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Coaching for Industry 4.0


To date, coaching is largely known as a 1:1 dialogue which can help managers overcome performance deficits. However, coaching can offer companies much more than that: when organised and implemented correctly, it can mobilise managers’ knowledge, skills and volition of relevance to the future, thus having a positive effect on a company’s development and transformation processes. This book presents the various roles of senior management when developing an internal coaching model, along with how to develop such an internal coaching model to meet future requirements, the different types of group coaching available, and what coaching can do at various levels within the hierarchy to support a company’s change processes. Here, the authors put forward an entirely new understanding of coaching as a company development tool with the aim of showing readers how to develop and roll out a futureproof coaching model. As well as presenting the extended basics of coaching and suitable coaching models, this book provides a series of checklists that HR development staff can use as guides at their company. In addition, this book provides advice on finding and acquiring the right professional coaches on the market. The real-life questions at the end of each chapter as well as the illustrations and checklists are all structured such that they can be used as a guide for developing and updating a company’s internal coaching offer. This book also serves as a guide for HR development managers and senior management looking to put together a coaching model to tackle future requirements. Finally, this book can be used as a textbook when training as a coach or looking to expand one’s skill set.

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