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So High


It was a cool, brisk day in Chicago, unusual for mid-spring but the unpredicted chill didn't damper Clover McKnight's day, in fact, she was hot! She was a gorgeous 5'6 beauty with flawless brown skin, her long wavy hair cascaded down her back. She was quite a sensuous allure with an appealing carved figure much like (Jennifer Lopez). She strolled down 105th street in her tight cuffed jeans, her open-toe brown ankle boots with a cute brown open-back shirt and a matching brown Prada handbag in her hand until she arrived at the medical facility to see her specialist.

It was a full waiting room when she walked in, as she ambled toward the circular reception desk to sign in. The large facility housed twenty different medical specialists. She was there to see her Neurologist about the sharp and agonizing pain in both shoulders, the numbing and tingling of both hands and up both arms and due to this occurrence, she often loose grip of things during the course of the day. It was quite bewildering to her as to what could have caused the sudden pain and discomfort, as she tried to explain to her doctor all of the activities of her busy day, which was pretty routine. Clover worked for seven years as a paralegal for Cartwright, Russell & Lloyd Law Firm, which entailed long hours of typing, editing and transcribing causing a significant amount of posture trauma in her shoulders and arms. The doctor recommended some sitting exercises she could do throughout her day, he suggested a suitable and comfortable chair would help with her posture and prescribed hydrocodone for her pain with a follow-up visit in three weeks. Clover had never taken any narcotics before but that day was the start of an influential journey towards a victim of addiction.



Six months later, Clover rushed into the office because she had overslept again and wanted to seriously avoid her sixth reprimand. The office policy was that if an employee acquired three reprimands, the ending result was an immediate termination but this would be her sixth as it was very obvious that Attorney Russell was trying to work with her by giving her opportunities that usually wasn't given to any other legal assistant. She was once a great employee and her work was exceptional but lately, they've noticed a major change in her work ethics, nevertheless, all of those great accolades were futile now that she couldn't seem to get to work on time. She immediately went to work trying to catch up on being 2-hours behind on transcribing when Attorney Russell beckoned for her to come into his office. The look in his eyes displayed much discernment and she knew she had squandered every opportunity given her, now any sort of cogent to try to save her job was looking very bleak.

"Miss McKnight I have to make you aware of some things that I don't take very lightly and that's making sure our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity in trusting this firm to handle their Corporate Business litigations that they can be proud of in a timely manner. And we aim to keep their trust and meeting their deadlines. We all have a responsibility here at this firm and when one person slacks holding up progress, it's a reflection on this entire firm. I have tried to be very patient with you by allowing you a chance to get it together and you assured me that you were going to do that. And now things are getting totally out of hand. Your performance is not up to par and to add you've been 2-hours late once last week and twice this week! I can't keep giving you opportunities that I don't give the other employees here and it's not fair to them. So Miss McKnight as distressing as I hate to say this, it is in the firm's best interest to let you go effective immediately."

"Attorney Russell, I apologize for all of my tardiness and I surely don't want to leave here with all of my work undone besides it will take someone a while to learn all of the aspects of my job. Please just give me another chance and I promise you I won't be late ever again."

"I'm sorry Miss McKnight, the decision has already been made by the Board Members and besides, we've been prepping Miss Jeanette Walters for several weeks now and we'll be promoting her into your position effective immediately."

"But Mr. Russell remember when I told you the doctor changed my medications and how it makes me very drowsy -"

"Then you need to discuss those medical issues with your doctor. That will be all Miss McKnight. Cheryl from Human Resources has placed a box on your desk so that you can start packing your things," he interjected walking her to the door.

She felt quite humiliated walking through the office towards the elevator with her box of belongings, a few felt much melancholy for her waving goodbye and others smirked overjoyed to see her leave. Clover was the highest paid paralegal in the firm as some envied her accomplishments, not only was she extremely attractive but well compensated. Once behind the closed elevator doors, she began to bawl from the eighteenth floor down to ground level.

"I can't believe they did this to me! After all of my hard work for them, this is how they treat me! But that's alright, they will be sorry that they let me go!

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