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The place where it all began and where it all will end. I will never forget that place. It is the moment, this fleeting moment we call the here and now. Now is the moment, here is the place. The tip of the second hand, the spot on the earth where I stand. I can focus all my attention on this place and find everything I ever wish to discover in this place. Where else?

It is the centre of the present, the midpoint of my world, the summit of the mountain that I am ready to climb and which I climb with every breath I take. It is a place that lies so obviously before my eyes that I have not seen it for many years of my life. I preferred to look far away instead of pausing and observing my breath and see where it comes from and where it flows to.

It comes from the place and goes to the place where everything began and where everything will end, in the eternal alternation of tension and relaxation. It comes from me.



What does this book offer you?

What is Trance Healing?

The three kinds of medial work

Prerequisites of healing

Training as a healing medium

My wish for you


Exercise 1: Self-perception

What is our physical body and why is it so important?


Exercise 2: How do others affect us?

Respecting privacy

How does medical clairvoyance work?

The myth of mediumship



Exercise 3: How do we affect others?

Our Ego

The gateway to the spiritual world


How do we perceive a spirit being?

What is a spirit being?

Exercise 4: Who comes when we call?

The helper being

The hierarchy in the spiritual world


Exercise 5: How do we affect others when our helper being is present?

Protection against dangers of the spiritual world

Protection in trance state

The dark energies of today

Who's healing who?

An interview




Since you know everything,

I don't want to pray.

I'm breathing in,

and I exhale,

and I see,

you smile.



What does this book offer you?

Hello dear Reader

I am pleased that you are interested in the supernatural, healing, the spiritual world in general and Trance Healing in particular. Your interest shows that you are searching and open for what else there is in this world besides the things you already know. The world we live in offers a wealth of possibilities. Most people know and use only a small part of them.

Trance Healing is one of these possibilities. It is first and foremost a healing method that offers more than classical spiritual healing. It is a way of life and a force that gives meaning and helps you to make dreams come true, in every area of your life.

With this book I would like to introduce you to this fascinating and simple healing method. Instead of just telling you how great this method is, I want to teach you its techniques right away. Acquiring these techniques is very easy for you – just as any work with the spiritual world is very easy. You may need some practice if you want to use them professionally, but that's no big deal.

The special thing about Trance Healing is that on the one hand you learn a healing method and are immediately able to help people. On the other hand, the techniques that are needed to do so provide you with invaluable services in everyday life. Be it in professional life, in the family, in society or in spiritual areas: Trance Healing strengthens all your mental abilities.

True healing permeates all levels of our being. This distinguishes it from the classical symptom treatment. This does not mean that symptoms of illness are not addressed with Trance Healing. But Trance Healing treats both causes and symptoms equally.

Since the causes of illnesses and symptoms of illness often lie in the world of work, in relationships, in the ever accelerating pace of society, in the decay of values and our increasing isolation, but also in our spiritual emptiness, an effective healing method is needed. Trance Healing has this potential.

I would be delighted if I could inspire you to try this healing method. I am convinced that Trance Healing will also help you to enjoy your life happier and more self-satisfied.

The relationship to the spiritual – that is, the non-material – world is something natural. It exists even if you do not believe in a spiritual world or life after death. A medium is nothing special. It is not necessarily someone who talks to deceased people or other beings. A medium is merely a person who either has the natural ability to perceive certain processes or has learned to do so. A person who can listen well and at the right moment utter the words that will help the other person.

Where this person got the right words from is not so important. The medial ability does not depend on a belief. It is in every person, regardless of gender, faith, education or social position. This book therefore not only teaches you the basics of the healing method Trance Healing, but creates the basis for every work with the spiritual world.

I have experienced first-hand how working with the spiritual world changes a person. Since I started working with it, my life has changed in all areas. I am more efficient than 15 years ago and, if I let the doctor examine me, I have the better values. I am more balanced, have neither existential fears nor a problem with my self-esteem and have gone from being an eternally single person with relationship fears to a reliable partner and happy father.

My working day has changed into a "professional life". According to my versatile nature I work in several professions at the same time. As a craftsman, I work in a cabinet factory and am held in high esteem by my employer. As a healing medium I treat people, may experience small miracles and experience gratitude from my patients. I am a teacher and seminar leader for Trance Healing and am amazed at the enormous potential of my students. To witness their progress fills me with grateful humility. As a speaker I experience how fantastic it is to be listened to. And now I am a writer. A wish that has been dormant in me for years, and which is fulfilled with astonishing ease today, when I have as little time as ever before; without effort and without neglecting anything.

Without the support of the spiritual world these changes would never have been possible. And without Trance Healing I would never have allowed this support. My life today has a different quality. It is not without challenges, that would be boring. But it is a life in harmony with the world and the forces of the universe.

For this I had to become no other than the person I always wanted to be. I didn't have to give up anything that was important to me. Only to let go of what was bothering me and prevented me from being myself. I did not accept a new faith nor do I walk around in flowing robes. I am simply the way I am. That is a good feeling and I promise you at this point that you will feel exactly the same if you allow it.

Have fun reading.

Your Hampi van de Velde


Assuming that you believe that a healer or medium is something special, I would like to say one thing up front: A medium is a normal human being with tasks, worries, responsibilities and hopefully many things that make him happy. In short, a person like you and me.

