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Care At The Core


Care At The Core presents essays which explore the intersections and overlap of identity, education and power. Drawing on observations from a vibrant life of learning through reading, writing, listening and dialoging, Sherri Spelic asks us to rethink the world we are building for ourselves and our children in schools, in our communities, in our societies.


Sherri Spelic grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, studied in Providence, RI and migrated to Vienna, Austria which has become home after 30 years. As a physical educator, leadership coach, blogger and publisher she dedicates increasing amounts of time to observing and making sense of movement — in bodies, in relationships, in texts, in the atmosphere. Her personal blog edifiedlistener includes reflections on teaching, coaching and the world in general. 2016 marked the launch of her online publication "Identity, Education and Power" which features writing from various authors offering insights on the intersections of those three themes.

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