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The story of a young man who’s accidentally given superpowers from a video game; transforming him into a computer-like animated warrior to stop an alien threat.


   Jay Wells is your ordinary, average, somewhat shy, African American young man of twenty-six. He’s a college student majoring in electronics trying to earn his bachelors degree. His parents were killed in a car crash some years ago and his grandfather, who’s now in a senior home, was left to raise him. Jay lives in the city of Detroit where the cars are hot and the city is working, but in this time the people are getting scarce. Jay works at a television, VCR, video game system, repair shop. Jay lives alone where his favorite past times are watching movies, video games, reading, going camping, and spending time with his grandfather and his friend Charles. One personal problem Jay has is that he’s very skinny and for years has been called a lot of different names and has proven not to be very strong. Jay looks up to Charles because he has always been like a big brother to Jay. Charles always defends Jay when someone is trying to pick on him, but Jay somewhat feels embarrassed because after all Jay is twenty-six. Charles is the type of guy who doesn’t take anything from nobody, and is known as a smooth operator when it comes to the females. Jay’s grandfather, Ronald Wells, is a man who has trouble with his emotions. One day he’s up the next minute he’s down, but all the other time he’s proceeded as being a crazy looney. Jay sometimes hates visiting his grandfather, one because he always beats him at spades, and two he’s always talking about how he knows the answer to the mysterious disappearances of a lot of people in Detroit.  He believes that there is rumor going around that an alien spaceship had landed, and that the alien was the reason for the disappearances of the people. Little does Jay realize, but he’s about to find out how right his grandfather just might be!


Chapter 1


Sitting there fighting sleep in the somewhat dim, but plentiful classroom, Jay manages to wake up just for the last half of Prof. Schwartz's sentence. “In conclusion, the cause of such charges is produced or named by current electrostatic, remember that,” he concludes. “Have a good day folks, and remember to study chapter six for a quiz on Monday.”  As the people start to walk out, the short, heavy bearded, bald headed teacher stops Jay.


            “Hey Jay come here for a minute.” he said.

            “Yes Professor Schwartz.”

            “I noticed you were falling asleep again. Are you getting enough sleep?” Professor Schwartz asked with concern.


            Although Jay admired his teacher, sometimes he felt his teacher was a little too sentimental towards him. Jay was one of  Mr. Schwartz’s best students and Mr. Schwartz heard rumors about what happen to Jay’s parents. Mr. Schwartz always felt sympathy for Jay and for some reason Jay always felt as if Mr. Schwartz was trying to be a best friend to him. Jay knew he had to talk to Mr. Schwartz as though he was a gentle troll.

            “No I’m not getting all the sleep that I need Mr. Schwartz.” Jay says. “I’ve been working a little overtime lately.”

            “Well, if you need a little extra time to complete your assignments just let me know ok.” Mr. Schwartz gently replies.

            “Thanks Mr. Schwartz!” Jay starts to head out the door.

             As trying to reach out to a prodigal son, Mr. Schwartz stops Jay again for a brief minute. “Oh, and Jay!” Mr. Schwartz takes out a business card and starts to write his personal phone number on the back. He hands it to Jay. “If you ever need to talk or anything, just give me a call.”

            Somewhat awed, Jay politely answers “Thanks Mr. Schwartz, but I think I’ll be ok.” Jay then finally walks out.

                        Heading to the cafeteria, Jay continues to check his watch while avoiding the on coming student traffic. Downstairs in the cafeteria Jay gets in line and orders his favorite beef stew with a bowl of fruit and an apple pie. Finding a place to sit by himself was harder than it looked at Bellman College. Everyone separated into his or her own groups, which ironically reminded him of high school. You had your jocks at one table, your preps, your model look a likes, the cool brothers, fast women, business, and of course like Jay- the average type. Fortunately, Jay manages to find an empty table.  Sitting there eating he looks at his watch again as if he were waiting for someone. Well, that someone came, his friend Charles. Like a casual dressed merchant, Charles’ gotte, and muscles really gave way to the ladies, at which he had one on each arm. Looking and shaking his head, Jay often wondered how his best friend and so called big brother turned into such a playboy. Dismissing the girls, Charles spots Jay and goes over to sit by him.

            “Jay, what’s up?” Charles says with ease.

            “Nothing much.” Jay answers.  “I see you had your hands full there for a minute.”

            “Yeah, well you know…”

            “Yeah I know!”

            “Well what you got going for the weekend?” Charles asks.

            “Working,” says Jay. “What about you?”

            “A date!”

            “I kinda figured that.”

            “Hey Jay, why don’t you double with me sometime,” Charles all of a sudden brings out. “I mean you hardly ever get out anymore man. There is such a thing as free time you know.” Charles noticed throughout the years that the more Jay got older the more hermit like he became. For years Jay had cried out to Charles about the death of his parents, so Charles always tried his best to keep Jay up in good sprits.

            “Well, ok someday!” Said Jay.

            “That someday better be next week- ok!”

            “Yeah, all right, and I will come this time I promise!”

            “You better. In the meantime when you get through eating, we got a date with the weights!” Charles gets up and starts to walk away.

            “Awe Charles man come on, can’t I give my body just one day of rest?” Jay yells out.

            While walking away, “Jay those skinny muscles of yours are not going to get any bigger by themselves. I’ll see you in there.” Charles says as he smiles and walks away.

            The gym was small, but had enough equipment in there for a football team, and that’s exactly who was in there. The gym was up to date though with TV’s and speakers for a radio.  Coming up from the locker room, Jay goes over to Charles who was working out with one of the triceps machines.

            “So you finally made it huh,” said Charles. “Well don’t just stand there man go and work out on something!”


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