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Austrian Army in LEGO®

Table of Content

Chapter 1 Austrian Infantry

Chapter 1.1 Austrian Fusiliers

Chapter 1.2 Austrian Grenadiers

Chapter 1.3 Austrian Landwehr

Chapter 1.4 Austrian Grenzer

Chapter 1.5 Hungarian Insurrection

Chapter 1.6 Austrian German Legion

Chapter 2 Austrian Artillery

Chapter 2.1 Austrian Engineering

Chapter 3 Austrian Cavalry

Chapter 3.1 Austrian Cuirassiers

Chapter 3.2 Austrian Dragoons

Chapter 3.3 Austrian Chevauxleger

Chapter 3.4 Austrian Lancers (Ulans)

Chapter 3.5 Austrian Hussars

Chapter 4 The Grande Armée

Chapter 5 Appendix

Chapter 5.1 Creating 3d models for printing

Chapter 5.2 Shapeways Shop

Chapter 5.3 Creation of custom decals

Chapter 5.4 Generating renders

Chapter 5.5 Generating drawings

When I was a young boy I got interested in the uniforms of the Napoleonic war. Once at Christmas time I received the books of Funken which gave a broad overview in an acceptable price range. Later on I purchased a small booklet showing all units of the Prussian army to times of Frederik the Great. Maybe that was the beginning of a first thought to create such a book also of the Austrians during the Napoleonic era.

30 years later, I found the way back to this hobby as a teenager by designing custom elements for LEGO® Minifgs in 3d, which could later be printed with the new 3D printing technology. To get an accurate idea of how these models can look on a Minifig, I tried using the povray render engine to create images that represent the uniforms of that time.

As a matter of fact this was the starting point for this book.

Due to the representation of the units with LEGO® figures, the images are only almost historically accurate. This is on the one hand to preserve the look of Lego @ Minifigs, on the other hand, because the rendering machine is subject to certain restrictions. The text passages are mostly derived from Wikipaedia and bring the plates into a suitable historical context..

The creation of this book resulted in tons of additional work such as recreating all the required decals with a certain historical accuracy, creating new elements since my existing were not typical enough ...

Would you like to know how the story ends?

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