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The Heinous Driver

Author's Note

This is a short story that aims at promoting the girl-child education and value in the society. It employed traditional setting hence; you shall be meeting words like; moonlight play, village square, Igwe (king) and some other native names like, Chioma who happens to be the main character, Nne (Chioma’s mother), Ichie Mba (Her Father), Ichie Okeke (one of the elders) among others. The story is not only entertaining but educating and corrective.

What really is the story all about? Now, let’s scroll down to find out.

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She was taken by surprise when a strange and unfriendly knock repeatedly hit her door.


“Is nobody in this house?” One of the elders asked angrily hitting the door with his walking stick.


“This wicked woman has gone out again, who knows the shrine she went to this time around?” Ikem ruthlessly added peeping through the windows to check if he could see anyone.

Another heavy knock drew Nne’s attention who was far from the door. She hastily put down her basket from her head, adjusted her wrapper and headed quickly to the door.


“Who is at the door? Please I am coming ooooo……” she shouted increasing her footsteps.

She swiftly unlocked and opened the door only to be gripped by surprise.


“H..a..h, my elders, Ikem, Mike, what a surprise visit, I hope there is no problem? Nno! Y..o..u are welcome. Please c-o-m-e in”, she stuttered nervously, giving way for them to pass.


“Woman, where have you been? Will you swear you didn’t hear us knock for over ten minutes?” One of the elders asked.


“To be frank my elders and dear in-laws, I didn’t hear your knocks. Please, I am really sorry. I am just coming back from the market and was about to………”


“It is alright. Where is your husband? He knows about our coming. Go and tell him we are here”, the second elder cut in adjusting his red cap.


“You mean he is aware of your visit? But he didn’t tell me”, Nne confusedly said.


“You weren’t expecting us and what about it? Your plans have failed. In fact, your days are numbered in this house. Where is my brother? You can’t bewitch him anymore” Ikem heartlessly said, pushing her out of the way and headed to the backyard in search of him.

Ichie Mba was at the backward cutting some grasses for his hungry goats which bleated severally. He hummed, chewing simultaneously his chewing stick when Ikem patted him at the back.


“Brother we are here”, he smiled sweetly.


“Oh…ok. I almost forgot. Are the elders here too?”


“Yes”, Ikem replied, gathering some cut grasses on the ground for his elder brother who took them from him and threw them into the goat’s pen.

Ichie Mba happily welcomed the elders instructing his wife to bring some kola for them. After exchanging greetings, breaking of the kola and chatting for a while, one of the elders cleared his throat and went strength to the business of the day.


“As a titled and respected man in this village, you need a son which Nne, your wife has failed to give you.” He said.


“Yes my dear people. I don’t know why the gods decided to punish me. I don’t know what I did to them”. Nne’s husband sadly said, shaking his head in pains.


“Brother that is why we are here. Papa sent us to you. As a matter of fact, we have seen a beautiful, lovely and humble maiden that you will marry. Her name is Agbomma from Dikeze villiage” Ikem gladly announced.


“This is not gods’ issue. If God wanted to punish you, He wouldn’t have given you any child at all. To me, children are children no matter their genders. They are all gifts from God”, Mike said in opposition.


“Shut up your mouth. Where do you stand?” Ikem snapped.


“This is not the issue of shutting up or down. The truth is that, God is the giver of children and nobody should question him. You know me too well, don’t you? You know I can’t support evil no matter who is involved. Nne has been a good wife to our brother and she doesn’t deserve this type of treatment.

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