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Gratitude and thanks to my family and friends, who have supported my Angel work over the last thirty years. I give gratitude to Archangel Michael my gatekeeper, and all the Archangels along with my constant Spirit Team of Guides

I dedicate this book to our little ‘Angel Joy’ who was our loyal and constantly loving companion before she passed on to spirit in 2013

And to everybody who has been a part of my life




We Are Guided

1 Colin Fry

2 George Michael

3 Elle

Heaven’s Help

4 Heaven

5 Children

6 Addictions

Angels’ Help

7 Love

8 Trust

9 Angels

Family in Spirit

10 Mum & Son

11 Dad & Daughter

12 Uncle & Niece

Peace on Earth

13 Angels’Light

14 Planetary

15 White Eagle


16 Foxes

17 Birds

18 Pets


19 Visions

20 Friendship

21 Cosmic

The Future

22 Wounded Healers

23 Source Energy

24 Conclusion



Spiritual Information


Having an awareness of spiritual energy doesn’t mean you have suddenly gone gaga or away with the fairies. It simply means you have an affiliation with nature and an appreciation for all of life. With some people it starts from when they are very young when people would have maybe described them as ‘sensitive’. These people as children find it hard going at times as they have to adapt to the harshness of life here in a world where it’s a case of toughen up or be picked on, at worst bullied. Most choose to toughen up as anyone will back me up on this, particularly if they have grown up in an inner city, for example London. But they never lose their love of nature. This includes, trees, flowers, plants, animals, the sea, rivers, they sky and eventually love of fellow members of the human race! I say eventually because many sensitive people are natural loners, who are happy with their own company and usually quickly acquire an empathy with healing energies.

It’s often the way that later on in life they become healers in one way or another. Some become nurses, doctors, carers, therapists or spiritual healers.

Cynicism and gossip are two of the most damaging things in our world today and I am told by my guides in spirit that we are not being self-righteous when we try to avoid passing on juicy gossip or being cynical when someone tells us of an event that obviously makes them happy in their lives. Words such as self-righteous are merely words when they are mis-used against another and that simply knowing that we are acting from love within our hearts for the good of all humanity is all we need to know.

I have included some of my channelled spiritual information at the back of this book, that I hope the truth seekers of spirit and soul and life on earth among you will enjoy reading.

Meanwhile Love, Light , Happiness and Many Blessings to you All along Your Life Journey X

Author’s note:

For ease of reading I will refer to God in this book as ‘my mentor’ or ‘God Source’ or just ‘Source’ these descriptions will cover the ‘higher power’ who converses with me on a regular basis.

We are Guided

1. Colin Fry

The Guide who has been with me for the longest time is without doubt Kim who was a doctor friend of mine in spirit before I came to earth. But my most recent guide who has joined me is Colin Fry who passed on to spirit on the 25th August 2015. Many people will remember him from his television show. I am indebted to Colin who has kept me informed and amused with his typical anecdotes on life in general but now helps bring through loving spirit family members and friends to my clients during readings. Anyone who has watched Colin’s live performances will I am sure agree that Colin is so down to earth and often comical with his delivery that you just have to smile or even laugh out loud.

I just had to laugh one day even though I had been breathing in smoke that would appear out of the blue every now and again. Let me explain. It seemed around an hour after being up and about that I would smell the smoke sometimes so strong it would sting my nostrils! So I asked Colin was it a spirit causing it. He asked me did I not consider that it was him. He said he was sorry for getting smoke up my nose, but I just laughed and said that it’s okay now I know. I would simply turn on my air purifier until the smoke went. I had assumed that he’d given up smoking but apparently he told me that when we pass on to the spirit world we can still enjoy the experience of smoking or drinking alcohol on the spirit side of life. He went on to say that it was a bit of a signature tune of his as he loved a fag when he was on our side of life!

After speaking with Colin for a while I asked him about his own life on the other side. He told me that life in spirit is as we, mediums always imagined it is. Many mediums including myself only get a glimpse of spirit side of life during meditations so it was good to receive that validation. But he went on to add much more to this.

He told me he doesn’t sleep, or drink anymore but he does like the experience of drinking water. So definitely no beer or alcohol there apart from the experience of it. He goes places where there is water and drinks in the atmosphere and experiences drinking fresh water. He says:

“Until I lose this desire it will remain.”

