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On The Edge 10


In this edition of On The Edge:Flashed.Tanya is home from work early, & she plans to surprise her step father, but she is the one in for a surprise as she finds him asleep on the sofa, his dressing gown has fallen open & she is treated to a sight no step-daughter should ever see. She knows she should look away, it would be the decent thing to do, she shouldn't take advantage of his "accidental" exposure, but she would never dream that it might not be an accident! The Wimp.18 year old Kelsey is a confident & rebellious soul who loves to assert her dominance over her step brother Ethan, so when she is in bed with Emma her lesbian lover, & they overhear him masturbating in the next room she knows she has found a little more ammunition to use against him when she taunts & teases... little does she know that Ethan has the upper hand, & has a video feed direct from her room! Kinky Kelsey.The story continues. Ethan questions what he has gotten himself into, Kelsey is after all his step sister, but he is submissive... and she is dominant, and sexy, and a goddess! What will he do? Will he submit completely to his kinky little step sister and her lesbian lover Emma... or will he continue to spy on her with is hidden camera? 

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