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Vanished Boyhood

The Azrieli Foundation | The Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs

A month before George Stern’s thirteenth birthday, Germany invaded his native Hungary, anti-Jewish edicts were passed and a ghetto was established. A rebel even then, George refused to wear the Jewish star. “Passing” as a Christian boy, he survived the siege of Budapest as the Soviet Red Army pressed closer, strafing the city while the fascist Arrow Cross continued to hunt for Jews.


George Stern was born on April 21, 1931, in the Budapest suburb of Újpest. After the war, he immigrated to Israel and fought in the War of Independence. In 1960, George and his wife, Judit, left Israel for São Paulo, Brazil; they immigrated to Canada in 1970. George Stern is very active in Holocaust education in Toronto, where he and Judit still live, and in Florida.

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