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On Stage!

Zibell, BarbaraDamyanovic, DorisÁlvarez, Eva (Hrsg.) | Jovis Berlin

The volume documents the first state of an international project that addresses and presents women as personalities between professional and family responsibilities. Conceptualized as a continuous, follow exhibition, the exhibition has already been shown in Hanover 2011, in Valencia 2012, and in Vienna 2014. It reveals the complex life realities and displays a variety and range of personalities but also specific challenges for women in planning and engineering professions. It is the aim of the research project to take in a gender-specific perspective in order to make women in engineering disciplines visible as well as position them stronger as characters of planning, design and construction. The 34 portrayed women come from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and out of Europe from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, and Iran, among them Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, known as inventor of the Frankfurt Kitchen.

Vol. 5 of the series WEITER_DENKEN, gender_archland

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