. You cannot waste energy. It always finds its way into the healing direction. Healing is making things become whole again.

Her truth was, if we are authentic, loving, present beings and give in this way without expecting change for the ego, something magic always happens. We experience something unconditional.

She agreed with these spiritual teachers when they said that we don’t live our true soul path, if we keep under our potential, our gift to life and therefore hide behind other actions. Or explained in another way; if we learned our lessons in life to be ready for the next quantum leap, for expansion, if we don’t move forward then, we really get sick. We don’t focus the energy that now flows to us and it kind of gets stuck in the body. That’s how she tried to explain it to herself at this time.

In this moment of reflection she received an important insight, how it would be possible to make all this change become reality, all the other writers mentioned. She had found a bridge into a new life quality for all people.

By now she was used to being alone. Sure, she had dreams and wishes of how and what she wanted to live in her life. But she wasn’t unhappy because of not being able to do all these things at this moment. Now it seemed clear that her book was a “goodbye” to let go her old life. She really wanted to share her experience and ideas with the world. It should become a kind of homage to the people who had the courage to go into the unknown and make change in the world. It also was a homage to all human beings and their own unique life path. Different potential, but equally worthy. It also was a kind of forgiveness to be able to peacefully begin a totally different life. She now was aware of all that stuff, that didn’t make her feel comfortable. So she would choose from her heart what she really wanted to live. She would no longer allow the outside world to rule her life.

It was a clear sign that she met Nevio and it was a great challenge for her also to take his financial gift without always having the feeling to give something back, to feel and trust that he gives without expectation. He trusted her and he believed in her talents and potential without forcing her to go a certain way.

She remembered this one man in her life in the past. She also had a very close relationship with him and a very intense time with deep feelings. It was a time she had loved and she had been loved. But during that time she didn’t even love herself and she was totally overwhelmed with this man, who deeply loved her as she was. So she had panic feelings and literally escaped from him. She went because of fear, she couldn’t be good enough for him. She ran out on him.

Today she was aware of herself and deep inside of her she always noticed when she had the tendency to loose herself in a relationship again. She now could trust herself that she always finds the way back to herself. She no longer needed a man by her side to feel happy. She was free and abundant even without a lot of money. She rediscovered her faith into always being supported by life itself.

Today she chose this man and was excited about being together, creating together, learning together.

Tara and Nevio – together into the unknown

Now there were two wonderful souls, Tara and Nevio, who were about to create a lot together in their life. Tara loved her trailorhome and she became a teacher in a new school of life for young people. She gave lessons in „School of life and Awareness“. The people were open and she was integrated right away. Her opinion was important for the whole school and education. She couldn’t say that she was luckier than before. It was more that she had found a life quality that felt more complete and aligned to her soul self. Everything seemed easier and natural. There was no fighting anymore. We only realize how much pressure we had in the past when we step out of the old. With the new step we have new feelings and are able to compare, to feel the difference to the past. Otherwise we always keep thinking that the old way is normal. We got used to it.

So there were two souls with totally different ways of life and experience coming together. But their paths had led them to nearly the same point in life. They both felt very satisfied and complete in the inside and had a similar high consciousness. Tara made a complete new experience with Nevio. He showed her that it was natural for to love her as she is, to hear her words and be aware of her feelings. Nevio was excited to learn about the feminine way of life, the world of emotion and feeling and the mystic side of life. She showed him how to heal most of the things of his body himself and she led him in situations where he could experience and feel what she explained him in words before. Nevio more and more became appreciative of the behavior of all the women in his past relationships. He remembered many situations with them and now understood and could explain their reactions.

Children – the greatest and magic gift in life

During this time Nevio became a phone call and the message that friends of him died in a car accident. They died immediately. There was no more time to say “good bye” for him. When he saw it from human aspect, it was so sad and he always searched for a reason for this tragedy. But his spirit and his own truth told him, that this situation made sense for the whole picture of life. His truth was that there were several incarnations in life for human beings, for their souls. Death always was a choice from soul and always meant a new beginning.

His friends had two children named Barbara and Savio. Tara and Nevio just looked at each other and knew that they would adopt them. Nevio already knew the two kids for a long time and he loved them. He had spent a lot of time with them and had been on vacation with both and their parents over years. They were very present and awake, aware of their life. Great kids! Sometimes he thought they might be older on lived years then himself, because they already had so much wisdom. Tara was very excited about taking over this so important task. It was relieving for her that their little family had no financial pressure, because they had more than enough. Even if she knew they would also adopt them without this so wonderful financial abundance.

