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Best Practice: Leadership for the Future

Best Practice: Leadership for the future

How does new Leadership succeed in companies? 10 expert contributions

Simone Janson (ed.)

Published at Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®


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Best Practice: Leadership for the future

1st English edition, 19.12.2018

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Introduction in Management in the Digital Future: How must leadership change?
// By Simone Janson

The world is changing, the digital transformation is in full swing. And with him not only technology, but also society and economy are changing. One thing is clear: The authoritarian, hierarchically organized management model with top-down decisions has become obsolete. But what happens then?

New leadership models in demand

The networked and increasingly complex organizations demand new leadership models so that the companies remain sustainable and innovative.

But what should the new leadership look like? No one knows that exactly. For in the area of ​​tension between traditional, authoritarian and modern, team-oriented leadership, a vacuum is created all too quickly. For then, when companies claim to be bringing new leadership ideas, but the organization is not ready yet.

Paradigm shift necessary

A paradigm shift is urgently needed, just think of the popular buzz words demographic change or shortage of skilled workers, which have long been more than just words: especially the younger employees are getting more and more demanding today and thus are also affecting the older ones.

They expect flexibility with simultaneous security, reconciliation of work and family, flat hierarchies, participation in ...

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