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How to Increase Energy


Just thinking of being in an environment where stress, anxiety and panic attacks often occur is distressing enough. Most of the time, you just can’t do anything about it since it follows you wherever you go. But at other times, you give in to all kinds of temptations at home and in the workplace – anger, resistance, denial, doubt, withdrawal and other kinds of emotions. And sometimes, when all of these happen, you lose all energy and just sink and wallow in depression.

So what can you do about it? How do you overcome all of this? Is there still hope when stress and anxiety attack?

Of course there is! This book answers these questions and more as it unravels how to embattle these negative thoughts and feelings you have and all the stress in the workplace by just building up your energy.

True, allowing the energy that you have left amidst all the stress in the environment keeps you on your toes, and gives you a physical workout that takes your mind off all of these negative thoughts – without even going to the gym.

This book doesn't just offer different relaxation techniques and how to build energy – it will give you a new perspective on how to deal with unexpected circumstances in your life. So, read on.


Okay, let’s face it. Children, especially, love to drink sodas, they love to eat candies and chocolates (and in some cases, almost every day), and love to eat the same kind of food every day despite the insistence of parents to try out another type of food.

But the insistence goes beyond that. And in this first chapter, it introduces the basic food groups not only children, but adults as well, should find healthy and stimulating to liven up their bodies.

Ever since we were in elementary or even preschool, we have all heard about the energy foods to keep us growing. Remember the go, glow and grow foods? These are all considered energy foods.

Let us study them one by one and let us see if they give enough energy to sustain us throughout the day. If not, let us see how.

The go foods are considered as the energy-giving foods. The go foods are basically the carbohydrates and the fats, which are essentially the chief sources of energy. Examples of this food group are the root crops, bread and bakery products, pasta, cooking oil, butter, rice, corn, margarine, and other fats and sugars. Some of these foods are actually rich in Vitamin A, such as root vegetables. Others are fortified with Iron or Iodine. In general, the go foods help children, and even adults, run, jump and play all day long, a much needed boost to their energy.

Meanwhile, the grow foods are thought of as the body-building foods. These foods are rich in minerals and protein which are needed for growth and repair of body tissues and also take part in giving energy to the body. Examples of the grow foods are poultry, eggs, meat, fish, milk and milk products, organ meats, dried beans and nuts. These foods are also fortified with Vitamin A and iron which can easily be absorbed by the body. Aside from giving energy, the grow foods are important to maintain the physical appearance: it gives you shiny hair and sparkling eyes.

The grow foods, also called the regulating foods, are important for growth, for healthy eyes, for high resistance to infection and for strong bones and teeth. Grow foods are rich in fiber (which is important for intestinal regularity), vitamins and minerals. Foods belonging to this group are the following: squash and, green leafy vegetables and other vegetables and foods which are rich in Vitamin C such as mango, guava and orange. For children, the grow foods can help you become strong and make you grow.

These basic food groups are often represented as a pyramid. At the bottom of the chart are the go foods. In the middle of the chart are the grow foods and at the top of the chart are the glow foods. These foods basically work together to give the body much-needed energy and help us function as individuals in our daily lives.

But of course, when you eat too much of any of these foods, then there is a bit of a problem. I am not just talking about the physical aspect of eating too much of everything. There is more at stake than that because once the physical aspects get affected, so will the emotional and mental factors. In short, it affects every part of the body, mind and even the soul. Energy slows down and there is no more room for excitement and exhilaration in your body. All that is left are the symptoms – dangerous symptoms that might leave you breathless, and even lead to illness.

Symptoms of Eating One Type of Food:

Whether we like it or not, unhealthy eating contributes to more than drained physical energy – it doesn’t give you a lift of the spirit and keeps you down always. Too much or too little of everything is a sign of trouble.

Unhealthy eating can lead to obesity, or sometimes, underweight. Usually, with obesity it leads to different illnesses, the most common of which is a heart attack.

And if you thought that smoking tobacco or cigarettes or being with friends who smoke are the only things that can bring you lung cancer, think again. Unhealthy eating can also contribute to lung disease, especially when you are not eating fruits and vegetables – the grow foods. When you don't eat vegetables and fruits, your resistance goes down and your energy level is not at its peak.

Some of the diseases which can occur for those who do not have a well-balanced diet and who don't do exercises are the following: diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, strokes and many kinds of cancer.

Skinny people may also have the same illnesses as a result of unhealthy eating. It might not be as obvious as those who are quite obese, but the symptoms of unhealthy eating are still there.

Special Energy Foods:

In this age of pharmaceuticals, where drug companies spend millions on new pills to take care of our ills, you might be surprised to learn that there are still people who swear by deceptively simple ...

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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