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A true near death experience and a touching life testimony of Michael Igboanugo

I dedicate this book to my late mother, Mrs. Onoluchukwu Katrine Igboanugo. My loving mum, you are physically gone, but you continue to live in my heart. I’m so grateful to God that He made you my mother, and if God would send me to this world millions of times and ask me to choose a mother, I’ll always choose you. I know you are looking down from heaven to see what I have become. Thank you for bringing me and my siblings up with the fear of God. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6, kjv).

Mum, I promise that I would never depart from the way of the Lord that you have strived to train all of us in, and I promise to pass it on to your grandchildren in Jesus’s name. Amen!


I’m so grateful to our Almighty Father, the Creator of heaven and earth and all that is in it and beneath, the “I Am that I Am,” the unconditionally loving Father. I thank you, Lord, for giving me many opportunities in life to bear witness to You and Your mighty kingdom, most especially this last remarkable one—which, in your unconditional love, you allowed me to take a glimpse of. Thank you, Lord, for sending me back to this earth as healthy as possible, in mind and soul, to be able to testify what I saw and to share my Testimony to the world.

To my wife, Sabine: I thank you for all your love and support, especially for being the patient and forgiving person that you are. I’ll always be grateful to God for giving you to me as a wife because you are not just a wife to me. You are also like a mother, a friend, and a shield. The Bible says that “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: But she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones” (Proverbs 12:4, kjv). My Hase, you have proven it to me both physically and spiritually.

To Reverend Francis: You are one of my guardian angels. Thank you for being there for me and my family all throughout—from the time I fell down, the whole time I was in coma, and until the time I woke up. I want to thank you for all your prayers because they really reached heaven and were loud in God’s ears. I met you in spirit, and you were still praying for me. May God continue to bless you in Jesus’s name. Amen!

To Reverend Ambrose Abejide Olowo: Father! I am ever grateful for your word of encouragement after you heard my story. It was too much for me, and you were the one who encouraged me to start writing from somewhere. I still remember your words when you said, “You are the only one who can tell the story as it is, so start writing.” After that, I took a pen and paper, and the rest is history through the help of the Holy Spirit. Father, your voice was the voice of God, and I thank Him for using you.

To Esther Adomako: You are my sister from another mother. Thank you for all you have done for my family and for all your prayers. Your reward is in heaven.

To Anita: Thank you for always coming around to take care of the kids while my wife visited me in the hospital. You have played one of the most important roles that were needed at that particular time. God will surely bless you and your family.

Table of Contents



1 My Mother

2 The Dead Also Hear

3 About Me

4 God’s Plan Is Always Different from Ours

5 Appointed Day

6 About to Embark on a Journey That Changed My Life Forever

7 In Front of Heaven’s Gate

8 Back to Earth

9 Angel of Death

10 You Prayed for Me in the Physical, But I Saw You in Spirit

11 Spiritually Back to Austria

12 Falling Into the Shadows of Death

13 I Saw the Devil in the Form of an Ugly Mermaid

14 My Guardian Angel Came to My Rescue Again

15 Back to Life

16 Significant Events

17 Questions People Asked Me

18 My Wish


When my husband collapsed after bleeding from the stomach in 2007, I was highly pregnant then with our son Joshua. I thought nothing could top this terrible experience anymore. It was very hard for me without knowing that a much harder and more dangerous situation would follow some years later. The relationship between us has been always something special, and I had a strong feeling that God has His reason why He brought us together.

During the time he was in a coma, I tried as often as possible to visit him whenever my children were in kindergarten and in school. I had to run two times a day to the hospital to see my husband. The doctors from the intensive station were so nice to me, and they allowed me to come as much as I wanted. On the weekends, my friend Anita had to come to my house with her kids to take care of my own children. She was the biggest help that I needed at that moment, and I’m so thankful to her for being there for me. I also want to use this opportunity to thank Reverend Francis for his prayers and spiritual support during this hard time.