I asked him to describe his passing but he took this opportunity to remind me of the importance of breathing as it not only helps us relax but also for sensing the presence of spirit. He told me that the honest truth is that we should respect breathing as it’s such a precious earthly necessity but one that he abused regularly in his lifetime due to his smoking cigarettes and adding that his connections with spirit were so very profound that he took his breathing for granted. Another time I spoke with Colin he described Heaven from where he is in spirit and he told me this:

“Each soul here has a different experience. With me, now I see the beauty Chris of how it all was created and continues to exist. Okay there is no yesterday but I’ll use earth’s yesterday seen from our side. Before me is the choice to spend some time (bear in mind there is no time though!) with Tony (Tony Stockwell, the medium) or help with budding mediums, as there’s a few that I help regularly who are on my number one list! I do those rounds so to speak. “

“I concentrate on where and who I speak with and consult with Magnus first. Then, and sometimes when I first came here he would be with me. So we check with our minds on what’s needed to tell the medium. After I have passed on those messages I am free to go visiting places I want to visit.”

“Sometimes I go to my old home in Haywards Heath in Surrey and Sweden. My family who are here or Brighton’s old haunts or best of all I go to the countryside the valley of peace, flowers and foliage are so incredibly coloured there. I can choose to go alone or with someone else.“

“Other times I go to Church, here. There are different places of worship, multi-faith ones and single faith ones, they are all peaceful and holy. Spiritualist churches here are for those like your mum and dad Chris who are interested in furthering their knowledge of contact with family and friends on the earth plane.”

I asked Colin to describe his home in spirit and this is what he told me.

“My home is smart, in shades of green and pink in the main room, of course no bedroom but I call my room the Meditation Room, it’s pale yellow and purple. I love purple and I see you do too. So here I am and I am now going to my home, I close my eyes, imagine I’m there on the footpath that’s grassy green. Yes there’s a door, it’s white. I push it open and am inside my green and pink room. My home is single storey, I love my home here and yes I have a garden of primroses and roses! ”

One morning while I was meditating I started to see a beautiful garden with trees either side of a grassy lawn with a lake in the distance. As I was enjoying the scene Colin came through and said that I was seeing what he was enjoying, the peaceful scene from where he was sitting on a chair relaxing on his patio at the back of his spiritual home.

Slowly a ‘picture’ of Colin sitting surveying the scene came into my mind’s eye and I too felt completely at peace and felt privileged to have shared the serenity of the moment with him. It must have been a glimpse of heaven!

It’s no wonder he’s happy there.

2. George Michael

George Michael was an accomplished singer of worldwide acclaim and I have loved his music for many years. It was after he passed on to spirit on Christmas Day 2016 that he came through to speak with me via Colin Fry. It was within a couple of weeks of his passing and in the middle of one of my regular conversations with Colin when he said “Yes and George Michael’s here”! It’s not been established what was the official cause of his death, but to date we are told it was heart failure. I’ve had loved ones in my family come through to me with messages of reassurance that they are okay, are with other members of our family in spirit and spoken to me directly. On this occasion George spoke with the aid of Colin who told me he would speak as he! That’s exactly how he worded it. I have included his messages here because they do carry a message for us all.

“I hear you sing my songs and know about the sadness of my fans. I am fortunate to already know Colin Fry. He will show me ways to help singers/songwriters. Be happy healthy and good wishes for 2017. I want to thank you for going to Addicts Meetings. We will talk again and I will give you a song to sing.”

Colin then told me that a lighted candle helps those in spirit to focus, so I lit a candle and then was told that George had ‘moved off ’ and that he is a lot happier than he was on arrival on the other side and that includes when he was on earth time. He added that it was sad how things went and that he wants to send love to all his fans and his partner also. He added that he doesn’t like the press for ‘dissing’ those involved in his life at the time of passing.

I do try not to ‘grill’ Colin about life on the other side and prefer what he tells me to happen naturally in conversation and there are many things we have shared that I have promised I will not talk about here. But I am sure there is much more information about spirit life to come yet. And about believing what happens in the spirit world my mentor tells me that some people will never believe until they pass on and then will come an Aha! Moment!

Yes, you could say that our thoughts and actions are known by loved ones in spirit and be justified in being more aware of what we say to others when we speak about them; particular about things that have happened in the past when they were alive.

On another note, pardon the musical pun; I was sitting wondering what song I would sing at the karaoke I was going to and was stumped for ideas. I wanted to do a sixties song but couldn’t decide which one, when I got the song ‘Tell Him’ by Billie Davis dropped into my head. It was Colin who told me that George had a hand in it, even though it was a bit before his time when that song was popular! He went on to tell me that Careless Whisper would have been his number one choice. Then he added that I should sing ‘A Different Corner’ which is a song recorded by George that I’ve always liked. He added a ‘good luck’ and I got on with my day. I must admit to date I haven’t sung ‘A Different Corner’ because I really don’t think I could do it justice!

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