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The Importance & the Profit of Intercultural Awareness & Business Communication for those that want to ”BE GLOBAL”

The Importance & the Profit of Intercultural Awareness & Business Communication for those that want to ”BE GLOBAL”

“English for Business” (商务英语) and “Intercultural Management” (跨文化管理) using the examples of global players like Airbus SE, Daimler AG and LucaNet AG.


Felix Dorendorf

March 2020


To whom it may concern,

      March 2020

This book or, respectively, your learn-practical working base will be unique (if it is used in the way it is designed) because YOU are unique. It focuses on the topic of culture and communication in international business, including in an economic context. The book uses selected cultures and global companies as representative case studies for various behavioural and communicative approaches and its benefits and profits. It is partly based on two of my shorter peer-reviewed academic works (both, rated with the overall grade of excellent), and is divided into three interrelated chapters.

The first chapter introduces basic terminology to create a general understanding of the topic, while usefully describing explanatory approaches too. In the following chapter, I’m going to examine two cultures I consider to be of vital importance for the global economy and compare them with central aspects of the culture where I currently live. The last chapter occupies most of the written text with further detail on three companies that have already successfully gone global (one of them is a ‘global newcomer’). Meanwhile, each section is completed with compact examples, comprehensive illustrations and further information from qualified scientists (I hereby politely but explicitly ask you to respect my own performance and the copyright). Within a strict limit of 6000 words, I want to convey as much as possible in a compact, understandable and, above all, practical way.

This elaboration includes personal experiences and observations in addition to input from highly regarded sources. You are welcome to look at my bibliography and use it yourself for more in-depth research and training.

In printed version (hardcover):

In addition, each page has a ‘working space page’ on the opposite side. That page only exists to assist you in your ‘manual work’, especially if you want to write your own notes or vocabulary translations next to the text. Space for your personal summary as well as a list of selected (business) vocabulary is also provided. There, English is simultaneously translated into Spanish, German, Russian, and Chinese.

Have fun and improve your knowledge! (i.e. ’learn by doing’)

Yours faithfully,

Felix Dorendorf

Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Illustration Directory

Chapter 1: General Terms and Examples

1.1. What is the meaning of ‘ culture’?

1.2. What belongs to ‘business communication’?

1.3. Examples of different culture types

1.4. Your personal summary

Chapter 2: Specifics in Business and Communication

2.1. How do different cultures ‘do business’?

2.2. How do the cultures tend to communicate in business?

2.3. Aims and negotiations as a part of daily (business) life

2.4. Your personal summary

Chapter 3: Go Global and Be Global

3.1. What are ‘global players’?

3.2. Which approaches of intercultural cooperation exist?

3.3. Effectiveness of global companies


The Author


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■  Online sources

Greetings and Acknowledgements

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