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Anglo-American Cultural Studies

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At last students and teachers of English at German universities have a book written specifically for British and American Landeskunde and Cultural Studies courses, which can serve as a useful resource for students in general as well as for examination preparation within BA and MA degree programs. Anglo-American Cultural Studies gives an outline of American and British geography and history in question-and-answer format in addition to covering traditional life-and-institutions topics like education, media, minorities and immigration, political life, and religion and including special topics from A for abortion to W for women’s rights and controversial subjects like capital punishment and gun control.

Anglo-American Cultural Studies also deals with aspects not covered in previous books written in English for German students, providing comparisons with and contrasts to older disciplines like anthropology and sociology as well as a look at the newer ones like area, gender, and media studies. The facts given in Part I Topics in Anglo-American Area Studies are supplemented and looked at from a different perspective in Part II Looking at Anglo-American Cultural Studies, which summarizes the concepts of identity, power, class, gender, new media, and the multifarious meanings of the concept of culture.

Anglo-American Cultural Studies – now available in a second edition and divided into clearly structured chapters with varied exercises, photos, and illustrations – refreshingly breaks with the tradition of providing dry impersonal summaries of facts and figures and gives German students first-hand experience of the personal tone and humor that can characterize academic discourse in Britain and the US.

Anglo-American Cultural Studies kombiniert eine Einführung in die traditionellen Kategorien der Landeskunde mit einer Darstellung wichtiger Schlüsselthemen der modernen Kulturwissenschaften, wie sie in den anglistischen und amerikanistischen Studiengängen gelehrt werden.

Das Arbeitsbuch dient als Grundlage für universitäre Einführungskurse und ist ebenso zum Selbststudium, zur Wiederholung und zur Prüfungsvorbereitung geeignet. Der Band ist in englischer Sprache verfasst und auf die Gegebenheiten an Universitäten im deutschsprachigen Raum zugeschnitten.

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