During my husband’s first week in a coma, the doctors told me that they didn’t know if he would survive and that if he eventually survived, nobody knows if he could talk, walk, or live a normal life again. I prayed so hard to God to send my husband back to me as healthy as possible. I strongly believe that if it was not for the faith I have in God and the love I have for my husband, I couldn’t have been able to handle the situation. It was God that carried me through that hard time.

On the third day, I saw my husband in a dream. He said to me that he had to be away for a long time, but he promised to come back again. His head was tied with a bandage. I was in panic, and I asked him, “Why do you leave us? And when will you come back?” He replied, “I don’t know why, but remember the date of April 20. I’ll be back again.” Then he went out of the apartment with his luggage, and I woke up with tears in my eyes.

On the very day he woke up from the coma, he came again in my dream and said, “Hase! Wake up and make yourself ready. Come to the hospital because I’ll open my eyes today.” I woke up, and I was so desperate to see him that I called my friend Rosie to pick me up and bring me to the hospital as fast as possible because my husband was going to wake up. At first, my friend thought I was joking. She came and brought me to the hospital and waited outside for me. Surprisingly, as soon as I entered his room and held his hands, he opened his eyes for the first time after spending five weeks in a coma. It was unbelievable that the day was April 20, which was exactly the day he told me about in my dream. I was so amazed of the wonders that only the Almighty God can do in the life of his chosen ones.

Since then we have grown more in our faith and in our love. Life is a gift from God, and I’m so thankful for every single moment with my husband.

—Mrs. Sabine Puschner-Igboanugo


Let me start with a little bit about my family background and about myself. My name is Michael Uche Igboanugo. I’m a native of Ejighinandu Village of Awka-Etiti in Idemmiri south local government area of Anambra State in Nigeria.

I come from a very big polygamous family. My father was married to two wives under some complicated circumstances that were beyond his control, but I will come back to that later. From my own mother’s side, we were supposed to be totally ten children in number, but my mother lost her second daughter while she was about four months old, so that made us nine children in total. I have three sisters and five brothers. I’m the fifth child and the third son of my mother.


My Mother

Among all my brothers and sisters, I had and I still have a very big and special connection with my mum. I remember how she used to tell me that I was a very special child among all her children and that I have a special role to play in our family. That was why she gave me the name Michael after Archangel Michael, the angel whose assignment is to protect the children of God and to fight against the enemy of our souls, Lucifer and his kingdom of darkness.

My mum was a very strong Christian who had a strong faith in God. She was a very hardworking woman who suffered under poverty to raise nine children on her own. One good thing is that despite her life challenges and struggles, nothing stopped her in raising all her children in a God-fearing way by living it as an example to us. And she didn’t lose her faith, not even for once. She thought us so much about God, about Jesus Christ the Savior, and about heaven and hell. She always reminded us about how sin makes God and our guardian angels to look away from us and that is exactly when the devil has the chance to come and attack us.

One thing she hates so much with passion is fornication. She said that God hates it so much, and that is why we must live a life of chastity until we are big enough and finally get married.

My mum had one disability, which she accepted with faith in carrying her own cross with Jesus. She had a hearing problem, but she didn’t have it from birth. It was the result of her anguish mathematics teacher whose advances and proposal for marriage she turned down. This happened when my mum was in Standard 6. She wasn’t so good at mathematics, but her teacher liked her and wanted to marry her. He even went to her father to ask for her hand in marriage, which was the African tradition back then, but she turned the proposal down simply because she didn’t like him.

So one day, there was a mathematics test, and my mum was one of the students who failed the subject. The teacher, after making corrections on the board, cleaned it and asked my mum to make the same corrections as he just did. Of course, she could not get it right; so the teacher, out of vengeance and rage, started slapping her left and right with his palms. Unfortunately, his hands landed exactly on her left and right ears, which immediately started bleeding out something that looked like water mixed with blood. That was when my mum lost her hearing ability. She was taken to different hospitals by her parents, and it was discovered by the doctor that her eardrums had been damaged because of the incident.

