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Crying Alone


Stacey: I had thought he loved me as I sat up in the hospital bed badly bruised but wanted everything to just end. As I thought about the time we had first met we met at a high school basketball game and he was looking like a loner so I had decided to offer my friendship and we had hit it off since then.

I thought that everything was fine we were in an outgoing relationship we had talked on the phone all types of time in the hours of the night. We had loved each other deeply slick letters in between lockers and went out for lunch went out to the movies and dinner together at each other's families.

We're even close to thinking about engagement. We hadn't become intimately close but close enough that we had actually wanted a life together and also a family not perfect but decent. That all changed one day on the day of our wedding and he had stood me up it hurt me to the core yet I thought it was busy which was why he didn't attend. Ever since that night he had began coming home all hours of the night Restless something was very peculiar about his behavior the last few weeks after you stood me up. 

We didn't even have to see the way love and affection was supposed to be giving in a relationship but I was willing to make it work because I cared about him that much that I don't want to leave. You to feel like you didn't care about my well-being but he cared about his own selfish arrogance so I decided to do a little digging of my own and found out that he had Kylie on his job 3 weeks before our engagement found out that he was an alcoholic and he had a Troublesome childhood. 

He came home drunk one night and it was like ever since that night his eyes were dark mysterious like it was no love no life in them like soda been sucked out and there was nothing left but Pitch Black and caves Beyond his eyes almost like he was a souless person. Our relationship went downhill he continue to beat me mentally physically and emotionally can verbally. Almost anyway he knew how to break me he would do and constantly until I eventually broke I honestly thought he loved me but like a fool I was in love and realized he didn't and possibly could never love me at all.

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