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Welcome To Your Own Healthy Lifestyle!

If you’re like me and love food you hate the idea of having to eat rice cakes and sprouts or starving yourself just to help the weight come off.

Many people associate weight loss with being hungry all the time. They're afraid to start a weight loss plan because they want to avoid the frustrations of hunger. Many people they think it's better to be overweight than to starve.

I'm no exception. I really like to eat, so there's no way I would be constantly hungry for the sake of being thin. What kind of life is it if you're always feeling hungry?

Eating regular meals and keeping yourself full is what will actually help you stick to your healthy eating plan and reach your goals. Keeping your hunger in check will help you avoid overeating. It will also prevent you from feeling miserable, frustrated and out of control.

Inside this book, I will give you all kinds of tips and tricks toward successful weight loss. I will examine some common weight loss myths with you. You will hear my story about weight loss. You are not alone with your problem! This book will help you to start and lose weight for good.

It won’t be easy and you’ll have to maintain your willpower to be successful, but losing weight forever in a healthy way without starving yourself is a goal YOU CAN achieve!

If you are about to undertake a weight-loss program don’t consider it as a diet. This book is not another fad diet. This is not a lose weight instantly guide. I don’t promise you every answer, but I do know that if you incorporate these tips into your lifestyle you will be healthier. I also know that if you do want to lose weight these lessons can be life changing.

You have to be willing to make a lifestyle change – eating habits, exercise and making healthy decisions.

Are you ready for a lifestyle change?

Let's start today!

Kaya Jasper

Why Are People Overweight?

Since the 70's our eating habits have changed dramatically because our lifestyle changed. I grew up in the 70's and 80's and back then it was more difficult to find convenience food in the stores. My mother cooked fresh food every day with veggies which came out of my grandpa's garden. We had a black/white TV and three TV stations. We did not have computers or play stations. We played outside and while having fun we exercised. Whenever it wasn't raining we were outside the house, working or playing in the garden, biking, and roller-skating.

I loved it!

20 years later this all had changed. We got more than 300 TV stations, on air 24 hours a day, and almost everybody owns a computer. If you are like most people, you do not have an active job and lack the energy to participate in any sporting activities after work.

You pick up convenience food on the way home and pop it into the microwave and then spend the rest of the evening taking care of your family or trying to recuperate from your busy day on the couch.

There was no need anymore to cook fresh, healthy food or to leave the house to have some active fun. You could sit the whole weekend in front of the TV, playing computer games without taking in some fresh air. If you grew up in the 90s, you might not remember times without TV's or computers.

We got lazy!

For years we slowly put on weight; we forgot or never learned to cook healthy and did not have enough activity in our lives.

For this reason many of us became overweight.

I need to concede that being overweight is not dependably only a matter of being languid or consuming excessively; some of the time there are different issues that reason individuals to end up with a lot of weight.

Overweight individuals regularly have a slower metabolism, which implies they have issues blazing nourishment as fuel and are dependably ravenous. The ache of their longings is extremely physical and exceptionally true in light of the fact that their physique is not utilizing the supplements within the sustenance to support them. When the energy it is not the overabundance changes over into fat.

An alternate exceptionally genuine explanation for being overweight is passionate gorging. This is the inclination to "consume your fury." Evolutionary researcher depict this as the need to "nibble into something" when we are irate or pushed as that is precisely what are stone age man progenitors did.

Nourishment can additionally take the spot of support, affection or sex or even a guardian's adoration. Individuals who are gorging consequently are regularly extremely hopeless when they head off on an eating regimen in light of the fact that they cohort nourishment with fondness and feel denied with affection once the eating methodology requires them to limit their calories.

To revise this you have to set out on a healthier lifestyle.

The thought is to begin an adhering to a good diet arrange with the goal that you are free of these yearnings, which can turn into an endless loop. Changing your dietary patterns will place you in control of these yearnings. It is an exceptionally liberating background having control in terms of deciding to consume what you need and when you need. You additionally won't gorge on the grounds that you will dependably feel fed and being legitimately sustained is completely key to halting those appetite torments that can accelerate weight pick up in the first place.

Have You Been Overweight All Your Life Or Did It Happen On A Special Occasion?

Do you know why and when you started to put weight on?

Let me tell you my personal story.

I stopped smoking 10 years ago and within a year I put almost 18 extra pounds on. It started slowly and didn't really register.

To quit smoking was one of the best decisions I ever made. Realizing that I did not fit in my clothes anymore and that I had to make other changes to my life SUCKED!

Back then I had to commute 3 hours every day and my work day averaged twelve hour days. I came home for eating and sleeping and as you can probably imagine cooking late at night was not high on my list (actually it wasn't on the list at all!!). Most of the time, I ate Junk Food. Does this sound partially familiar to you? I never liked exercising sport, so it was easy for the pounds to hang on.

I had a busy working life and did not take care of my body and health. I did not feel comfortable with myself.


Would you like to know how the story ends?

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