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The last Werewolves

About the Autor

Yelina Angehrn was born in Wil (Switzerland) on 8 November 2007. Yelina is the oldest of two sisters growing in the swiss countryside. As daughter of a swiss mother and a Swiss-Venezuelan father with an English/Spanish speaking background, which influenced Yelina to write in English. While writing is Yelinas passion and main interest she still goes to local secondary school. Her interest in fantasy was awaken by the stories her dad will invent every night for her and her little sister.

Her other passion is the world of wolves and big cats. Which is reflected in her stories.



Achak: Young werewolf boy with night black, curly hair that reach him to the chin, and brown eyes. As a werewolf he has got black fur and brown-yellow eyes that mostly shine in a bright amber-golden color. His name means Spirit.

Annawan: Werewolf man with short, black hair and brown eyes. As a werewolf he has got light-brown fur and orange-red eyes. His name means Chief.


Adahy: Jong shapeshifter with brown hair and orange-brown eyes. He transforms into a Lynx.

Adam: Jong shapeshifter with brown hair with some grey and blue eyes. He takes the form of a wolf with grey and brown fur.

Dexter: 13 years old Shapeshifter with fire red hair and sand- brown eyes. He takes the form of a red fox.

Chatan: Shapeshifter with grey hair and yellow eyes. He takes the form of a peregrine falcon.

Kai: Shapeshifter with brown hair and blue eyes. He transforms into a red fox.

Steffi and Steve: Shapeshifter twins with nut-brown hair and eyes. They both take the form of squirrels.


Karl: Jong wizard boy with short, black hair and black eyes.

Alaika: Witch with long blond hair and blue eyes.

Jack: Wizard with white- blond hair and blue eyes.


The full moon just set, and the sun rose while shining on the dark mountains. In the forest stood a werewolf with black fur and yellow-brown eyes. Just as the sun shone on his fur, he began to howl in pain, while transforming into a human boy with curly and black hair which reached down to the chin and with brown eyes. His arms were bleeding, his legs and even his face. Achak the wild one looked around in confusion, where was he? Then, suddenly all the memories of the last night flashed like pictures in his head. Just as the full moon shone on him and then there was a bang and humans appeared, they had guns and were shooting on him, his sister and his fellow packmates. A few shots also hit him in face, legs, arms and back, but not as badly as they hit Mai, his twin sister, his big brothers Tokala and Hakan, his parents Tocho and Tala. He knew it was hopeless to wait for them, Achak knew his mother Tala and his father Tocho were dead, but he hoped that at least his sister Mai survived. Hakan had had no chance of surviving after all, he blocked a shot which should have hit Achak… and died. And while Tokala was protecting the pups… he got shot right in the chest. Achak was filled with pain as he remembered and thought about it. But he could not remember that his sister was hurt deadly, and hope grew within him. Could it be that Mai was still alive? If it were so he had to find her and that had to happen quickly, or the hunters could find her before he does! He could not let that happen! Achak tried to transform into his black-haired wolf-me. Under a painful howl he transformed and began to walk to his lair to search for clues where his sister could be.

When he arrived, he immediately searched the ground with his fine nose. The ground was full of blood, fur, footprints of humans and prints of werewolves. He saw bodies of his fellow packmates and as he saw the dead body of a white female wolf with brown ears, Achak howled painfully at the sight of his mother. But he noticed that not all his mates were there, he searched for Hakan but could not find him and he knew; the hunters must have taken the bodies to take their fur. Achak searched again and finally found the footprints of Mai, he recognized them because Mai limped. He followed them and hoped he would find his sister still alive.

Chapter 1

“I give up!” Achak yelled. “I’ll never find her!” “What makes you think that?”, a lynx asked. Achak looked at him and answered furiously, “Because I’ve been searching for four moons, I can’t take it anymore. I searched our whole territory, I searched the valley of death, the prairie, the Coyote forest, and the entire mountains. And I still haven’t found her! I guess I just have to accept that she’s dead!”, he added sadly. The lynx looked at the frustrated, sad boy with black hair. “If I were you, I would also search the Human village.” “What? Are you mad? I can’t do that!” “Why not? I thought you were a werewolf. So, you could just search for her as a boy.” “I don’t think Mai would…”, no wait. Mai was a huge fan of risks. No risk, no fun, she always said. “Well, I guess it’s worth trying, right?” The lynx nodded and Achak took a deep breath. He would go to a human village… no big deal, after all, if they find out they would probably kill him, but no big deal. As Achak walked towards the village he began to sweat, his head, his feat, every muscle in his body commanded he should just turn around and run back into the forest where he came from.

