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Love After the Pain Part 1


FIRSTLY, YOU TRY TO UNDERSTAND how are you here? And where did this pain began? But the most important question is WHY ME? 

So, the days become weary and you don’t know what to do but remember this word and the voice of the LORD saying “FIGHT”. Trying to understand the meaning of the word I’m thinking to physically FIGHT knowing that I’ve gotten older and wiser so a physical FIGHT was not what he was saying.

With the thoughts and feelings some decisions cannot be made from them but sometimes we make the mistake and do but know if you do know that God is able to forgive. God is able to Re-Vise, Re-New and Re-Store any situation, problem or pain but you have to be willing to accept the pain and hurt during the Re-Structure time but know in the end there is a reward for the struggle you went through to get the Promise that was destined for you not no one else.

Some situations or problems are given to us for many different reasons or purposes. Even though the time you are feeling the pressure, hurt and pain just know you are not alone no matter what it seems. Every problem has a purpose and with that being said the problem only last for a certain time but know that the purpose is what matters after everything you encounter. Moments come when you don’t know what to do then you are reminded of the purpose you are in the land of the living and the reason become the reason to keep living. The pain at times becomes unbearable and you may not understand the purpose or the reason so you have to learn about trusting in the words God has promised in the book of Life (Bible).

Learning how to handle fate through the pain is the guide to living…

A separation many believed no restoration but the journey through prayer and supplication anything can happen…

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