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IT Recruiting & Skills Shortage

Finding, Addressing, Recruiting and Retaining Internationally Qualified IT Staff: Templates Checklists Examples

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®


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IT Recruiting & Skills Shortage

1st edition, 03.01.2019

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CLIMATE PROTECTION AND KNOWLEDGE: With this book you support - documented - afforestation projects, you quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview in the table of contents) as well as advice that has been tried and tested in practice and that leads step by step to success, also thanks to add-on. Because the lack of sufficiently qualified employees, especially in the IT industry, is a challenge for many companies. But they themselves can do a great deal to master them: job ads that are suitable for the target group, the right approach in social networks, targeted talent management and, above all, an ideal work environment that also includes flexible working hours and regular further education.

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On the current discussion about a shortage of skilled workers: Why do some companies find no employees?
// By Dirk Ohlmeier

The shortage of skilled workers is causing lively discussions - not least because of the Book by Martin Gaedt, who draws a differentiated picture of the topic: Do we not end up with a shortage of skilled workers?

Places that have been vacant for six months

For every company that is looking for suitable employees, this question must sound like derision. But perhaps they are similar to one of our customers:

We were commissioned by a medium-sized company to recruit a project management manager. The company had already published the vacancy for six months, but hardly received any applications, and the applications that had been received did not correspond to the ideas of the department.

The special challenges of medium-sized enterprises

It should be noted that the client faces some challenges that many, especially SMEs, have:

  • The company is market leader in its segment, but is relatively unknown in the applicant market.
  • The location of the company lies in a region that is not attractive, especially for young candidates.
  • The monetary conditions of the vacancy are not particularly convincing compared to other companies, as the general conditions at the location and the current salary level of the team were oriented.

When important information is missing

Right from the start, another problem became apparent. In the telephone conversation with the person ally, it quickly became clear that relevant information on the position was missing. At the clarification date on the spot with the specialist department and personnel department, we experienced what we also know from a variety of other processes:

Namely that the specialist department places a broad requirement profile on the position and this is then reduced to the job description on a list of keywords, whereby important points are lost or lose importance.

One hour time at the beginning saves 10 hours in the process

It was only in a joint discussion with all responsible persons that the profile, the direction of the target and the human factors were clearly clarified. This is the only way to convey a complete and realistic picture to the applicant. Unfortunately, not every company takes the time for such a conversation. A good search should always begin with an extensive recording.

In particular, because we experience again and again that recruitment consultants are only commissioned by companies, if the respective vacancies could not be filled for several months. As a result, the pressure of the department to quickly fill the position with candidates is enormous. One hour at the beginning saves 10 hours in the process.

When decisions are delayed

When we presented the first qualified candidates through a broad-based search and direct contacts within four weeks, we had to realize that other priorities were more important now and feedback from the decision-makers weeks was waiting.

The subsequent application interviews should also be delayed by three weeks later. At that time, the company had only two available from the possible five candidates.

What frustrates qualified candidates

The other qualified candidates had meanwhile signed an employment contract with other companies. One of the remaining candidates for the position could be won, but the question of whether processes have to be so lengthy will remain.

Some companies find it difficult to fill vacancies with suitable applicants - it is not always the fault of the skilled workers that is responsible. 5 tips on what you can do as a company to become sexier for applicants:

1. Sex Sells!

How much sex appeal has the job? The stress curve lies between desire and reality. Do not spread expectations that can not be kept. The disappointment about the fact that the job advertisement differs too much from the actual daily business can hardly be absorbed.

Tip: But do not put up any dissuasive requirement catalogs. We experience again and again that it is the extremes that dominate. - Create a healthy mix. Look at the job from the outside and work out what makes the position attractive.

2. Quality is achieved through coordination

Requirement profiles that are not up-to-date, that are not in line with the market, that have not been reconciled between the specialist and HR departments, cost important time.

Tip: Take the time and prior to the publication of job advertisements, get in touch with the department head and, if necessary, with the respective team members, in order to clarify the professional and above all the human requirements for the candidate. But also take a look at the current market conditions.

3. Structure ensures your recruitment process

The lack of time scheduling and the lack of structures in the recruitment process not only mean that applicants are not even informed of the receipt of their application by automated eMails. It also means that applicants will only be able to find out whether you are a step further in the recruitment process due to the long response times.

After this time, the job interviews often take longer. Qualified employees who are actively looking for a new job are often no longer available.

Tip: Implement a recruitment process with clearly defined times, which include both feedback, deadlines for the next process steps, as well as ...

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