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17 Sweet, Devoted, Generous Monsters


Based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, this book teaches small children how they can make a difference in the world in a fun, engaging and colourful way. All monsters are designed to teach kids about small acts of kindness and greatness that they too can implement in their daily lives. The book is written in an all-inclusive, gender-neutral language and children all around the world can relate to the examples. It wants to give all (young) readers a feeling of importance and motivate them to have a positive impact on their surroundings because the future generation is crucial in solving key global issues.


Jesler van Houdt is a writer, environmentalist, and advocate at heart.

As a student at University College Maastricht, The Netherlands, and University College Freiburg, Germany, she focuses on Earth and Environmental Sciences as well as their implications on other fields within the social sciences.

She aims to combine her academic expertise with her passion for writing by writing about socially and environmentally relevant topics. Convinced that future generations are crucial in solving contemporary problems, she focuses her writing on those that are often forgotten in addressing the crises: young children. With a fresh, positive voice and engaging images, Jesler aims to excite this target group to take easy, yet important little steps towards a greener future.

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