We her children are the only ones that know how to easily communicate with her. We don’t use sign language. We just talk gently, and she will read our lips. She complains that whenever someone talks loud, it would just make a loud, meaningless noise in her ear; but when someone talks gently, she somehow understands by reading the lips.

My mum wanted to be a teacher, but because of her disability, she couldn’t continue with her dream. Instead, she taught us English and Bible studies at home.

I remember when I was about fifteen years old. I was having a chat with her. I asked her many questions like why she decided to marry my dad, if she was in love with him, and how her ear problem came about. And I said with anger, “Mum! Show me this wicked mathematics teacher of yours so that I can block him on the road and slap him very hard on his ears exactly like how he did to you. He has to feel the same pain you are going through right now.”

She replied with a gentle smile on her face, “My son, this man you are talking about is already very old and very sick that he can hardly walk. Besides, I have since forgiven him. God knows why this happened to me, and I have accepted it as my own cross. It might be my own ticket to heaven because there are many evil and dirty things in this world that I don’t have to hear.” She said all these with a sense of humor, and I was very surprised about how she can just easily forgive someone who intentionally shattered her dreams and her bright future and let him get away with no punishment. At that moment, I was thinking about the next question to ask her, but nothing came to my mind. So I decided to say something that will make her happy.

I said, “Mum, I promise you, when I grow up and become rich, I’ll make sure that I bring you to the best ear doctors in Europe or in America that can examine your ear again. And even if it happens that they have to do surgery on your ears, I’m ready to pay any amount to see that you will be able to hear again. I want to make you happy. I can’t wait to see your reaction the first time you will be able to hear again.”

I was disappointed with her answer, but now that I’m old enough to understand what she meant, it has become my favorite memory with my mum anytime I think of her. She smiled and said, “My son, who told you that I’m not happy? If I remember it right, this world is not our home, and one day we’ll all have to go back to our Father. That is enough to make me happy. And if you seriously want to make me happy, make sure that you live a good life so that you can make it to heaven where I’ll be patiently waiting to see you again. My biggest wish in this world is to unite again with all my children in heaven. No one of you should be missing.”

Up until today, I have never forgotten her words. Even her voice while she was saying those words is still fresh in my mind as if it was just yesterday.

About My Dad

My dad was a very intelligent man with many talents. Even though he did not attend the standard primary education, he was able to get a job from an English man that involved fixing and repairing any electronic gadget like radios, TVs, audio speakers, amplifiers, microphones, and so on. He finished his learning with excellent remarks from his master and opened his own electronic repair shop where he worked for several years.

One extraordinary thing my Dad did when he was alive was that he visited a cinema built by the British people during the colonial time at Aba in Abia State. Just by merely looking at the structure and design of the cinema, he later came home to his village and built his own cinema, which became the first West African cinema in the ’60s. He did so many different things alongside being the town crier of Jim Nwobodo and Nnamdi Azikiwe, who was the first president of Nigeria after Nigerian independence.

It was during the time of NPP (Nigeria People’s Party) and NPN (National Party of Nigeria) which were the two major political parties in the seventies. I could still remember that he would drive with us, his children, on his Peugeot wagon mounted with big speakers on top and connected to a very old audio amplifier. We would be driving around the whole village and neighboring towns with his left hand on the steering wheel and a microphone in his right hand. He would shout on the microphone, “NPP!” and then pass the microphone to us at the backseat. We would respond in our loudest voices, “Superpower!” That’s the only nice memorable moment with my Dad that I can think of. We did this campaign almost every second day, especially on the weekends. We would always get some rewards at the end of each day like some cookies and biscuits and soft drinks like Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Sprite. It was so much fun. Other children from different villages were so jealous of us.

My dad was very influential and well respected in our village because of what he could do and his achievements. For instance, we were the first family that had a power generator in our house, so every night at around eight o’clock, my dad would turn it on, and there would be light just only in our house in the whole village. Back then, this alone was not ordinary at all. It was something to say “Wow!&

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