Both had to smile because they noticed how wise life makes choice for us and brings us situations in which we learn how to integrate through practicing and feeling to really live the wisdom we gained for us. When their new children, Barbara and Savio, arrived at their new home Tara and Nevio made a ceremony for them where they could release from their parents. They talked about the meaning of mourning and letting go the memories and pictures of the time with their parents. Both children told their stories about their parents, about activities with them. It was a process with many tears and it took some time until the tears were dry again and they could talk about their parents without becoming very sad, just enjoying the feeling that they had so wonderful parents for a long time.

A vision becomes a mission

Tara, Nevio and the children were busy, but they didn’t have stress. They still had a very relaxed time they all enjoyed. But then the whole story turned again. Nevio was asked to run for the election of becoming president. He was so surprised about that. But Tara and Nevio knew that the people around them already were excited for quite a while about what they wanted to change in life and how they acted for this exciting vision. Nevio had done a lot of networking and so he already had met very interesting and important people for their project. Nevio had great self-confidence, but knew that he was a kid inside. He remembered that there had been something in the past he also had a hard time with. He had problems with women. In the past he had been afraid to be bound to someone or certain situations. Today he had learned from Tara that his fear had also its reason in the women, because they always expected something from him especially that he should make them happy. It wasn’t a connection based on free will. He learned to differ between conscious and unconscious behavior. Tara told him that his way to decide for himself and his fear was a sign that his feelings showed him the right way for himself. These women never talked about their expectations because they weren’t aware of it. He was unconscious was unconscious about what was going on. But Nevio felt the energy of these expectations in his whole body. His heart guided him very clearly. So these women weren’t very conscious about their behavior as a reaction on unfulfilled expectations and wishes. They didn’t realize that they wanted Nevio to become emotional dependent on them so that he would do what they needed in life. These women needed him for their own sake. They didn’t know themselves, so they didn’t really were aware of what they were doing. They just unconsciously reacted on remembering very painful situations in their past. Even if he had had a loving motivation while talking, one word in his sentence that fitted into these old patterns of these women was the trigger.

All these facts made Nevio doubt his competence about being a president. Tara saw him in a very confound mood and laughed.

Nevio also had to laugh and he said that he really couldn’t understand why they asked him for this task. He said she should have been asked for this and stand up there as one of the best ladies he ever knew to rule a country and he always would live for supporting her. She thought it would be nice if they would melt together as one and together stand up there doing their best. She had tears of gratitude in her eyes and said “Thank you for giving credit for me”.

She put his mind at ease and he pointed out that he would only start this with her and he would never be successful without her.

She cuddled into his arms and looked into his amazing beautiful eyes. They didn’t have to say a word. They just knew what would happen now. This position Nevio now was able to work in was a gift to them to get their vision out into the world, make it real with the support of a powerful team. But it also was clear that it needed attentiveness and tact to find the right measure and work with the right priority.

Suddenly they jumped up and let their joy flow and loudly cheered because of their happiness and thankfulness for this opportunity and support of their vision. Well, it sounded a bit like in “Sex and the city”, when all the women hysterically scream their emotions out in space. They jumped on the sofa and through the room like children. Barbara and Savio came into the room and just took part, even if they didn’t know for what reason they were celebrating.

It became a fighting with all pillows and some lost their feathers. The living room atmosphere looked as if there had been a snowstorm and everyone had fun laughing and being hilarious.

After that all of them were very satisfied and tired and they decided to clean up tomorrow.

Back to their story. If a vision is about to come true because it was chosen right time and right place, it’s like a miracle. Without any greater expectations Nevio and Tara went from the campaign to the nomination. Both loved having unconventional ideas. So the campaign became very special and the people were very excited about their new way of thinking. But also there were many people who were very sceptic and confronted them. But they succeeded.

A new life began and they first had to get used to the way they had to live in the outer world. They had to play the society game so they could slowly bring their vision into the old process, replacing the old with a growing new way. They lived in a very luxury home for taking office of president. But they still kept their trailorhomes and from time to time escaped from the busy doing in that really big home where they never really were alone.

Right from the beginning they had a strict daily agenda. But they immediately organized space for themselves and their family. It was important for them to have time outside of this house they now lived in with all these wonderful people who served them.

