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50 Tips To Organize Your Wedding



A wedding is one of the most important events in anyone’s life, but it is also one of the most stressful. The preparations, the guests, the venue, the wedding dress… How can you organize your own wedding without dying in the process? Many people hire wedding planners, specialists who organize the whole event so that the only thing the couple need to worry about is saying; “Yes, I do” and enjoying the event. However, delegating the decisions to a third party deprives the spouses the pleasure of planning their dream wedding, choosing from infinite options and being able to share a unique process. Each wedding is as unique as each individual and couple, so let’s enjoy it!

Attending to the details is essential for an original wedding, so taking enough time to consider every option and surprise the guests will give you great pleasure.

This guide proposes an enjoyable way of organizing your wedding, no matter which type you choose, intimate ceremony or a massive event. It is essential that you plan every detail beforehand so that when D-Day arrives, everything is settled. Don’t forget that a wedding is a unique event that you will remember for the rest of your life, so why not make the most of it, come what may.

For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to Catholic weddings between a man and a woman in a broad sense, but nearly every detail can be adapted to other types of weddings and celebrations.

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This aspect is of paramount importance and only the future spouses know when it is the right time to start. While planning, you should take into account the variables that will determine the nature of your wedding, in other words, the type of wedding you want and your budget. At this point, you must discuss and be clear about your expectations. Whether there will be a religious ceremony, according to the religions of both families, whether the guests will include relatives and close friends or you choose to keep it more intimate.

Technological tools are very useful for this type of event. It is advisable to have two documents: a Word file where you can write down all the ideas you have and the links to the websites that may be of use; and an Excel file that includes your budget and the items you need to buy. You can share your documents via Dropbox or Google Drive so that both you and your partner have access to the same files and are able to edit them. Some specialized websites provide a budgeting tool to keep a record of costs. You may also share a calendar in Google Calendar, in which you can write down all the tasks and appointments you need to remember. It is recommended that you start planning the event at least eight months’ in advance, which allows enough time to make any adjustments or sort out any problems that may occur.

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Relying on collaborators


A trusted friend, your mother or aunt can be great collaborators. Women are usually better at multitasking than men, who are better at handling one issue at a time. Therefore, it is always good to know you can rely on trusted people to deal with some key issues. While women typically handle some issues, men can choose to take on others and rely on their friends or relatives who have already undergone this type of experience as collaborators or advisors.

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Creating a blog


There is nothing better than a blog to share your ideas and thoughts. Blogs were created to give us the chance to express ourselves, and they are a great communication tool which allow real-time interaction. Sites such as Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr do not require being skilled at programming to create a blog, and you can also share the content on social networks. You can also embed videos, or upload your own homemade videos, so that your friends and relatives can watch them and give you advice.

Some possible names for your blog are “The diary of a bride” or ‘the blog of a bride’. Besides, allowing you to save your searches and enquiries, consult any doubts you have and exchange experiences with people who have already organized their weddings, blogs can be a fun guide to planning your dream day.

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Civil ceremony


The civil ceremony is the legal step to establishing the marriage and is the most important ceremony. Apart from its romantic side, it is essential that you know all the rights and obligations you will undertake the moment you present the required documents and sign, three days before the wedding. The requirements may vary depending on the country of residence of the bride and groom but they generally include:

• Application form.

• Birth certificate of the future spouses.

• Copy of photo ID (voting credentials, valid passport or residence certification.)

• Certification of attendance to pre-wedding meetings.

• Prenuptial clinical exams.

• Medical certification (it is valid for a period of 15 calendar days from the date of issue; you must submit the clinical exams to get the certificate.)

• omicile certificate of groom and bride.

• ID of four witnesses, who must be present on the day of the ceremony (they may be relatives).

• Divorce or widowhood certificate, if any.

• Parents’ ID in the event that any of the future spouses is underage, the presence of the parents at the ceremony is also required.

In some civil registries, the process can be started online, but in some specific cases, such as those involving, widows, divorced, underage or foreign people, other documents are required and the application must be made personally at the office.

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Outfits for the civil ceremony: Casual or formal style?


When choosing your outfit you must consider some aspects, the most important ones being personal tastes and comfort. If there is no church wedding and the main event is the civil ceremony, your outfits will get greater attention. Women should choose a dress that favors their figure, instead of following fashion trends blindly. Many women still choose white dresses, which according to tradition represent purity, but at a time when practicality rules over beliefs, there is a wide range of colors and prints to choose from.

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