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"Trendy, hip und cool": Auf dem Weg zu einer innovativen Hochschule?

Bücker, DianaRau, FrancoRohland, HolgerHofhues, Sandravan Treeck, TimoLucke, UlrikeDander, Valentin (Hrsg.) | W. Bertelsmann Verlag | Blickpunkt Hochschuldidaktik

In our age of digitalisation, vocational training is moving forward into an exciting future and holds the potential to radically change scientific work as we know it. Debates on the quality of vocational training programs within the framework of university and media education are marked by educational innovations, trends and hypes. The anthology comprises the thoughts of young and renowned scientists on digital innovations at universities. The included papers are concerned with changes in applications and structures as a result of the digitalisation of teaching and learning.

The conference transcript comprises contributions to the "Young forum for media and university developments 2014" ("Junges Forum Medien- und Hochschulentwicklung 2014") in Dresden.

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