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Job Shadowing


My slow adaptation is to her a sign of my being ‘outside life.’

An unemployed man, losing his ability to imagine a future self, disappears into the shadow world of an ambitious millennial. His wife, an idealistic artist at the turning point of her career, falls deeper and deeper into the gravitational field of her ultra-wealthy employer.

Job Shadowing is a novel of our 20th-century desires torn asunder by the new millennium. Through stylish, searching prose, it tests the grounds of impossible love, generational identity and middle-class fantasy.


"Job Shadowing is a work of pure, energizing imagination that speaks directly to our times. As we hang on through each plausible yet impossible turn, the parallel worlds Malcolm Sutton effortlessly creates pull us ever closer to the underlying currents and desires that make the personal political, then twist back around to become deeply personal once again. A book for our shadow-generation and, at the same time, a work of literature that just might subtly help us break free." —Jacob Wren, author of Polyamorous Love Song and Rich and Poor

"A young married couple each experiences the phenomenon of union—on different continents, across gender and class—and the impossibility of reunion after their duplicitous adventures. A smooth art thriller in the tradition of Bolaño, Job Shadowing meddles with corporate culture, dying domesticity and the living, breathing life of the alienated worker. Malcolm Sutton’s work is stimulating and stand-alone." —Tamara Faith Berger, Believer Book Award–winning author of Maidenhead


Malcolm Sutton lives in Toronto. His fiction has appeared in Maisonneuve and Joyland, and his writing on art has appeared in C Magazine and Border Crossings. He is the Founding Editor of The Coming Envelope journal of innovative prose, and the Fiction Editor at BookThug Press. Job Shadowing is his debut novel.

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