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Do You Promise Not To Tell?

Do You Promise Not To Tell?

The Final Story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club

Pat Kinzer Mancuso


Guy and Dorothy Kinzer (My parents)

Harold and Louise Harrison (George Harrison’s parents)

I could not have done the fan club without them.

“Love One Another”
—last words of George Harrison
(Nov. 29, 2001)

Dorothy and Guy Kinzer, my parents (1969)

Louise and Harold Harrison, George Harrison’s parents (1969)


As a second-generation fan of The Beatles, I only had the opportunity to join the Beatles’ fan clubs long after the group had broken up. I often wondered what it was like to be in a fan club when the albums The Beatles released were new or when the band was touring the United States. When I read Pat’s first book, Do You Want to Know a Secret?_I got a glimpse of that exciting time in the 1960s when Beatlemania ran rampant, and girls got their information on John, Paul, George, and Ringo through fan club newsletters and letters from pen pals. After I read her book, I got the idea to research the history of The Beatles fan clubs in North America. I told Pat about my idea about writing a book on the topic, and she told me I was crazy! Crazy or not, Pat has been a great supporter of my fan club book.

While researching, I quickly discovered some information about The Official George Harrison Fan Club. Not only was it the only independent club to be sanctioned by one of The Beatles, it also was the longest running fan club about The Beatles. Pat was the president for over seven years. Other chapters disbanded or changed leadership, but Pat made it though the changes in the Beatles’ music, fashion and wives as well as a major dispute with the Official Beatles Fan Club in New York.

The Official George Harrison Fan Club became the gold standard every other fan club chapter strived to be like. Fans that wanted to start their own club chapters were told to read the George club newsletter, The Harrison Herald, to see what a club newsletter should look like. Pat’s club was held at such a high esteem that it did not just attract fans of George. Girls that were devoted to John, Paul or Ringo all joined her club because of Pat’s reputation. The Harrison Herald had the latest Beatles news from New York and London, information about George and his wife, Pattie, a column written by a member that lived in London and often saw George in person, a column written by George’s mother, Louise where she answered club members’ questions, the opportunity to help sponsor a needy child plus the chance to purchase the best candid Beatles snapshots of the boys. Other chapter tried, but they did not have the organization, information or ideas that Pat had.

Pat Mancuso and Sara Schmidt (2019)

Unfortunately, Pat’s story of her club does not have a happy ending. The circumstances about why the club ended have been a secret for almost 50 years. It has been a difficult journey at times for Pat, but she is ready to let you in on what she has discovered about the secret.

This book will give readers of all ages the chance to travel back in time to when the Beatles were the newest, hottest band in the world. A time when a fan club president could go to George Harrison’s home in England and chat with him in his doorway while he generously signed any paper handed to him. Do you want to know a secret? You are going to enjoy this journey and wish you could sign up to join The Official George Harrison Fan Club today. But that is a secret you can keep to yourself. I promise not to tell.

Sara Schmidt

Author of Dear Beatle People: The Story of the North American Beatles Fan Clubs and creator of Meet the Beatles … For Real website.


This book was a journey for me – from the time I was born until I was a teenager, a young adult, a middle-ager, a Baby Boomer, and a Senior Citizen. I very much enjoyed researching and writing it. However, I could never have done it without the help of the following people and pets in my life:

First of all, my parents Guy and Dorothy Kinzer (without whom I wouldn’t even be here). No one gave me as much support as they did. I also need to thank George Harrison’s family – Louise and Harry Harrison, Peter and Pauline Harrison, Harry and Irene Harrison, Louise Harrison Caldwell, Gordon and Carol Caldwell, and Hilary French Sweeting. It still amazes me how my family and George’s came together to make it all happen.

I must thank the people who helped this book come together as well. My friend and editor, Nancy Bailey. Nancy is a long time family friend, and it was lucky for me that she is also a retired Editor from Rodale Press in Emmaus, PA. She graciously edited my book for only the price of a dinner. I cannot thank you enough Nancy! Speaking of Nancy’s, I would also like to thank my friend and fellow Godiva Girl Nancy Hoffman. Nancy was kind enough to type up the trip diaries from my trips to England in 1968, 1969, and 1971 so I could have them on my computer. It was a daunting task as my diaries were originally typed on 30 sheets of 8½ x 14” paper, single spaced with very narrow margins and small font. Nancy, I hope you did not need to get new glasses when you were finished! A big thank you goes out to author Sara Schmidt who wrote the beautiful Foreword for this book, and authors Patti Gallo-Stenman and Marti Edwards who were my biggest cheerleaders.

There were many people who helped without even realizing it, most of it in a supportive way. My best friend and 60s and 70s travel companion, Pat Simmons of Brecksville, Ohio must be near the top of the list. My best friend from school days and beyond, Linda Poper Miller who was also Vice President and Secretary of the Official George Harrison Fan Club, as well as the Matron of Honor at my wedding and mother of my Godson. Terri Kuck Summerson who is my friend and also a Vice President of the Official George Harrison Fan Club. Other people who deserve a mention here are Linda Filopanti Scarano, Linda Folding Fowler, Cheryl Walborn, Marianne Conrad, Peter Asher, Gordon Waller (RIP), Keith Putney, Linda Ranklin (RIP), Judy Harkrider, Diana Wall, Cindy Spenoso, Lance Blair, Larry Kane, Jock McLean, Freda Kelly, Shaun Weiss, Nat Weiss (RIP), and my fellow travel agent Shirley Thummel. I know there must be people I’ve left out and for that I apologize.