They wanted to decide on their own how they spent their private life, without cameras, computer and handy. So for the first time in this house they gathered their servants and everyone who worked for them on political issues. Together they discussed how to change the rules for all of them so that these rules made life flexible and gave everyone a good feeling during daily work. There was a time for politics and time for private life and only really important situations would be tolerated to break the rules. In these times of private life they always instructed someone as a representative.

First their whole team was very irritated, because for centuries the rules were the same. But after a time they recognized that the new rules also gave themselves more freedom to choose in the moment and all administrative work could be done faster and more effective than ever before.

Up to this point, Tara and Nevio had experienced a lot together and it was nearly a year that Nevio was elected as president. Nevio also had accepted the biggest challenge he and his family had ever had.

The reality was that he didn’t take enough time for longer breaks and the deeper he dealt with his task the more he felt being hurried along every day to get the important things done. If Tara wouldn’t be by his side there wouldn’t be private life at all. He would work himself right into a burnout. He would lose himself in this work.

Tara made him understand that his task couldn’t be done only with mental work. No matter what, how late it was in the night, every day they came together for a 30 minute meditation. The children also took part. After a while of practice he was aware that his decisions for the next day no longer came from his mind, but out of stillness. After quieting his mind with meditation there was this empty room inside of him and he just had to take his question into the day and the answer came out of a space he never before realized. These were brilliant informations and inputs he heard inside of himself. There were moments when he sent a prayer of gratitude, because he felt that these informations didn’t belong to him, didn’t come out of his knowledge. They were given to him. He didn’t know how to name it. Maybe a kind of source or higher self or intuition. Whatever, it was magic and also so real and clear. It was given to Tara and him to master there challenge with their potential for this important task, to go through these situations, find solutions and to evolve themselves into a new consciousness. They had to lead the people into a space, where they also could expand and be aware of their consciousness, where they could learn to be more present and aware of every moment in life.

The vision – a bridge guiding into a new paradigm for a changing society system

The world again had to face a financial and economic crisis. Again the headlines in the news dealt with inflation, crash of stock exchange, banks and their corrupt way to deal with money transactions. Greece and numerous other worldly examples in the outside showed what could happen in the worst case of such situations, if we the people don’t find a new natural healthy attitude with money and consuming. It was a time every disbalance in the world came to the surface, screening, shouting to be heard and seen. It was so intense that it was in everyone’s eyes. But not everyone really felt this pressure on the world on the earth and the atmosphere behind the TV or noticing it on social media. Maybe there were some people on the planet who were not even slightly traumatized. But most of the people on earth were in one or another way traumatized by situations in the past and present. Most of them didn’t regenerate from these traumas and the next reason for trauma was already starting. But all of this stuff wasn’t new. Over centuries politics and government had dealt with these issues and always took the same way out, used the same words on the news. It was the old way of thinking and finding a way out. It never really solved the problem. The banks and the rich were the winners and they seemed to be the ones who helped the others with new credits to get out of their financial lack. The main topics were about money. But the unseen core topics were about emotional poverty, about hidden traumas who blocked the life that is possible today for all human beings. Tara and Nevio knew that chaos would come. Before something new could begin, there always was chaos to break the old and shape the new. They had to find a way to inform the people so that for them it wouldn’t be a sudden suffering again with fearful uncontrolled unconscious reaction, but a conscious change in which everyone would take part with awareness and helpful action. They wanted to create a vision for their people, they would be passionate to go for.

After this retrospective, discovering the background of Tara’s and Nevio’s, Barbara’s and Savio’s life, let us go back to the beginning scene of this story. Let us go back to Nevio, the confused, upset President. He was tired out. After he had left his office in an angry mood and rebalanced in nature he was fresh again. With a clear head he was received from his family with a worm hug and they were ready to listen to his new ideas. He had to laugh loud when he saw into all these excited faces. They wanted to hear his solutions and also had some new aspects to bring into the discussion.

The purpose of money – how it was in the past –how it is today

Could we find a new appreciation for money?

Everything they discussed with family or upcoming intuitive ideas were written into a special book. So after this discussion the following aspects were written down:

“It does not really help to fight the old, because we all took part in letting the old grow and for a long time we functioned in life without questioning. We gave time and space to build up these boundaries. We made ourselves slaves to the society system, government and banks. That’s because we gave away our self-responsibility for very important decisions we have to make in life. So we allowed others to decide for us. So let’s switch and find the good that mankind created in the past.

