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Oh Daddy!!

Debbie Lacy

Oh Daddy!!

To all of my family, friends, readers and fans, I hope you enjoy this little story and I welcome your comments! Thanks so much for your reading support and may God bless!

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A Very Hot Summer

You may call me a very naughty and promiscuous girl, at least that was what most people thought about me but I didn't care!  You can't help the pleasures you enjoy the most.  Besides, he came on to me and I liked it! I had just turned age fourteen.  Oh yes, I was coming into my own at an early age in realizing what I really wanted back then, an exact replica of my beautiful mother.  It's true when they say milk does the body good and I drank a lot of it, which helped build great bone structure being that I was as active modern dancer.  I was quite precocious of my age as engaging eyes would often stare.  I was trendy, fond of the latest fashions, I loved the way my tight jeans accentuate my curves yet, slightly the bedizen type.  I love to flaunt my daisy dukes and mid-top tees for attention and I got plenty of it from him but when my mother was around he would often scold, “Girl, don't you think you should put some more clothes on your butt!”


“Ted, leave the girl alone!  She's just fourteen and besides, it's a fashion statement!  All the kids dress like that!”  My mom would say.


She always had my back being that she was a trendy dresser also but more of a provocative cleavage pleaser.  I often wondered if my mother didn't have a significant other on the side being that she's hardly ever home.  She traveled a lot but she's the affluent bread winner of the family and her career as an established real estate broker was quite lucrative. She's also a coordinator for the “Women's Empowerment Network Organization” to help empower women with their aspirations, careers, and businesses.  Sometimes her schedule can be a bit overwhelming between the two but the best part of it all, she enjoyed what she does.


You may have come close to figuring by now, Ted is my step dad.  Yes, Mr. Teddy Weaver is his full name and he is a 6-ft-medium built charmer.  He worked as a supervisor of the baggage claims department at the airport.  He often said fate brought him and my mother together.  He's the only man that has been in my life since I've known.  Daddy was very good to me!  It was revealed to me later about my real daddy, a very crucial time in my mother's life that was quite devastating.  I guess she loved Ted, they always seen so distant toward one another even under the same roof.  When she's home, either she was in the bedroom watching TV and he would be in the family room, it was rare to catch them together at the same time.  I've often felt like their marriage was sort of an arrangement and not for love, a necessity poor old Ted strongly desired.  How do I know all this?  Well my name is Deja and I've got a story to tell.




It started when I was in the kitchen one day, I was leaning against the kitchen counter reading a magazine, while waiting on my popcorn to finish popping in the microwave.  He had this peculiar grimace on his face when he entered, I winced blowing a big bubble with my bubble gum quite nonchalance to what he was about to say, surely regarding my daisy dukes.  I could feel his penetrating stare standing on the other side of the kitchen island and I anticipated his annoying berate but instead, he walked passed me and had the audacity to softly pinch my butt cheeks then he smirked.  I quickly writhe, “Daddy!! but I must admit, his touch sent sensations all through my body, a feeling I never felt before.  I sensed his dallying so I dashed off to my bedroom with my bowl of popcorn to prevent any temptation. Later, the doorbell rang and it was a couple of my friends Josie and Carmen, who were on my dance team and came over to visit.  We stood outside and talked while practicing our dance routines just frolicking around and having fun when their eyes suddenly glared, “Hi Mr. Weaver!”  They spoke.  I quickly glanced back and old Ted had a staring fixation on my butt.  He smirked, “Hello girls!”  Then winked at me.  We hung out in front of my house until dusk when daddy called me inside.  We were all alone in the house, my 19-year-old brother Rodrick, who was blessed to have a great job as a crane operator was out of town on a job assignment and mom was in Atlanta on a business trip therefore, it was a perfect night for a wooing and that's exactly what he did.  I had just gotten out of the shower, wrapped in a towel when he startled me.  “Deja! Come here baby!” He called standing in the hallway.  I walked over to him when he smiled and said, “I think you are a fantastic dancer, you know that!  I was watching you today and you're pretty good!”


“Thanks, dad!”  I smiled.


He eased closer and said, “You have so much grace and confidence!  I love the way you move your body in all those twist and turns, it's as if you own the stage!”  He expressed as he amorously opened the towel that wrapped my fine figure and I stood before him naked as he glared at me.  “Oh my goodness girl!  You are one of God's most beautiful creations!”  With much admiration, he softly kissed my lips then my breast.  I moaned delightfully and he knew I was tempted in passion.  Quickly, he swerved me against the wall as steamy lust elevated and I allowed him to fondle every inch of my body.  In a lascivious craze he lifted me as I anxiously wrapped my legs around him allowing him to sweetly impose into my tight vagina and I must admit, it hurt so damn good as I moaned to every intense thrust! Constant probing evolved until he was able to vigorously penetrate in and out of my hot spot and I loved it because I craved to be sexually pleasured, seemingly that burning desire often overwhelmed me.


“Oh daddy!!  I cried out in passion when instantly he came to himself realizing that he was fucking his 14-year-old daughter and stopped to let me down.  He picked up the towel from the floor and gently wrapped it around me with much humiliation in his eyes saying, “I don't know what came over me!  I'm so sorry sweetheart!  I'm so damn sorry!”  Then he promptly walked away.  That night, I laid in my bed thinking about what had happened as I caressed my body, I felt so sexy!  I felt like a woman that had been stretched open and it felt good!  I couldn't help but think that I never wanted it to happen this way.  I wanted it to be with someone I loved and he loved me, instead I let my dad take my virginity.  So what else can I say, it wouldn't have happened if I didn't want it to, in fact, we both wanted it!  However, he felt pretty bad about it because this was something he should have been doing with his wife and not his 14-year-old daughter.  If mom only knew what went down that night and I hoped that I don't have to be the one to hurt her with such devastating news!  Besides, she was never home to take care of him and because of it, her husband fucked her 14-year-old daughter and I enjoyed it, so for now, this will be my little secret.




It was a Saturday, mom and I had been in the streets all day and after she handled all of her business errands, she treated me to a little shopping spree at the mall.  Mom made good money so it wasn't no objection to anything I wanted that day.  Like I said, my mom was so cool and as we browsed, she was captivated by a sassy business suit in a window display at one of the department stores and was compelled to try it on.  While she and a very helpful sales lady acquaint, I browsed to the attractions out in the center of the mall and I found something very unique for daddy and I wanted to get it so badly.  It was a platinum and gold pipe holder since he puffed a pipe, I knew he'd love to have it sit on the table next to his easy chair.  So I walked up to the cashier and ask to see it.


“How much is it?”  I asked.


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