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Sell yourself, never Apply for a Job again - the Secrets of Jobhunting & Jobsearch

Letters of Application, Templates, Online & Offline, Conduct & Survive successfully Job Interviews

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published by Best of HR - Berufebilder.de®


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Sell yourself, never Apply for a Job again - the Secrets of Jobhunting & Jobsearch

1st edition, 20.06.2019

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Innovative and Creative: Take me, boss!
// By Jürgen Hesse

Advertising is about attention. This is when applying to a new job is not much different. This is also about advertising, albeit on its own behalf. So how do you apply as conspicuously as possible?

The narrow ridge

We humans are ambivalent beings. On the one hand, we absolutely want to be part of it and, at the same time, represent something very special, which clearly distinguishes us from all others.

Not just to meet these diametrical wishes and when it comes to applying a real challenge. Anyone who wants to attract positive attention as an applicant, wants to be pleasantly different from other - perhaps even very similar candidates - must already have something to offer. Content but also in form.

The first impression counts

As a consumer, we have a tendency to close the form from the form to the content, which is why we are more inclined to believe in the beautiful and well-packaged things, which are presented to us nobly.

Religious communities use this to impress with their god houses and banks and insurance palaces, which are not so much about faith and trust, know how to use this method of impressions as well.

Precaution is important

An application will only be as effective as it is original if the applicant has researched in advance what the likelihood is that his self-presentation efforts will not go into the (electronic or real) trash without any comment.

To find out, it is always advisable to have a look at the company's website, press reports or even a personal visit. So you can find a clue for a good idea.

Identify the needs of the recipient

For recognized conservative branches, application number 1 is always recommended: Conservative framework with refreshing content (an unusually texted cover letter, a surprising message, etc.).

However, despite all the originality of the application, it is important to know the needs of the recipient and to respond to them and offer them to the potential employer as a problem solver.

This text is from the book "Das große Hesse/Schrader Bewerbungshandbuch (2015)" by Jürgen Hesse, published at Stark Verlag, and was left to us for reprint.

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