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26 Knots

Invisible Publishing

Grand in scope, spare in execution, and lush in language, 26 Knots is a fable-like tale of love, obsession, and everything in between. Araceli and Adrien are two journalists who meet while covering a fire. From that moment, she is unable to forget him. Adrien then falls in love with Pénélope, who, in turn, is torn between him and Gabriel. Gabriel reciprocates her love, but is too tormented by his past, and by the search for his lost father, to be much of a husband or father himself. These interlocking love stories that deftly reveal the devastating consequences of betrayal and commitment, of grief and hope.


To call this novel a page-turner is an understatement... Suresh’s prose is sumptuous and lyrical.—Montreal Review of Books


A collection of connected tales set in Montreal, Canada, Bindu Suresh's 26 Knots is a buzzy, new novel-in-stories that you won't want to miss out on reading.—Bustle


Shakespearean in its execution, 26 Knots leaves you feeling the echoes of heartbreak and loneliness, long after you finish the last page.—THIS Magazine


A former journalist and current paediatrician, Bindu Suresh is the author of short stories that have appeared in various literary publications. She studied literature at Columbia University and medicine at McGill University. Born in Wales, she grew up in Canada and has spent equal parts of her life in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. She currently lives in Montreal.

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