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Refuse: CanLit in Ruins

for all the complainants

‘A complaint: when a collective is necessary to bring something about.’

—Sara Ahmed


Living in the Ruins

Part One: Refusal

Rape Culture, CanLit, and You


The You Know

small birds

Stars Upon Thars

How It Works

But I Still Like

#CanLit at the Crossroads

Part Two: Refuse

CanLit Is a Raging Dumpster Fire

Sonnet’s Shakespeare

Check Your Privilege!

refuse: a trans girl writer’s story

When a Cow Saves Your Life, You Learn that Audre Lorde Is Always Right

CanLit Hierarchy vs. the Rhizome

How Do We Get Out of Here?

“No Appeal”

Part Three: Re/fuse

On Not Refusing CanLit

Visions and Versions of Resilience

In the “New CanLit,” We Must All Be Antigones

Refusing the Borders of CanLit

Whose CanLit

Hearing the Artificial Obvious

Writing as a Rupture

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