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About the author

Martin Recke is Corporate Editor at SinnerSchrader, now part of Accenture Interactive. He has published such books as Transformational Products (by Matthias Schrader) and The Product Field Reference Guide. In 2006, he co-founded NEXT and was Head of Conference Management until 2016. Martin has worked at SinnerSchrader since 2001 and was Head of Corporate Communications until 2010. He is also a political scientist, a blogger, and has a background in journalism.

Table of Contents



We are now in a different world

The Big Crunch of the digital universe

1. Parallelwelten

2. Reality

2.1 What is Digital Humanism?

2.2 Modernity and reality are the next frontiers

2.3 Losing touch with reality

2.4 Reality mining: how Big Tech extracts value from reality

3. Innovation

3.1 Can innovation get us out of the current mess?

3.2 How to be disruptive and sustainable at the same time

3.3 What is innovation?

3.4 The parallel universes of innovation

3.5 Experience as a product

4. Marketing

4.1 Regulation on the rise

4.2 Is there a future for the online marketing industry?

4.3 The future of marketing is closely related to the future of innovation

4.4 The new role of the CMO

5. Post-digtal

5.1 Digital is ready, it just has to be done

5.2 The game of efficiency is over

6. Purpose

6.1 Seeking a higher purpose

6.2 Making sense in a VUCA world

7. Politics

7.1 The future of work is what can’t be done by machines

7.2 Power to the people

7.3 Tech has left the building

7.4 The downsides of scale

8. Outlook

8.1 An immersive experience that doesn’t suck

8.2 What will the end of smartphones look like?

8.3 Will spatial computing define the fourth cycle of personal computing?

8.4 The next computing revolution

8.5 Why imagination and creativityare primary value creators