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Sing with me

Prologue to the volume of poetry

"Art is tenderness for our soul!"

In the year of the corona pandemic in particular, we became painfully aware of how lonely distance can be. Distance from our families and friends, distance from countries we like to travel to. While wars and refugee disasters have touched us in the past few years, it is now a catastrophe that affects us all and everything: social systems, the economy, education, be it at kindergartens, schools and universities. Everywhere, on every continent, we are fighting the same enemy, a virus that has shown us how vulnerable and alike we are. We are people of this one planet, with the same fears, feelings, hopes and dreams. Only our cultures are different. But it is precisely this otherness that makes our life together so valuable and enriching. With the volume of poetry "Sing with me, beyond national borders", poets and writers from different nations around the world speak with one voice. Continents grow together with our songs, which each have their own melodies, but the same rhythm of our hearts. I thank all the poets and writers who took part in the project: Arijit Misra, Aziza Dahdouh, Michael Morrissey, San Lin Tun, Gary Steven Corseri, Milka Minkova, Lyonga Michael Justin Mushaga, Jillani Birech, Christian Nae, Sascha Helck, Devi Maya Pradhan, Ishmail Kamara, Joanna Janosz, Keith Hyland, Lucia V. Cleaeno, Laseeta Kunhikannan, Melissa Medina, Yhohannah Holm, Suhani Jain,Samar Bhowmick and Mladen M. Tokić. This book of poems would not exist without you.All the best and stay healthy.

February, 2021 Kris Felti

Sing With Me!

(Kris Felti)

Sing with me!

Beyond national borders

from continent to continent.

Unity in feeling and doing

makes bad sentiments wither.

Because we have the same dream

the same concern

the same courage

the same enemy.

Sing with me!

Our diversity

raises the curtain

narrow-minded doubt.

Scenery our similarities,


our fragility,

legacy of our


Sing with me!


(Gary Steven Corseri)

There was a point we were drifting towards;

There was a place we were seeking.

We called it: The Home of Sublime Understanding,

The Quality of Differences Subtly Restored.

“After the War,” we assured one another:

The War to Make Living Safe for the Living;

The War we have been breathing since birth—and before.

But the War never ended.

Its sand filled our mouths with reproachable sorrows.

It was mother and father, sister and brother;

Priest and rabbi, preacher and imam.

The Causes lay under a quilt of stars.

And numerous corpses clawed the hard ground.

The politicians hallowed the ground.

The various preachers hallowed the ground.

Children placed wreaths on hallowed ground.

Great monuments were built on hallowed ground.

They gleamed in the sun.

Patterned, colored cloths, called flags, flapped

Over hallowed ground.

The band played anthems over hallowed ground.

And we forgot:

There was a point we were drifting towards;

There was a place we were seeking;

We called it: The Home of Sublime Understanding,

The Quality of Differences Subtly Restored.

Deafening Song

(Arijit Misra)

I could hear,

the dead leaf falling on the ground.

The Caterpillar munching leaf,


You're cutting the tree and I could hear

Her screeming,

The birds cursing,

Gush of warm pale yellow blood rolling.

I could hear

the dew dropped on grass,

hear her splattered.

You stood on them.

I could hear them crying,

stomped insects cursing.

I couldn't hear you sing amidst all this sound.

Where Incessant Laughter Resounds

(San Lin Tun)

No matter whom we are and where we live,

We live in a one world as a unit entity.

Don’t grudge hatred and breed discrimination against

each other,

Cos’ they are not suited to us.

We are a breed of humans, with minds and passions,

We need to help and love each other.

To build a better place and a better world,

We have to strive with our might with fervour.

When you see and want to smell a flagrant flower,

Just remember that others will also want to inhale it.

Spread that good news to others,

Then, they will be rejoiced and rewarded.

Don’t hold things tight only in your hand as if it were

your own,

Crush your ego. Instead, you need to share what you

have with others.

Simply, we call it an expression of humanity and


Caring, sharing, and loving are a noble feature of human


Diversity is noticeably a beauty as sparking as diamonds,

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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