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Lesbian Sex Licking Techniques & Positions


How to please your partner with different lesbian techniques to reach an orgasm Licking Techniques Eating P***y Positions Vaginal and Anal Strap-On Positions 50 Threesome Positions Want to do something different with your partner whether it is a lover, girlfriend or your wife. This book can give you new ideas to try in bed. There are so many things you can do with your partner. Don’t just use the same technique with everyone you sleep with. It will not work for every girl you sleep with because every girl is different. Not every girl is going to like the same thing so you have to try different things. Learn different licking techniques to use while you are eating her p***y. Learn different eating p***y positions. Learn different vaginal and anal strap-on positions. Want to add a little spice to your sex life and add another person to the mix try 50 different threesome positions. For men who want to please their women this book can help you as well.

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