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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Debbie Lacy

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

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Innocent Abuse


They say, “Trouble doesn’t last always”.  That may be true for some people but for Ivy Fillmore, she felt that trouble was inflicted upon her from the day she was born.

Her mother Gracie died of a heart attack when she was only five years old and left her to be raised by three drunkards, her dad, Charlie and her two older brothers, Phil and Chuck.  They were the most intolerable and indecent men she had ever known.  As she got older, it became quite clear as to why her mother died of a heart attack so early in her life, one reason being her alcoholic father caused her much misery.  As for her two brothers, let's just say that the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree that it bears.  She was only 32-years-old when she passed away and she was assured she had turned over in her grave to know how repulsive the men of the family had become.    Men who left a bitter distastefulness in her heart from their annoying cruelty and molest wooing; dreadful times she chose to block from her mind.  When they felt the need, they'd work at the old Mill just outside of Oakridge, Oregon to buy mostly their booze but very little food.  They lived in a shabby little farm house just off the main Interstate and there was so much work to be done around the farm but those worthless Fillmore men just couldn't find the time from boozing all day to attend to the needs of the farm.  Oakridge was a very small town filled with good people who were always willing to lend a helping hand.  Shortly after her mother died, Mrs. Wakefield who own a dress shop in town and Mrs. Palmer, a gardener who lived nearby would always stop by with pretty dresses and fresh fruits and vegetables for Ivy.  As far as Ivy was concern, those were the most pleasant times of her childhood development, as she looked forward to them bringing her things her Dad never provided.  What did he know about the needs of a young girl?  Sadly, all he cared about was the tonic substance inside a whiskey bottle that changed him into a demented monster.




One afternoon, she finished her chores and decided to walk down the road to visit with Mrs. Palmer and as usual, she found her working in her garden.

“Hello Mrs. Palmer,”  she greeted.

“Oh hello, Ivy!  What a lovely surprise!  How are you today dear?”  She inquired rising from harvesting potatoes from the ground.

“I’m okay.”  She spoke sadly as she sat on the edge of the wooden border that surrounded the garden.

“I’ll tell you, that rain we had the other day really did my garden some good!  Everything is blooming quite nicely!  There is nothing like God’s pure water for growing healthy fruits and vegetables.”  She chuckled noticing Ivy’s gloominess then went over to sit with her.

“It’s so peaceful here!”  Ivy expressed gazing out at Mrs. Palmer’s beautiful fruit and vegetable garden.

“Oh yes!  I spend most of my the days out here.  There’s nothing more surreal than to plant a seed, nurture it, protect it and watch it grow into something beautiful.  It’s just like life.  We bring our children into the world, we feed and clothe them, love, nurture, protect them and watch them grow into beautiful human beings.  Just like you Ivy.  I remember when you were the cutest little snotty-nosed toddler I’ve ever seen and you’re developing into a beautiful young lady!”  She smiled brushing her hair away from eyes with her fingers.

Ivy blushed but didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong dear?  Is everything alright?”  She inquired.

“No Mrs. Palmer, everything is not alright!  I miss my mom so badly!  And I keep asking myself, “Why did God take her from me?”  I need her here with me now!  My dad and brothers are so cruel to me, they don’t love me!   I do all the cooking and cleaning and not once do they say thank you or I love you, Ivy!  It’s like they take things out on me for mom being gone!  I hate them and I hate that house!&

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