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If Only It Were Fiction

The Azrieli Foundation | The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs

Elsa Thon was a sixteen-year-old photographer's apprentice when the Nazis occupied her town of Pruszków, Poland. When her family was sent to the Warsaw ghetto, Elsa joined a community farm and was recruited by the Underground. Despite her deep belief in destiny, Elsa refused to bow to her fate as a Jew in war-torn Poland.


Elsa Thon was born on January 10, 1923, in Pruszków, Poland. After liberation, she married Mayer Thon, a Soviet tank commander, and moved to Israel in 1948. As war survivors, they were given special permission to immigrate to Argentina in 1955, where they lived until moving to Canada in 1980. Elsa Thon lives in Toronto.

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