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Cold Sweat

Debbie Lacy

Cold Sweat

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The Rap Concert

Mia and her good friend Yvette were looking for some sort of amusement one Saturday night, as they drove around the city of Los Angeles, California in Yvette dad’s 1979 Seville Cadillac that had been collecting dust for years out in the garage but was in immaculate condition. Yvette’s dad was gone for several days on a business trip and she just happened to discover the keys to the luxurious automobile in the desk drawer of his office, so she called her girlfriend Mia and together they got dressed to impress and ready to explore. Consequently, they were looking to do something spontaneous other than a typical party or the club scene. The two girls were both age 19-years old and had come into their own; the sweet innocent 18-year olds were nonexistent, they were now young adults, quite cute and audacious hoping to venture into some wild fun.

They heard that a hip-hop rap concert featuring some of West Coasts new recording artist in collaboration with some old recorded artist from the Bay area to Central Los Angeles were performing at the Parliament, which aroused their keen enthusiasm to check it out. Upon arriving at the front door of the popular nightspot, they could see that a long line encircled the building as they hung around quite jovial and frivolous hoping the tall robust bouncers would allow them a quick entrance inside. Subsequently, a couple of cute guys came out to chat with the bouncers and noticed them.

“Aw man! Check this out! Those are some cute little hunnies over there!” They all admired when one of them eased over to the edge of the entrance rope that surrounded the entryway to the club beckoned for Mia to come to talk with him.

After a quick little chat with her, he knew he wanted to get to know her better so he asked the bouncers to allow them in and they were quite overwhelmed. Upon entering the populous chamber, the momentum soared on stage hearing the rapper’s popular harmonic lyrics, as the guys led the girls up to the balcony to their private table.
He pulled out the chair for Mia to sit when she glanced to notice she had a perfect view of the stage witnessing Rick Ross’ performance; his name was Adric and he was quite intrigued by her. Yvette and Roland accompanied them as they ordered a round of drinks to the table. The sweet interaction between Mia and Adric developed throughout the night as they became quite fond of one another. They exchanged telephone numbers and email addresses keeping in touch with one another every day for weeks until he was impelled to ask her out on a date.
Adric grew up on the streets of Compton California when his mother abandoned him at a young age for a lover she ran away with and his father was imprisoned with a life sentence for several malicious crimes he’d committed and it wasn’t long before the streets became his life. In the midst of drug dealings and gang violence, he admitted to Mia he was once a member of the “Bloods” gang many years ago when remarkably one day he decided to dissociate from their grasp in a wrest victory then shortly afterwards, he was relocated to Los Angeles at age fifteen to live with his adopted parents who raised him. It was a tough life for him back then; a life that still lives within him and was well remembered, never to be forgotten.


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