Let’s be aware again about the things around us. Are they in balance with nature or do we have to change them so that they really fit in? Otherwise they would or already do destroy nature.

We should go back to “simplicity”. Every process has become so complicated and so many hands of people are involved that we all no longer know what is really going on in the outside world. Maybe if we would study some of those things as law, medicine, insurance, taxes, financial system, economics. But even then it’s very difficult to understand. “Thrive movement” explained the flow of money in a very simple and clear way and there are several informations about money and its way through our daily life. We can read it in a comic or in business language. But how it really happens in detail the employer in the bank hardly knows.

We all lost track of it and should start overthinking motivation and flow of the money and financial system.

But this is not only the duty of government. It’s the most important duty of us all. We have to start to build something new from scratch, using the wisdom of nature and all the solutions from past mistakes as the basis.

Water always stays fresh if it flows. Maybe it keeps calm in a lake for a while and new organism grows. But to keep them alive and not being destroyed by enemy organism fresh water has to come in. We are in a system of duality. There are things that can destroy, but these only have the power, we give to it.

The same with money. It is made to flow, not to be stored in a bank. Stored money loses its magical, creational power and will support greed, excess and intemperance. It wants security and control.

Sooner or later everything begins to die with this energy.

In the past it was important to experience and feel this energy. We learned all about the „no go“. We now can be aware of it and let it go. That’s it.

Today money seldom is in a natural flow of giving and receiving. It is stored in stock and shares, marketable securities and options exchange to increase itself. All this happens, because the people want more and want security.

But it is a fact that money needs to take energy from others like a cancer cell to increase itself. This takes life-energy from human beings.

The more money a human being has, the more safe does she/he feel. But it is an unhealthy addiction to money, because if there is a time when the money is gone, these humans feel worthless and insecure. So happiness, a safe feeling and a feeling of wealth depends on outside conditions.

But change in the outside is only an anchor, a bridge into a feeling of inner safety. Therefore this bridge Tara and Nevio wanted to build now has to be used to learn.

If people start to feel self-love again, gain self-confidence and trust in there way, knowing that everything is there for them for going on so that we have something to eat and have a place to live, people would be satisfied and all this destroying energy would disappear.

No one would think about, would have the need of stock-piling money as Dagobert did. They also wouldn’t spend money so dissipated as Donald. Look at these old comics again and learn.

There would be the same awareness and meticulous nurturing for money as for themselves. No one would judge money, because power games wouldn’t even been thought about. Money would be a creative currency.

We all are an infinite source of creative energy. We need each other, not in an addicted way, but in a way of synchronicity and completion. We all are able and want to give something special to the whole picture. We all are needed in the process of growing.

Money was a medium of exchange so that everyone knew what he gave and received, to hold a balance. It wanted to make life more simple so that the people didn’t have to carry all products with them all day long.

At the beginning of money it had the value depended on the priority the people gave the product or service they needed. Today a few people decide if the product is worth its price and how much it is worth. Most of these people don’t even really understand what the products really are about.

It is time that money gets the right place again and begins to turn into a tool we can express our creativity with and work on it. Happy and satisfied people are creators as we all are. Creativity is in balance with nature and other people can participate and are happy about their creations too.

Creation in life is replaced with consuming, taking. Consuming takes energy away from the people, because they give attention to these things they consume. In the past actors and artists mostly were creating and a few financial success. The others were poor. Today because of technology some more people are creative, but mostly in their free time.

If we go on letting others decide about our self-worth, the worth of our creations, even letting them decide what is worth to create, less people are satisfied because of being judged in good, better, the best or worst.

We all most of the time have a different opinion about the worth and therefore it leaves an unsatisfied feeling working in a company, because most of us feel less payed.

If we feel safe, because our existence is secure, our basic needs are satisfied, such as food, a home, education, health, body fit and nowadays social media connection and the possibility to travel or have a car or a billet for bus or train, we human beings are great creators. Creation does not happen under depressing conditions. Creation dies with the words and expectation “you have to, you are allowed to, have to be willing to and you have to be finished at a specific time”. We have to create a financial basis that offers money sources, making able to create things that inspire others to create more and out of this “more” to create a new money source again and again. This is “flow”. Money should not be limited.