I cannot thank my immediate family enough for putting up with me during the entire book process – my husband Tony Mancuso, my Goddaughter Prapai “Noi” Tapunoi and her sister Sunee Tapunoi, and my feline family members (RIP) Brandi, Peachi, Eboni and Ivory who kept me company thru the years.



Chapter 1 My Early Life And My Family

Chapter 2 I Love Them, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – February 1964

Chapter 3 The Family Connection – Spring 1964

Chapter 4 It’s Been A Hard Day Night – Summer 1964

Chapter 5 He Touched It, It’s Mine! – Fall 1964

Chapter 6 The Family Business – February 1965

Chapter 7 Help! I Can’t Talk! – Summer 1965

Chapter 8 …And My Eyes Were Opened – Fall/Winter 1965

Chapter 9 Mixed Emotions – Early 1966

Chapter 10 I Will Display My Harrison Button Proudly – Summer 1966

Chapter 11 Welcome To The Real World – Fall 1966

Chapter 12 Unsettled Times – 1967

Chapter 13 Times They Are A-Changing – Fall 1967

Chapter 14 The Letter From George – 1968

Chapter 15 Making Of A Fan Club Newsletter

Chapter 16 Mission Accomplished! – Summer 1968

Chapter 17 The Bubble Is Bursting – Later Summer 1968

Chapter 18 Things Were Not Happy In Beatleland – 1969

Chapter 19 1 Small Step For Man – Summer 1969

Chapter 20 Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall – 1970

Chapter 21 Ghosts & Goulies And Things That Go Bump In The Night – Summer 1970

Chapter 22 Going Solo – Fall 1970

Chapter 23 Beginning Of The End – 1971

Chapter 24 The Dream Is Over – January 1972

Chapter 25 Life Goes On – Going To The Chapel

Chapter 26 – Here Comes The Sun – Noi

Chapter 27 December 8, 1980

Chapter 28 Germany/The Wall Came Tumbling Down

Chapter 29 Genealogy – Searching For My Roots

Chapter 30 November 29, 2001

Chapter 31 Ursinus College

Chapter 32 Work After Ursinus

Chapter 33 Tony’s Parents

Chapter 34 With A Little Help From My Friends

Chapter 35 Pilgrimages

Chapter 36 Beatlefest/The Fest For Beatles Fans

Chapter 37 The Peter And Gordon Story

Some Peter & Gordon Background

Peter & Gordon At Beatlefest/NJ

Early Reunion Concerts

Peter & Gordon At Beatlefest/Chicago

Word Association Re-Creation from 1966

Peter & Gordon In The Middle Of Nowhere

California, Here We Come

Peter & Gordon In Walt Disney World

On Tour In Canada With Peter & Gordon

Peter & Gordon At Beatlefest/Las Vegas

Peter & Gordon In Maryland

Judy’s Birthday Weekend In Canada

Where Am I?

Splash Mountain With Peter

History Is Made And Peter & Gordon Meet My Dad

The Godiva Girls Are Born

My 50th Peter & Gordon Concert

Our Last Tour With Peter & Gordon

R.I.P. Gordon Waller

Chapter 38 Peter Asher Solo

Chapter 39 Closing The First Book

Chapter 40 My Parents

Chapter 41 Animals In My Life

Chapter 42 I’ll See You In My Dreams

Chapter 43 The Book Aftermath (The Secret Finally Revealed!!)

Appendix I Ssgt. Guy E. Kinzer

Appendix II Trip Diaries From 1968, 1969, And 1971

Cast Of Characters


I originally wrote the book Do You Want to Know a Secret? The Story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club to get the end of the Club off my chest and into book form. When I first published it in 2005, Larry Kane (author of Ticket to Ride and also a news anchor in the Philadelphia area) told me “You’ll never make a lot of money with your book, but you’ll have lots of fun.” Just like with a trip, it isn’t only the destination that’s fun; it’s also the journey. That could not have been truer!

In my fan club office (1970)

In my “Dream” office – (The Beatles Apple office in London) (1971)

That first book, a lot of which encompasses part of my life, is the story of the Official George Harrison Fan Club from 1964 until early 1972. I sometimes wonder how much the Beatles affected the lives of other people—I know they certainly had a big impact on mine! I was the president of the Official George Harrison Fan Club, the only fan club for any of the individual Beatles that was actually sanctioned by one of the Beatles. I guess that gives me my “15 minutes of fame.” However, it wasn’t all as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, at times it was very painful. The fan club ended in a bad way, which is the reason I felt the need to tell my side of the story. George might have had his own side to it, and there are fans out there (you know who you are) who have taken George’s side (whatever that may be!) over the years simply because of their dedication to him. That book had only one “secret,” and that was whatever was inside George’s head—the one secret I desperately wanted him to share with me, but he never chose to do so. It told the story of how being connected to someone famous definitely had its downside, but also had many upsides. Without George Harrison, my life would have been very different. Since the first book was written, so much in my life has changed—mostly for the better. For that reason, I have decided to do a sequel or an extended version of the first book. So, without further ado, I bring you … Do You Promise Not to Tell! After some background information on me, I will tell you what the “secret” in the first book was. I would never have found out if I hadn’t written the first book!

I hope you enjoy it.

Pat Kinzer Mancuso,