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Nations Divided


The focus of this book is on the cultural division of modern Western societies. This division is deep and affects many societal areas. The cultural division was not produced by the Internet, it is simply made visible by the Internet. While the mass of non-voters was of little interest in the past, it is now becoming a problem. Political elites have mixed up lack of participation with lack of interest. The negotiating state, which conducts expert discussions in backrooms, is overtaxed with this situation. The progressive-liberal society is only conceivable as a democracy, and democracy can only be protected from the demagogy of the permanent campaigners when the state creates new institutions to this end and rethinks its role. The answer can only be: more democracy, more participation and less exclusion through expert knowledge. Above all, the liberal elites must throw their truth ideology overboard and seriously devote themselves to the social inclusion of the population.


Dr. Carsten Stark is Professor at Hof University and Director of the Institute of Corruption Prevention. Carsten Stark studied sociology, political science and history at the Universities of Marburg, Jena, and Düsseldorf.

Books written in English:

(2018): Organizational Integrity. Individual Misconduct and the Legal Structure of Society. Springer International: Cham.

(2001): Democracy at Work. A Comparative Sociology of Environmental Regulation in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States. (together with R. Münch et. al. ) Westport / London: Praeger.

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