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Survivor 1.08 - The Cure


SURVIVOR is a digital serial novel. The series is scheduled for two seasons and a final showdown novel. This is season one, episode 8 of 12.

The Author

Peter Anderson, born in 1965, was trained as a management assistant in publishing and studied German language and literature before working full-time as an editorial director. He now lives as a free-lance editor, translator and author.

The Illustrator

Arndt Drechsler, born in 1969, has been working as a professional free-lance artist since 1991, primarily in the science fiction field. He created book covers for several German publishing houses, including, among others, the popular Perry Rhodan series.

The Characters


Ryan Nash, Commander of the SURVIVOR mission and Ex-Navy-SEAL, is acquainted with danger. But what is waiting for him at the end of his adventurous journey exceeds the most fantastic expectations — and his greatest fears.


Dr Gabriel Proctor, chief scientist of the project. A genius with an IQ so high that it presumably cannot be measured. Only he knows the true purpose of the mission. But what does Dr Proctor really know, and what are his intentions?