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Leadership in a VUCA World

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VUCA is not just another acronym. Originally coined by the American military to describe a situation fraught with a variety of challenges, it now has a permanent place in the realms of strategic leadership. Those who have made it into an enterprise management role are finding that their leadership skills are truly being tried and tested on account of the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment we are in.Agility is now the name of the game. Developing one's leadership skills to match this requirement, and to not only surmount the challenges posed by the VUCA world but do so in a mature and authentic way, is what this book is all about. It gently submerges the reader into an impressive tank of knowledge that the authors, experts in the field of personal development, have amassed during their careers. Psychology, mythology and examples of real-life enterprises are accompanied by the excellent analogy of one of our best-known heroes, Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars films, to illustrate that there is nothing to fear, that we all have the potential to act courageously.At regular intervals throughout the book, the reader is presented with thought-provoking questions and statements, the answers to which will help them eventually resurface with a clear picture of how to use their skills and talents to motivate themselves and others to proceed wisely in the corporate landscape.

Contents:An expert guide from three vastly experienced and accomplished executive coachesLearn effectively at your own pace, any time, anywhereConvincing background knowledge and examples


Michael Fuchs (born 1966) is one of the most progressive leadership experts in Germany. His style is refreshingly irritating, unorthodox and exceptionally efficient. Michael Fuchs creates a unique connection between science and practical application, between Western and Eastern approaches, with the goal of bringing simplicity and trust back into the heart of every organisation.


Jochen Messner (born 1974) is one of the most creative lateral thinkers in the German consultancy landscape. His approach combines humorous ease with foundational depth. By reaching beyond all the conventional ideas about leadership and talent management, Jochen Messner has succeeded in bringing richness and creativity back into the centre of modern leadership and organisational culture.


Robert Sok (born 1964) is the alchemist among the top executive coaches of the southern hemisphere. His work is similar to the preparation of an elixir, which only unfolds its true potential when mixed in the right proportions. Robert does not change – he transforms: ideas to patents, start-ups to main players and managers to leaders. His magic is complemented by life experience as a research scientist, an artist, an entrepreneur and inventor, all of which he blends into a creative, clear and honest coaching style. With Leadership in a VUCA World, the Dutch-born author and long-time Australian resident continues to consistently follow his calling: the magic of modern mythology is a significant ingredient that brings the zeitgeist of powerful leadership in the 21st century to its next transformation.

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