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Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face

Stjepan Maksimovic

Don't Let Tears Kiss My Face

This book is dedicated to the woman I love! My wife Zdenka. These poems are the product of the my imagination in which are woven the most beautiful elements of love, and emotional ripening, the soul of a man who loves. I dedicate this book to my wife, Zdenka, whose support and encouragement has made this possible. Zdenka, thank you for your devotion and commitment, this is my gift to you, my love.

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With you my life is a fairy tale

Hey my love!

My Life isn't life

Without you.

I can not describe to you,

How much miss you and your...

tenderness of your lips,

These thy rosy scented cherries..

Your laughter,

Your smell,

Your tender fingers in my hair...

Your gentle hands around my neck...

The way you kiss me..

Your magical words...

"I fall in love over and over again,

When I hear your blue velvet voice"

I feel you, my love...

In my heart and in my soul,

I want you to know that

I love you, and

I always will

I would like to dedicate my heart and soul, and as a token of my love, this book of

poetry to my beautiful wife Zdenka. She is the joy of my life and inspiration for all things

wonderful in our world. Without her and the bonds that we share, her devotion and

commitment,this book would not have come to fruition. Though these poems are the

product of the my imagination, she alone is the beloved force that motivates me. My

admiration and love for her are woven into each stanza, every verse spilling from the soul of a man who loves her alone. Zdenka, thank you for the beauty, the joy, the faith, and commitment that you have brought to our lives. This is my gift to you, my love."

The book author,

Stjepan Maksimović

Poet, author, literary critic

Author preface:

The joy in the hearts of the readers has been my primary motivation and lodestar

when writing this book.They represent the foundation for its complex inner infinity.The

book opens up to you, like a magnificent flower does before the first rays of sun and

morning dew, offering eternity.

Glow In Beautiful Eyes

Woven into

A winking star

Live wild hair in the night, and


You are taking me.

Tenderness we bestow

The lower lip

Is the most beautiful


From whose music

Sprouts a new flower.

I love this world

Heat, light and joy.

Dream high cams

A hug from a firm grip

Whew –


Whistle, whistling, as

A cheerful dweller

In the moonlight

Singing out loud.

All the night I seem like

A chained figure


Seeking solace

In the warm bosom of

The maiden, to

Transfigure the joy

Of thy heart

Into a glow in beautiful eyes.

Woven out of the words, the red carpet you are treading on, leads you into a multidimensional world, the world of miraculous structural poetic forms, a million notes, magical bells made ofvivid imagination, spring blossoms... It rings through the bright paths of your soul, bringing to you so much needed and beautiful feeling of exaltation, dazzle you with its refined world full of pure love which pervades every verse in the book.I am sure that, upon closing the pages of this book, you will step out in the real world as a happy and satisfied witness to its noble value and speak of it with your own love.

The book author,

Stjepan Maksimović

Poet, author, literary critic

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