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Successful Management

Best Practice: Successful Management

15 prominent entrepreneurs and their secrets of success

Simone Janson (ed.)

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Best Practice: Successful Management

1st English edition, 09.12.2018

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Be arrogant, treat customers and employees like idiots: Apple's recipe for success
// By Wolfgang Hanfstein

There are thousands of books on the topics "Success" and "Making a career". What is not in any of these books are tips like: "Be arrogant. Don't listen to your customers. Treat your employees as if they were idiots. Act like an asshole." But if you read the Inside Apple report, you'll find that's exactly what Steve Jobs was all about. Should they be imitated? Your decision!

Revel novel instead of non-fiction

You shouldn't talk badly about the dead. Unfortunately or luckily Adam Lashinsky doesn't stick to it. His report on the most successful and valuable IT company in the world is more like an unveiling novel than a non-fiction book.

Lashinsky takes you to "Inside Apple" on the mysterious Apple campus and takes you to internal strategy sessions. This is incredibly exciting and often surprising. Because Lashinsky never minds his words when he talks about lousy machinations and human abysses.

The customers were not asked

Above all the book shakes massively the Nimbus of the once most important manager and visionary of the IT-industry: Steve jobs. The ex-Apple boss is drawn as an egocentric loner, "narcissistically moody, not paying attention to the feelings of others".

At the same time, Lashinsky also describes how Jobs' authoritarian leadership style could lay the foundation for the universal triumph of the current i-products. Jobs has always consistently followed his path without ever doubting his decisions. "It is well known that Jobs decided what customers want. He did not ask them for their opinion".

Talk too much, you fly

Secrecy is an integral part of Apple's corporate culture. Often, employees don't even know what their colleague is doing. According to Lashinsky, talking about one's own projects is taboo - even within the family circle.

Denny who talks too much, flies. The fear of sanctions still seems to be omnipresent at Apple and not limited to the lower positions. "In fact, Apple has a popular saying: Everyone who's with Apple wants to get out, and everyone who's not there wants to get in."

What comes after jobs


Would you like to know how the story ends?

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