Money is a huge play as life itself is too. Human beings print money. Maybe our opinion about the financial system sounds ridiculous. But look closer at the behavior of money! They have to print money to keep the flow. So what if we would learn from the mistakes in the past? So what if we now work on a project or a product and we failed with certain steps during the process of becoming, we learned along the way? What if we could go back to the point before we made the mistakes and continue from this point in a fresh new way we discovered from the mistakes? What if we would be able to print the money we need to make this fresh start with new knowledge and a new perspective? This should be a future perspective.

No human being makes mistakes because they wanted to. They are experiencing with the way of creating with a responsible feeling and awareness, of what is going on during the process. Naturally we all are not in first hand interested in earning money with our activity, creativity. We want to learn and expand and make things better, finding new ways, such as technology always evolves and therefore more and more is possible.

When scientists fail, money is given to them to go further in experience and get better results. They have space to experience. So we should find ways to let go the importance of the amount of money and instead letting it be a tool to let creation flow, until the high consciousness of human beings will create a possibility to live without money. Maybe we even start to love money and find a new source and distribution system.

Why does lottery exist or other competitions? Why does this lot with the name “win for life” exist, which gives the chance to win 4000francs per month for 20 years in Switzerland?

All these possibilities wouldn’t exist, if there wouldn’t be this great longing in the people to be safe or to have money to create or to travel or just have more fun in life again. They want to be free, abundant. They want to escape out of these controlled life paths. They want their life adventure back, which includes taking risk. Several TV shows play with millions of dollars, francs, euros and the candidate can win high amounts of money every week? How can they bring so much money into the circle? Where does this money come from? How come so much countries are heavily indebted, but in public the governments are able to help other countries with money, if they are near going bankrupt? We all cannot exactly know why. But we are not stupid and we can question, because we feel that there is something really wrong. We know that we in a very naive hypnotic way have letting ourselves caught in a system, we thought would give us safety and take over our responsibility, guide us through life, tell us, what to do, who we are and what worth we have, tell us what needs we have and what is important for us in life.

This has to be changed quickly. We have to take over responsibility and reconnect to our natural healthy power and feel from the inside out of ourselves what we want and need in life. We have to take over the guidance in our life. Otherwise we and our environment will die, because we treat it in the same worthless way we treat ourselves. So let’s start questioning again.

We all are unique and have different needs. But the basic needs are nearly the same. We all have to find our own measure again, staying flexible, questioning and changing life conditions so that they fit to our new consciousness. If we start doing this, we will be more satisfied in the inside and don’t look at others. No more comparing, no more rivalry. We start helping others finding their own way of living and being satisfied.

There is “too much” and “less”. In between there lies “satisfaction”.

Let’s start now!”

Passionate visionaries and their faith in their mission

For years now Tara and Nevio had worked on this vision by themselves. Then they met each other and a magic synchronicity worked for them and their vision of a new financial distribution-system, a new financial basis for all human beings on earth. Now they had to define this vision and kind of download the essence of the vision to start with it in a way that fits into the time and the society as it is today. They were clear on that it demanded a high consciousness of the people to get this vision real in the world. Reality seemed to be different. How many people would really understand these words? How many of them would understand this vision and its meaning to the world? Maybe after some discussions? How many people would just leave the room, because they were afraid of change? It would be a change no one explored before. High consciousness could have a glimpse of what maybe would happen. But this change would be an adventure for all and has to be taken step by step with great awareness, attention and trust.

Nevio knew this playground of leadership he was joining now. Several times in past life incarnations he had been a leader. He had experienced all kind of power games, the few people, whom humanity gave power in society and politics, and how they kept each other in check. Among them there also was corruption, rivalry and greed.

Let’s say loyalty rarely existed. He also had to be careful and pay attention that nobody headhunted his loyal employeesor even bribed them. It gave him a good feeling that they all were very close to each other. They took care of each other.

History and several movies showed us that something went wrong with our life and we all had to come out of just functioning in life. “Stranger than fiction" from Marc Foster was a movie that could have awakened many people. But there were so many unconscious people. Let’s say people who didn’t really use their consciousness so that they only saw it as a movie, as a fiction. They never imagined that this could be real. “Rum Diary” with Jhonny Depp says: „A human being is the only creature, that absolutely insists to have a god. But it also is the only one who acts as if it wouldn’t have a god.”

Back to Nevio and his mission. He also was informed about the money system, ruled and controlled by a few people. In this case the people also are so blind and don’t recognize, or don’t want to recognize, that, if money in the system wasn’t enough, the national bank printed the ...

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