A whole year had passed, Achak lived on the street but it wasn’t really different to his life in the mountains, with his pack, now when he was hungry, he could just hunt a few mice or go to the forest and hunt a deer, a stag or a bird. His wounds hadn’t really healed, so he was often bleeding and incapable of hunting for a few days till the wound stopped bleeding. Achak never saw a sign of his sister. One day as he was walking down the street and searching for his sister and food, another boy came towards him with three other boys next to him, Achak knew that this meant nothing good. The front boy, the alpha it seemed, stepped forward. “Well, well the little street dog.” He raised his fist while two other boys came from behind, which Achak did not notice, grabbed him so the alpha boy could punch him in the stomach. “What are you going to do? Call your mother? Or your father?” He punched Achak in the face, which did not hurt as much as the words about his parents. “Where are they? Did they abandon you?” The big boy punched him in the nose. “Or were they killed? Or couldn’t they tell the difference between you and the worthless street dogs?” He punched Achak so hard in the nose that Achak collapsed. The boys left while Achak forced himself to his feet and walked to the forest, sat on a big rock, transformed into a wolf, and began to howl. But he did not just howl, he began to sing. He was singing in pain, he was missing his sister and his pack, the pain was like a sharp claw ripping his soul. Claws ripping and scratching each memory, and each feeling for his pack out of

Where are you? Please answer me,

Tell me, what should I do? How should I find you? Please answer me!

I don’t know how I should find you! How I could be free.

You all left me! Tell me, what can I do?

I’m a soldier but it seems like I must give up the fight.

I can’t escape, the string around my neck is too tight.

I don’t know what I should do,

Without you!

Oh, please tell me what shall I do!

Please, just give me a clue,

Where to find you! What to do!

please, I’ve got nothing left, just an empty heart,

I need you sis; in my life you are a big part.

Please give me a sign, a clue…

Where are you? Where are you? Oh, where are you?

Achak sang for a while, his song echoed in the mountains and the village. You could hear it through the whole forest and far over the village. After the sunset he stopped and went hunting. As he found a print of a wapiti, he followed it. Achak saw the wapiti on a clearing and sneaked up on it, as he was close enough to jump and kill it with one bite, he jumped and landed on the back of the wapiti. This was puma-hunting-style but since he didn’t have his pack, he had to do it like this. He felt the blood of the animal on his tongue and looked in its eyes, so the spirit of the wapiti did not have to go alone to the great Horn. That was how wapitis, deer or stags called the one to welcome them to death. By wolves and coyotes, it was the moon Clan, for foxes the great zorro, for stags, deer or wapiti the great horn As the animal closed its eyes Achak ate every part that was left of the animal. Really everything! He turned back into a human boy and returned to the village. While walking towards the village he felt the pain of his over a year-old wounds and the new ones from the village boys. When he was in the village again, he wanted to find the boys and bite them, hurt them but then… suddenly he heard a voice, not just any voice… It was the voice of his dad. “Don’t let anger guide you, Wild Spirit.” And then, other voices joined, he heard the voice of his mother “Achak go, leave the village”, then the deep, soft voice of his big brother Hakan: “Always remember; humans might be our enemies but never attack first.” And then came the voice of Tokala “Be the clever fox, not the stupid human.” Achak could hear the mockery in Tokalas voice, and his mother said again: “Achak, leave the village!”, and then the voices fainted, they disappeared as fast as they had come. Achak remembered that voices of mates or wolves of old times only appeared if the one they are talking to was in great danger. “Wait a second, I can’t be in danger”, he said to himself. “After all there’s nobody here.” Achak sat on the hard concrete and was thinking that he had not heard the voice of his sister, that must mean that she was still alive! Achak wanted to jump and sing again but just in that moment the boys from before came again, but they had not seen him yet and Achak wasn’t really keen on the thought that they’d see him again and beat him up. So, he turned and ran back to the forest, he wanted to transform in his wolf-form, but he saw a camera on a tree trunk. Achak knew that he could not transform because he could get flashed and so he could get caught. Of course, he knew a little bit of how to survive in human form, but he felt more comfortable as a wolf, after all he spent more time as a wolf as a human. He was 12 now and had spent almost seven hunting- seasons as a wolf, he knew how to make a bow and arrow, how to make clothes and how to make a fire. Achak knew if he would not go deeper into the forest the humans could find him. So, he walked deeper into the forest and searched for a lair. He found one, it was a badger’s old home and now it would be his new one. He had to expand the hole and the lair itself. When he finished, he crawled into the lair to check if it was fitting for him, and it was. Meanwhile the sun was setting and Achak was hungry, so he searched for a stick that was long enough for a bow, and a second one for an arrow. As he found two twigs that matched what he was searching for he searched the ground for stones. It took a bit till he found stones, after all, he was in the forest. After he found a fitting stone, he took it to his lair and began to shape it in the form of an arrowhead and then he glued the arrowhead on the twig with birch pitch. He waited a while and watched the sunset, he thought of his mother and father, how his father showed him how to hunt, in wolf-form of course and how to control his temper a little bit. He thought of his parents for a long time, till he was sure that the birch pitch was dry. So now he had to attach the feathers that he found, it was not a perfect arrow, but it should do the trick. Now he only had to make the bow which was not tricky. It was already dark when he finished, so he had to hurry or otherwise all the prey would be gone. He could find a fresh footprint of a wild boar and one of a hares. In this case Achak went for the boar, because if he would hit it, he would have enough for the day and the next. Of course, he didn’t really need to eat so much but you never know. He tracked the animal and as he saw it, he stretched the bow. Released. And… missed. Bloody snowstorm, almost, he thought. He went back to the lair after he searched the ground but couldn’t find the arrow.

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