The only difference I could discover in all the years of my work as and with mediums is the following: A person working with spiritual forces - a medium - is often a bit more aware of themselves and their role in the world than their fellow human beings.

This is both a curse and a blessing. Depending on how one sees it.

But what I see in a healing medium or not is not important. Much more important is what you see in yourself.

This book will help you to discover what you really are.

What is Trance Healing?

Trance Healing stands for a healing method originally developed in England, similar to spiritual healing. There is not much that had to be "developed" in Trance Healing. Trance Healing simply works, and the person who practices it does not have to do much. Strictly speaking, a healing medium – this is what I call someone who practices Trance Healing – has nothing to do at all. This doing nothing is at the same time the greatest difficulty of this work. We tend to always wanting to do something. On the other hand, a lot can happen if you learn to stay out of it and allow healing. If I do my job properly, you will end up doing nothing more than nothing.

The three kinds of medial work

Since there are many ideas circulating about mediumship, I would like to briefly put things in order with you. By medial work we understand the cooperation with the spiritual – i.e. the non-material – world. Roughly speaking, there are three main types of medial work.

The first kind: Medial communication

Probably the best known type of medial work is medial communication, the contact to the other side. The channeling known today falls into this category. Here a medium tries to communicate with deceased people. A prerequisite for this is the belief in a life after death. An atheist will have a hard time with this.

It is a fad that mediums try to communicate with angels or ascended masters. That the medium actually talks to an angel is hard to prove. Especially since an "angel" is merely a certain form of energy, which is called so in our culture area. A person who belongs to a different religious community will call this form of energy differently.

In the classic afterlife contact of Spiritualists (formerly called Spiritists), which are mainly spread in England (Spiritualism is a recognized national religion in England), the medium does not primarily try to talk to deceased people, but to prove life after death by submitting precise messages from the afterlife. The emphasis is not on the news, but on proof!

The second kind: Trance

The second type of medial work is trance. Trance is an altered state of consciousness, similar to the state of hypnosis. Unlike the contact with the other side, the medium relaxes and calms his mind to receive messages or information from the spiritual world. The aim of the trance is not that the medium itself communicates with the dead world – i.e. no question-and-answer game – but that a spirit being speaks through the medium. A listener or recipient of the message can, however, ask specific questions to a good trance medium.

Trance has a long history. Shamans of the indigenous people in North and South America, but also of Asia have always worked with this technique. The procedures of putting oneself into trance differ according to culture. There is drumming, dancing, ritual chants, prayers and postures, mind-expanding substances such as mushrooms, tobacco and much more. If you do a little research you will quickly find other cultures where trance has been practiced for thousands of years. Even our own Christian-influenced culture has a tradition of trance.

The third kind: Physical Mediumship or Physical Trance

The third type is the physical medial work, in England called "Physical Mediumship" or "Physical Trance". Here, trance is used to evoke physical phenomena. By a physical phenomenon we mean an event that occurs without the direct intervention of a person and is perceived by all persons present in a room. Examples are a light apparition; objects flying through the room; a table standing on one leg instead of on its four legs; objects that materialize or simply disappear. There are, for example, well-documented experiments, monitored by independent observers, in which unopened, originally packed rolls of film, placed in a room under a glass cover, were exposed during a trance session by deceased people from the spiritual world with pictures, sketches and texts in micro writing – including the sender of the messages! This is just one of the many phenomena that have been created in recent years.

Trance Healing lies somewhere between Trance and Physical Mediumship.

In Trance Healing a medium – every person is a medium – goes into a state of deep relaxation. He goes into a trance. Thus the medium enables a spirit being to influence the physical body of a patient through himself. In the body of the patient a physical phenomenon can take place, a healing. Hence the name Trance Healing – Healing through Trance.

However, it is not always necessary to work on the physical level. Many diseases and ailments have no physical cause. Sufferings of this kind say goodbye when a patient – everyone is also a patient – changes his attitudes or adapts his behaviour to a situation. Health can be found in many ways!

The three and a half kind: Divination

Divination is officially not a kind of medial work. Whoever predicts the future, prevents man from having a future. Predicting the future is, in my opinion, a variation of lottery. Nevertheless, it is possible. A long time ago, when I urgently needed money, I saw the lottery numbers in front of me during a meditation. I wrote down the numbers. Doubting my abilities, I changed the last number and turned a "28" into a "22". On that Saturday I had, together with many others, a five in the Swiss lottery. I won 4700 francs. Had I stayed with 28, I would have been the only winner and would have won over a million.

I never tried again after that. If I play the lottery today, mother destiny takes over. But if I ever doubt my perception, the experience serves as confirmation that what I feel is reality and not just imagination. From this point of view, fortune-telling can be quite useful.

If you are of the opinion that there are more types of medial work, I will gladly agree with you. My rough classification is a help to classify the different types. If your type does not fit into one of my three and a half drawers, you probably have a slightly larger chest of drawers than I do.

Who's who?

If you browse esoteric literature or read spiritual guides you know terms like Spirit Guide, Higher Self, Angel, Angelic Being, Spirit Being, Soul, Spirit, and others. Depending on the book, however, the terms are used differently. To make clear what I mean by some of the terms, I will list the terms I use briefly. No fairy or master has given me this classification. It is a purely arbitrary use of the terms. You can of course name each individual being as you see fit.


This is our physical body of flesh and blood.

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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