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SKETCHES from sessions at McGANN’S Doolin 1998 – 2003 by Walter Schroeder

Corinna Schroeder-von Frihling


from sessions at


Doolin 1998 – 2003


Walter Schroeder

In memory of

Irma Schroeder and Johnny Burke, my in-laws, who experienced a wonderful day – 9 hours – of lively Irish traditional music for their first time in McGann’s while sitting on a hard wooden bench in the early 1980’s.


This book goes down memory lane. Walter loved to sketch people, especially musicians, enjoying a pint of Guinness and a Jameson at the same time.

He left us more than 500 sketches. And because we were always on bicycles our radius was quite small. There were four pubs where he did most of his drawings: McGann’s, O’Connor’s and McDermott’s in Doolin and The Roadside Tavern in Lisdoonvarna.

These sketches are from the sessions at McGann’s pub in Doolin.

“Sláinte!” Walter in McGann’s 1998

The idea of making a book with Walter’s sketches developed when I was leafing through his sketch books recognising that some of the sketches were already changing colour or fading and the pages getting loose. So I would like to save this part of his work, and because there are so many sketches I decided to select these four pubs and make a book for each of them.

Some of the sketches in these books appeared in the book Walter’s Doolin – Pub Drawings, published in 2011 by Red Fox Press, Achill Island, Co. Mayo.

A place we never heard of

Tony McGann

Myself and my brother Tommy emigrated from Kilmaley to the U.S. in 1973 to stay with our sister Mary. Things in Ireland back then were not so good. We were there for a few years when we heard our sister Brid and her friend Helen Brown had bought a site in Doolin, a place we never heard of. The building was a forge one time and they opened there a small restaurant. We came home on holidays and went to Doolin to visit. Brid then said:” Why don’t ye buy the pub next door?” It was closed back then and O’Connor’s was doing all the business.

We took it on. It opened on 22nd June 1976.

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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