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Plants vs. Zombies Story: The Adventure

Myron Mitchell

Plants vs. Zombies Story: The Adventure

My family, friends, and all my fans.

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the World of PVZ!

One day, someone dared Sunflower to drink one gallon of mixture wine, liquor, beer, and Mickey Finn in under 1 minute. Sunflower did it and she collapsed. One hour later, she didn't know what she was doing. She grabbed Peashooter, and started to make out. They had a baby!

The baby was a Sun-Shooter, (or a Pea-Flower) which produces sun and shoots peas. But the thing was that each sun was small and each pea was worth ½ of a regular pea. Peashooter and Sunflower Loved their baby.

Meanwhile, There was a zombie hiding in the bushes. He was known as a Camera Zombie. He usually spies on plants and tells Zomboss what goes on. He told Zomboss that Peashooter and Sunflower got married and had a baby. Zomboss spit out his cereal, called Raisin BRAIN (not bran). He told Camera Zombie to get more info.

It was also on the news and the magazines. The news reporter was Kernel-Pult and he explained EVERYTHING. At that time, Wall-Nut was watching the news. He was Sunflowers father. And Sunflower didn't even ask him to get married. So he tried to get between them.

One day, Peashooter went to go visit Sunflower. But then, Wall-Nut stood in front of her flower garden pot, WITH A GUN. He told Peashooter to leave Sunflower alone. They were never allowed to see each other again. Peashooter was sad. Then he had an idea. He showed his SINGLE mother to Wall-Nut. His mother was an a girl Repeater. Wall-Nut liked her. Then THEY got married. Then, Wall-Nut Allowed them to see each other again.

It was on news and magazines AGAIN. The camera Zombie told Zomboss and he spit his Raisin Brain cereal again. That day, there was Snapdragon. He WAS Sunflower's EX. Before, Snapdragon was gay and he liked Lightning Reed. Then, he turned straight for Sunflower. The zombies told Snapdragon that Peashooter was married to her. Then, the zombies tried to eat him, but he burnt them. Snapdragon went to her flower house to talk to her.

There was Chomper. He didn't feel good and wasn't himself. There was blood out of his mouth. He followed Snapdragon. Snapdragon went in Sunflowers flower house. While Snapdragon spoke, Chomper kicked the door down. Since Sunflower was the closest, he gobbled her. Snapdragon realized Peashooter WAS COMING. Peashooter saw Chomper with something in his mouth.


Chapter 2: Revenge of Sunflowers Death

Peashooter called the cops. The cops were Bonk Choy and Wall-Nut. BC was a bad cop, and Wall-Nut was a good cop. BC stared at Chomper then punched him in his throat. Wall-Nut told him to stop. Then, BC took him in the police car. Chomper was sentenced in jail for his life. Then, BC punched Chomper, taking Sunflowers dead body out. Wall-Nut vomited. One day later there was a funeral for Sunflower.

All the plants were there, including Crazy Dave. The Zombies weren't allowed to attend the funeral. So the Camera Zombie hid in the bushes to record it ALL. The pastor was Cabbage-Pult, and he put Sunflowers dead body in a coffin full of soil, and fertilizer. It rained at the funeral as well.

Camera Zombie told Zomboss about the funeral. Instead, Zomboss ate a Peanut-Butter Brains sandwich. Zomboss was happy, and they had a party. After the party, they decided to attack the house. There were many Gargantuars. Snapdragon was very mad because of Sunflowers death. Crazy Dave came and he had a Jalapeño. The Gargantuars threw the Imp and it bit Crazy Dave. He dropped the Jalapeño and it exploded, killing 2 Gargantuars and ½. Snapdragon was so, mad he got in RAGE FORM. He used Plant Food and killed 8 Gargantuars at once! Snapdragon was running out of breath, but needed more food. Then, a GOLDEN PLANT FOOD came out of the sky (it must been from Sunflower at heaven). Snapdragon ate it and he spit a HUGE wave of fire, that no Zombies could dodge it because it covered the WHOLE LAWN. It killed all the Zombies. The Camera Zombie was there at the time, but somehow, he was able to escape from the fire. Then, 2 minutes later, Snapdragon Collapsed.

It was on the news that Snapdragon collapsed. Camera Zombie went to Zomboss and he was SO HAPPY, that he played the "Happy" song many times. Snapdragon went to the hospital. The doctors were Power Lily, and Lightning Reed. Lightning Reed wanted to Save him, so Lightning reed zapped 100 strikes of Lightning in Snapdragon. 2 minutes after that, Snapdragon awoke. He saw Lightning Reed. Snapdragon realized that Lightning Reed saved HIS life.

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